Stories from Mount Athos – Saint Paisios about the banknote of 5.000 drachmas Took place in: Mount Athos On Great Thursday of 1993, me along with my friend and classmate Athanasios visited Father Paisios. We were discussing many subjects during our journey from Ptolemaida to Ouranoupolis. He seemed to be very pleased about our second (for him) visit to Mount Athos. I suggested that he should take advantage of this visit spiritually by having conversations with the Elder on many issues. His reaction was very secular. “I don’t fall into the traps of religion”, he aswered intensely. “I agree”, I said to calm him down. “That’s what I was thinking too. When I talked with a spiritual father for the first time, do you know how I felt? I felt like I was getting out of a … trap”. When we arribed at the Elder’s hut, the visitors were so focused that they didn’t see us. According to the row of Father Paisios’s speech, the subject was about the symbols printed – not randomly – on some paper money. Like on the 500 drachmas banknote, with the two triangles, the handshake and the snake that bites its own tale. Many visitors paid partucular attention to the tangled zeros of the 5.000 drachmas – that look like 666 – . This was the response of Father Paisios; “When the the banknote of 5.000 drachmas firstly appeared, there was tumult about the 666 it had on. To add to this, after a long time it was revealed that the 5.000 drachmas banknote also depicted an image of three saints (with nimbuses) worshipping the Devil. Who has a 5.000 drachmas bill? You can clearly see it”. Indeed, none of us had paid attention to this until then. Somebody gave one and the Elder showed it to us. The Devil was standing, having his back against a pillar of the bridge and hanging – in a way -, with horns on his head and wearing a robe. Between the rocks of the dry river, there are three nimbuses that look like rocks. It looks like there were three Saints laying on their stomachs and seen from behind (their bodies are not visible). Two or three visitors reacted by saying it was the Financial Ministry’s fault and especially the Minister, who allow such things {to happen}. Some turmoil was created between us for a limited amount of time. “Children, look what’s going on there”, the Elder said to us. “It’s not the Minister’s fault. Somehow, he didn’t even realise this! Some of the people who designed this, “passed it through” for his own reasons and the others didn’t pay attention to this. Such people entered the national machines, and use these designs and symbols to let their people know that everything is ok here, etc”. Someone said; “Elder, explain this to us”. “What don’t you understand, blessed child? When a Jew who lives in Australia or somewhere else sees the paper money of a country, he looks for their signs. When he does see them, he encourages himself because that’s how he knows that “everything is fine and things are under their control” in the country of these bills, etc. Do you understand why these things exist? Ok now, you can go”. {source}