I’m a yes man, of course. I always get a lot of strength from my subscription and good.
If you could split up your precious time and watch the ad through, it would be really deep.
Thank you.
Let’s forget about Chuseok, the issue of September.
Yes, I hope you have a good time.
Mac-booze. I’ll just explain the important points from this. Chu of the United States and China
The intergang cell, the content,
There might be a bit of a bowel movement. Oh, first of all, this is a chapter
I think you can think that there is.
Save One. The United States has been closed to labor.
In case of cars, we have to deal with Hyundai Kia Motors in terms of sales.
It’s got content.
Korea, China, Europe 2pm i manufacturing index comes out, so be very important.
We need to see it.
In the same case in March, there will be a price trend for display pella r.
It will be followed by the 2020 provincial government’s estimate of the National Assembly’s body.
I have it.
I think we’re going to have a fight between Korea and Japan to replace R&B.
It’s going to be part of this application of the tab layer on the side.
And the average annual mid-term, fixed-spending growth rate is going to be a little bit of a concern
I can see it.
And the Beige V Eastern Economic Forum on the 4th is written.
Yes, at this Eastern Economic Forum, we’re going to be working with the Russian government on economic development.
It’s an international conference to discuss diplomatic and security issues, and it’s an event every September.
As the representative of Korea, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Hong Short-term will attend the meeting in person.
I have it.
And when the foreign exchange reserves figures were released in August,
It’s important.
If you watch the 511 jul, it is the most important game.
It says that the details of Lineage’s 2 ml
There will be productivity indicators for the non-agricultural sector of the United States in the second quarter.
And retail sale in Europe in July.
And they’re going to come up with a comprehensive service index for the pmi in Japan.
In the case of 6th day, if it is 11th day in Berlin, it will be an international home appliance fair.
Oh, it’s going to be a process. At this time, a whole new product like Samsung lg.
It’s going to be ten. It’s going to be a lot of attention.
We’re looking for a second-quarter Gdp employment index for Europe.
I hope you’ll see that Japan’s household spending in July
They’re gonna come out. On the 7th, 102 Seas per annum, Part Three.
in ‘s first
It says the room manager and LG Electronics is the first new product to be released on the screen in February.
It says yes.
Mate Bex, a product that will be released in November, will be postponed.
When I told you it was done,
I’d like you to refer to the information on the 4th and 8th, and I’m going to need you to take care of the 4th of the sale price.
It says there will be an announcement of a detailed plan for something, so please refer to it.
It’s a good time. It’s when the integrated alt wave was officially launched.
On the 9th, the Chinese Industry, Information and Communication Ministry will talk about how much smartphones will leave the country in August.
Do what you’re planning on doing, and you’ll have to combine this with a little bit of Hua’s side.
11 Apple’s iPhone 10 is expected to go public. This
The iPhone’s sales are good, but it’s better if it comes out well. Yeah, it’s better because the market share is high.
It’s the best way for Korea to deal with big companies.
I hope you know that sales are coming out well in August in China.
I use water for my cpi. It’s also going to be released, so I hope you’ll watch it.
I hope you’ll be careful with that, because I’m the owner of Chi Star’s gift options, independent
We’re looking at a five-year season report for the opera month.
I don’t know what’s going to happen.
It’ll be one of the points.
It is also the day when the unemployment rate is revealed in August in Korea.
And in English, it is called Tazza One Hidden Jack, which is probably an arc.
They say it’s not funny, but once it’s released, we’ll know.
And the monetary policy meeting is set on July 12, and Korea is in the middle of a drinking session.
He’s in custody.
22 There’s a lot we can come up with at the monetary policy meeting.
The recovery is expected to take measures against deposit interest rates and asset purchases.
He’s losing with me.
The global recession, and also the story of Britain’s Brest, is being talked about.
It looks like it’s going to work.
And the president of Iml Beph will become a life, and he will be the next president of 22 to be defined.
be scheduled in form I’m sure there’s a lot of stories out there.
I’m sure it
And as the next president of 22nd, I’ll be in my
Uh, he’s got a lot of interest in the latest digital front, and he’s got a block chain.
What are you going to say because you have a lot of interest in the side?
And I think we should be interested.
It’s the 13th. Oh, I’m going to take a leave of absence in Korea
At least in Korea. China is going to go in the middle. Ah.
I think it’s not a lot of issues, but it’s a good idea to have fun with you guys.
I want you to send it.
U.S. corporate boost coming in July, and Apple’s iPhone.
The 10th is scheduled to be released on the 2nd.
And in September, there will be a consumer confidence index in Michigan.
So I hope you’ll see, Japan’s facility operating rate, mining and manufacturing 4
They’re saying there’s an indicator, and there’s a 14
This month or this month, there’s a lot of stuff on the White List.
It says there’s gonna be a little bit of a side
It’s a little bit of a variation in the content, and it’s going to come in this form.
You can do it, guys. There’s a possibility. Yeah, just like this.
I’d like you to look at it.
Now, Chinese Prime Minister Li Ka Tang Li Keqiang has decided not to take his own initiative.
At this conference, the U.S. Congress will open an anti-protectionist campaign against each other.
I’m afraid I’m going to have a bowel movement.
And I think if we talk about it like this, countries around us will suffer a lot of damage.
I’ve seen it, so I don’t think you’ll be on my side.
I’m thinking maybe you’re just trying to talk like that.
A high-level meeting between the U.S. and North America may also come out.
