Welcome to my new video I am Harees Ameerali, Currently in Siem Reap Cambodia There are currencies Specially for our currency, there are tons of countries with higher value for INR When or if you ever come here with INR, you can literally covered that into bundles of Cambodian Riel (Cambodian Currency) More about those other countries will be out soon Make sure to stay tuned and subscribe for more content. You can convert INR to Riel in bundles Just enough to carry currencies in a trolley or bag. Now lets take a look Here I’m holding the currencies from the exchange here. Sreeja : We usually use dollar here (USD) So for 1 USD, we will get 4,000 Cambodian Riel That is our 22 INR is 4,000 Riel To be more detailed. We usually use USD to avoid the struggle of counting and handling Riel I’ll give you a rough statement The currency rate changes day after day so This amount is strictly based on 2018, Dec 11 So based on current date I will provide you the price 1 USD=72 INR 1 USD=4,028 Riel And for us it’s 72 INR (1 USD) lets see their currencies It’s really hot here. Anyhow. I’ll show you their currencies. They have currency in 100 100 Riel=1.79 INR They do have 200 currency too So now let me show you 500 Riel=8 INR Next is 1,000 Riel=17 INR Sorry for the careless mistakes in between Our 20 INR is expensive than their 1,000 Riel Next is 2,000 Riel=35 INR Sreeja :They are keeping these currency within a market without much safety. It’s really unbelievable. Next I saw gold being sold in market and that too with low cost (Gold Store Video is available, Check Channel) Next is 5,000 Riel=89 INR 10,000 Riel=179 INR noteven 200 INR It’s probably wont be enough for a tea Last time I was hear I ate a banana fry for 4,000 Riel It costs 8,000 Riel for a tea. 20,000 Riel=358 INR 50,000 Riel=(Sounds alot huh?) 896 INR Not even 1,000 INR Now next is 1,00,000 Riel=(Back home this means alot for us but it’s only ) 1,791 INR Which is not even 2,000 INR So at the end you will have a handful of money but it won’t be enough for anything back home. When we go to Thailand, Singapore etc.. when you go to Cambodia you will surely feel rich. Like you can have tons of currency even for 100 Dollars. If you convert 1,000 Dollar you’ll end up needing to hire someone to carry it Be free to join us here, Aravind and Sreeja will be here to help you. They take USD almost everywhere except Village areas And even the ATM do provide USD and RIEL Make sure to stay tuned Like share and subscribe Follow my FB page Keep watching I will be back with new video Until then. Sreeja :We have lots to see. So until then, Bye