Hello everyone! Katya Wander is here. Today, as I promised, I introduce you my Top 5 conferences. First of all, of course, iswi
we were there this year, 2019. And also we were there in 2015. Second place takes iswib, I am now in t-shirt that was presented to me last year. Third place is GrIStuF. The next conference is scim.
These are my favorites including isfit. And now, more details about each conference and
about the organization that connects them all. This organization is called
SORCE (students organize conventions everywhere). Let’s talk about them more detailed. They happen at the summer, it’s
great time when you have already passed exams and you can relax
and travel. The most important, that it’s inexpensive and has a lot of benefits.
ISWI in Ilmenau, in Germany. GrIStuF also in Germany, but in Greifswald
(in the north of Germany). ISWIB is conference in Belgrade, Serbia. SCIM is a student conference in Maribor, Slovenia. And ISFIT is in Trondheim, in Norway. Besides mine top 5 there are several more:
ISWINT in Timisoara in Romania. They happen one after another,
so you can start with scim, then go to iswib
then to iswint. Important notice: ISFIT takes place in winter. The only
conference from source, which takes place in winter, at the end of January.
Moreover, last year were added two more conferences ISWIP in
Pakistan and ISWIT in Tunisia. Why are these conferences inexpensive? Food and accommodation for free!
Moreover, entertaining and educational program is free. At some conferences orgteam
even give some money back, for example, GrIStUF orgteam gave us a
return of 50 euros in 2018. Some conferences require a fee,
for example, in Serbia, in Slovenia, a contribution is more than 100 euros, but not more than 150. If you count, it’s still very
profitable, because it provides you with: full day of activities, food, entertaining, excursions. It’s not just cheap tourism, you learn new, meet
friends from all over the world. It’s not cheap, it’s priceless! Today’s sponsor of the program, who gave me this microphone and this beautiful Homer. Our guest is a participant of Gristuf, iswib, iswi, author of the anthem
iswib 2018, author of an unofficial anthem for World Youth Forum in Sochi 2017,
Kirill Gerasimov! Applause! How did I get here? Thank you, Katya, for inviting me to your «Sofa show».
What will we talk about? Hi, Kirill! Tell us about your experience,
which conference was your first? My first conference was iswib in 2016. For me it was the best, but at the same time terrible conference. I will explain why:
My English was very poor, I came there at the level of
beginner, and I had a big problem: I could not interact with anyone.
People came up to me many students, team leaders,
everyone wanted to talk to me, find out something new about me, but I could not
tell them a word because I simply didn’t know how to do it. Probably it was
one of the most stressful situations ever. But thanks to this conference,
I was able to get myself spoken English and now there is
no problem for me to interact with people. Well,
this means huge amount of impressions. Crumbling all the
stereotypes about people about nations, about how people
live in other countries. For me it is cool experience. You said you visited
Serbia, where have you been else? I was in Serbia, I was in Germany at 2 conferences (Gristuf, iswi). Also in Germany, I was at Erasmus +
exchange program. I think you will tell about it later, today is a program dedicated to sorce. It’s probably not considered, but
we passed by Romania, Timisoara, iswint.
We watched how people hang out there and then traveled further: from Romania to Ukraine. Which one do you like the most? In fact, it’s hard to say which one
I like the most or less, because from every conference you get
something special for yourself. For example, as I said, the first conference
in Serbia leveled up my speaking skills. So, I was able to interact with English-speaking people. After that, I had experience in
Germany there I got to know the mentality of citizens,
meet a friend. Now I have a friend there and we often visit him.
After that, my second time at iswib turned out to be very creative and I wrote a hymn for this festival. Leveled up creatively.
Therefore, you know, I can’t say that, here, this festival
was the best. Because each had something I really liked it. Tell us, what was your workshop? Or what were workshops,
maybe you’ve chosen different. In fact, I always choose one workshop. But, it seems to me now, if I go again,
I will choose another. I took music workshop because
I create music. By the way, even though, I always chose
music workshop, every time it was interpreted in a new way.
I was in Serbia in 2016 and 2018. If in 2016 we had more
vocal practice, in 2018 we had a Musical. We
Made theatrical production, where we sang, composed songs, danced and so
further. In Germany, for example, at Gristuf we were making self-producing.
This is my topic. We studied some basics of sound engineering, watched how song
is made, what technologies or combinations may be used.
Actually I learned a lot from every conference.
Musical workshop rules! Guys are now sitting and thinking: whether to apply for the conference …
What if I do not pass. And they have a lot of fears and thoughts. What would you advise? In fact, the only thing I can advise is to fight
with fears and get out of your comfort zone, because in such
moments you develop yourself. I did not know English, I knew it at the
basic level like London is the capital of Great Britain. And that’s it. I really could not
say something else but now I can communicate with foreigners,
and for me it is a big benefit. For me it’s like a new universe has opened,
new world. And it’s very cool. Never be afraid, even if you made a mistake,
or, for example, you weren’t taken as a participant. I applied several times to the festivals I wasn’t submitted. Maybe I wrote a bad
motivational essay, or I nearly showed myself at the skype interview, anyway,
it showed me my weaknesses. I worked out, improved them. Later
it was a huge plus to my self development. Therefore never be afraid! Believe in yourself, learn English. That is all you need. This is an unforgettable experience,
I definitely advise everyone. After these conferences you are not
the same as you were before. Well, the last question: tell me, how did you
find out about your first conference? In fact, about my first conference I found out just like here is how our viewers now for the first time: those who did not know about them, those who hear for the first time about these
conferences – they find out from Katerina Wander. I also found out
about these conferences from Katya. It was 2016, damn, I just
actually was envy. Why does she travel, participate in
conferences, has a lot of foreign friends? I thought, “Why am I worse?”
Well, generally I asked her some advice, and now we attend this conferences together. Kirill, thank you for visiting us,
thank you for your sponsorship in the form of microphone and our beautiful Homer,
Thank you very much and see you soon! Subscribe to our channel,
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