[Music] 2014 we told the trustee do not sell the bitcoins we want to be repaid to bitcoins we’ve demanded all the creditor meetings the trustee insisted that by law all he could do was repay us the JPY value of the claim which if you held bitcoins about 483 US dollars for Bitcoin the result would have been that mark Capella’s walked away with billions of dollars it didn’t seem fair I didn’t believe that any legal system would allow that to happen and fortunately other creditors felt the same creditor Richard Folsom was a very large creditor and Roger beer and we the three of us went to lawyers you moron assignee and you filed for civil rehabilitation you know we don’t have the same opinion about how to fix mail Cox this is like last thing last November when this all started to happen fortunately the court agrees to allow it into civil Rico and now the trustee won’t be selling any more bitcoins but we need to have a plan to to give them back to people and get that approved it’s a whole new ballgame now [Applause] we’re at the Tokyo District Court and this is where all the Mount creditor hearings are this is where all the documents are kept later not dock space and periodically I come here to get a hold of the file and see what’s in the file if there’s anything new Japan does not make it easy for for anyone to you know keep up with the latest what’s happening with the case there’s no online system like in the US process of getting access was not easy it took I think we arrived at 9:30 and we didn’t get access to any documents until 11:30 it took two basically two hours of telling them who we were filling out form many times and writing my name and then putting a J in my name middle initial J and then putting a period in front and after that you then they brought us that the the documents but it was the wrong typical I’ve done this many many times I don’t even know how people in Japan villages many governments are making strides a lot of these things online but Japan seems to have made no strides and has made it as hard as possible to get access to anything so it’s no wonder that no one had any idea what’s going on the entire time and it wasn’t for people coming into the court and making a copy of the document and no one know would have any any clue happening here it’s really a shame in this case like 97% of the creditors are not from and there is a very very small number were to hire Japan lawyers to go in and spend hours filling document so this is the document that we got out of Tokyo District Court today the trustee is just telling the court Eddie’s hiring some outside contractors and we’ve had to do see that he doesn’t want us to know who they are some of this guy must have a really long title under what he does it’s troubling to me the way the way the trustee did it didn’t look to me like his selling patterns accelerated when right after the Davos Switzerland conference when all this news came out about disconnects being painted back in December and connect together manipulating the price of bitcoins by issuing fake feather and they didn’t have all the money he acted on the news sold a lot of money a lot of the content the price of full market in the process so I want to know who advised him to do that and who advised him to sell in that way because he won’t stay food hide them whoever it was I think didn’t keep a lid on the information because the trustee sold about four hundred million dollars with Bitcoin and it look at the chart right when finished selling someone purchased about 100 million dollars with Bitcoin who is this mystery well they follow this Bitcoin so if that looks to me like someone knew the trustee was finished selling new that’s what push the prices down really far and just decided to buy the same amount of and a low price that he had just sold and it was likely someone who is happy exchange or got the information from that their main concern is security is a trustee right are they gonna get hacked when he tries to get everyone their Bitcoin it was really to anyone in the space it’s just stupid right like exchanges do this every single day and yeah there’s some hacks but but for the most part you know it’s happening every day on a daily basis he’s worried about being hacked why’s he still holding the coins with a company net agent I mean if they could get hacked at any moment I really believe that at the end of the day their their claim against not really myself an offer was simply nothing when lab actually owes creditors five million dollars they don’t have the money they spent oh no my settlement offer would be spent five million in walk there’s argument that would coin lab is doing as a company is harmful to coin lab they’re harming their own reputation but sucks as I looked on you all these bitcoins that everything’s tied up all you know all my finances tied up for all this time but the silver lining in the for me and the whole mouth top story I’ve made so many great friendships in Japan and had the wonderful experience Kamiya called solving workers if we don’t get the bitcoins back it’s all been worth it coin Telegraph like subscribe and huddle