Today I will be showing you my old banknotes and the things I won at the Hwadong Auction. You go to auctions too? I go with dad. You go with your dad? Its you! This is an old 1,000 won note. The one we use now is blue, but this is pink-purple colored. Do you know when these bills were made? In what year? You don’t know? They were made in 1983. And (on the back) it looks like an old country town. This is a country town? I collect bills and coins too, but I don’t know where/what this is either. If anyone knows what this place is, drop it in the comments, please. Okay, what’s next? This is a lucky $2 bill. You gave this to me. What year is this? 1995. You know, Koreans really like the lucky $2 bill. I didn’t know that! This is 10 won. A long time ago, the 10 won was a bill. 10 won was big money (back then). Do you know what this is? Nope.
This is…. Cheomseongdae (astronomical observatory). It was really dark in there, so they could see the stars really well. And they could see the constellations well. Wouldn’t there be a lot of mosquitos? This was similar to a telescope back in the day. Like a really big telescope? That’s right. This is an old 10,000 won note. That was an old 1,000 won and this is an old 10,000 won. What’s that guy in the middle? 5 Euro. What country is this 5 Euro from again? The Euro is used in Europe. Ahh that’s right. Europe. And this is an old 1,000 won bill. 1,000 hwan, you mean. And it is older than the other two before. This says it was made in the year 4294. When is that? Is that in the future? The future? That’s what I’m saying. Its 2018 right now… how…. How was it made in 4294? Thats 2,000 years in the future. How? Was it made in the future? This is something called ‘dangi’ (Year of Dangun). We are in the year 2018 right now that’s based off of the western calender. So, this is dangi. Dangi 4294 is 1961 on the western calendar. Thus, this is a 1961 1,000 hwan banknote. This is really old then. 100 Hwan, 1,000 won. This uses the ‘hwan’ character and this uses the ‘won’ character. So this is the older one then. This is the older one here. Really? This bill was made during the Korean War in 1950. That’s really interesting. Do you know who this man is? No.
Syngman Rhee (이승만). Do you know who Syngman Rhee is? A teacher? A teacher? Like a monk? That’s why his name has the ‘seung’ character in it? No. Syngman Rhee is… The Republic of Korea’s first president. Didn’t know that did you? You said he was a monk? He kind of looks like one when you look at him. Is this man a monk too? No, he was a president. Who is this? He was a president? A general? A general?? You don’t know who this person is? Sejong the Great? Yea. Sejong the Great. Sejong the Great was a president. He wasn’t a president. He was a King. Isn’t a president and a king the same thing? You’re a lot of fun. Who is this man? The man who rode the Turtle Boat… Admiral Yi Sun-shin~ What did Admiral Yi say when he died? I dunno. “Don’t tell them that I died” Something like that. Oh. There are a bunch of turtle boats here. Is this an island? I think this is a rock formation at Jeju Island. Is this a temple? Where is this? Namdaemoon (Great Southern Gate). They both are Namdaemoon. Both? Oliver quiz time! What is Namdaemoon’s real name? Sungryemoon? I’m right! What is Sungryemoon’s national treasure number? No. 1? You knew it! This is a 50 jeon bill.
Its cute. 50 jeon is 1/2 of 1 won. You have to have 100 jeon to have 1 won. So I need 200 of this to have 100 Won? Right. 200 of this bill would get you 100 won. So you need 400 of it to buy a piece of candy today. What is this? Can you read that? The People’s Bank of China Ahhh its Chinese! It says right here 1 – 9 – 5 – 3 Year 1953 This says 1 Fun(Pun). 1 Fun bill. Its pretty cool Ah! Whats that? The People’s Bank of China These two are from the same country. This is from…. Japan? That’s right. It says right here ‘Dai Nihhon’ (Great Japan) 50 sen Showa 19 (1944). This coin is from 2010. If you look carefully, you can see that it is a Proof (PF) 70.
[70 is highest grade for coins] Is there any grade higher than 70? Nope.
Is there no 71? You can think of 70 as 100/100. So this coins condition is 70 points out of 70. There’s another one too. Another one? This is from 2010 too. This is also a PF 70, Ultra Cameo. Oh, its colored on the back! And My favorite sport is soccer. This was made when you were born, dad. This is from the Olympics (in 1988) when you were born. Its the soccer coin from there and it has a face value of 10,000 won. Its a 69. 1932… 1932? How much did you spend on this? Like $100? That’s graded a 66 out of 70 Its nice. Yea its a nice grade. If you liked this video, make sure to subscribe. and hit the like button. Drop a comment too and if you guys know what places those were on the back of the bills put it in the comments too, please. You’re wondering so much its killing you right? I wonder! See you next time. Bye bye!