Well, that’s not what I’m supposed to say.
China’s new housing price index will be released in August, so please pay more attention to this.
There is a need for rice. It is a Japanese vacation. Just because it’s a day in the path,
with a big mouth
Shares are used as the day the electronic securities system is implemented, helping reduce disease and increase efficiency.
It says, “Do you do it for the sake of?”
4th, 17th, 4mc General Assembly in the United States.
You’re going to feed it and talk about it with a fm.
And sick man, how are you going to get along with this story?
Same here. Poetry one.
My monetary policy meeting is scheduled. Talk of an economic recession
The story of prices, and the yen’s strength, and the dollar and so on the other hand,
It looks like we’re going to talk.
America’s August home-matching plot is a bit important.
I’d like you to see this as well.
The B-52 monetary policy meeting is scheduled on the 19th and related to glee to work less.
I’m starting to give you a little bit of context and a little bit of a story about the growth rate of the economy.
How much nutrition is there for Press Tae in England?
Well, I think we’re gonna talk about this.
Apple’s iPhone 12 in the U.S. is autistic.
On this day, it will be the first time for BaeBond to be broadcast in Korea.
I think we need to see how much fun it’s gonna be, how big it’s gonna be.
It is said that the announcement of a plan to establish a dependent water village is planned in September.
This could lead to a lot of different companies.
And in September, 21st, high-level trade talks between the U.S. and China.
You know, it’s a course where you’re going to talk about things like this.
I am doing.
Also, there are many stories about Samsung’s n-smartphones.
Among them, the 5gb a9 ball in the supply hospital will be released
I’m afraid I ate it.
Rather than becoming a smart phone in the high end, this time the European popularity is on the low end.
As I heard that Galaxy A is 5th generation emonine at 290
Uh, I’m starting to think there’s a higher awareness of people.
If you look at the details on the 22nd, the main sales complex will be set up.
Gangnam Dragon Warrior Guam Myeong-dong, Nam-gu, Busan and Chungnam Ring
Daejon, Jung-gu, Daegu and Nam-gu. If you’d like to watch it,
I hope so glad.
The 24th episode 1 says I’m closed.
in many aspects of the United States.
The living, annual anti-state activity index is released, and manufacturing in the U.S. in September.
The vaginal part will be released, so I hope you watch it carefully.
The 24th General Assembly of the United Nations, Toy crab, is caught in the thread.
Yoda, what would you like to see?
It says you can.
Uh, there’s a room temperature vote in Brazil at the end of September.
Maybe we should take a look.
And depending on how this game works, I’ll tell you what.
It could stumble. {i1cH80ffff}Finance seat 26… {i1cH80ffff}… {i1cH80ffff}… {i1cH80ffff}… {i1cH80ffffff}… {i1cH80ff}… {i1cH80ff}… {i1cH80ff}… {i1cH80ff}… {i1cH80ff}… {i1cH80ff}… {i1cH80ff}… {i1c
They’re being held.
Korea’s Consumer Psychological Index will also be released in September.
In the U.S., Gdp Ganso B will be released in the second quarter, so please watch it together.
I’d love to
27 about the European species of Ankara kg
Well, it looks like there’s going to be a lot of talk, but recently, bio shares in the stock market.
The party is not funny.
Lately I’ve won your prize.
Third, second, third, and third, we’ll have a final
It’s not going to be revised in one shot, and I hope you know that.
It’s like the latest mobile crap.
I don’t know if there will be another rebound, depending on how this is going to work.
We’ll have to wait and see.
It’s good to know if it’s going to come out on August sales of smartphones.
I’ll have to see it.
Yes, and the Tokyo Cpa in Japan will be released. how much is the price?
We need to see if Japan is taking care of it in a stable manner.
And if you’re working on it, you’ll find a commercial producer’s index of China’s arms.
28th episode.
North Korea has scheduled a speech to greet each other in sleep.
At 29, the major shows and exhibitions don’t matter to us. I’ll pass.
The 32nd edition of the boj September will be released.
Yeah, I hope you’ll have a good look. Manufacturing b. manufacturing pmi indicator in China.
It’s coming out.
We need to see the number of people who are guilty of rising unemployment in August in Europe.
In September, major Lee and Preview will take a look at the October rounding issue.
I will do that
In September, the Eastern Economic Forum Feb. 4-6
And ifa is due from September 6 to 11.
11th r22 Monetary Policy Conference U.S. v. von mc. 17th September 12th
It’s folded back to September 17th at the 74th Fashions Conference
Ratio b-52 Sept. 18-19 and Korea Financial Stability
The situation check fair is open on September 26th and the Korean whitelist Japan
Exclusions are scheduled for September.
Lee’s high-level executive negotiations are scheduled for September, and Preview will be the key to October.
The issue is that it is easy to increase the excise tax in Japan and it will be applied from 1st.
Uh, the 70th anniversary of China is also scheduled for October 1st.
Korea’s Monetary Policy Committee (KCC) held a general election in Canada on October 17.
Twenty-two copies of the 20th edition of the Geomjeong Crane Shio on the 24th of July
Until Oct. 30 and the 31st of my monetary
Brest, England, finally decided on October 31.
That’s why I’m talking about when you went to work. the longest silver lining
We’ll have it through March.
We could have declared Brass sheet before.
U.S. Treasury Department reports are due in October.
After the total fun, the chairman of Chipsang is in operation in October
The report will be released in October.
The ASEAN Plus Three Summit also took place in October.
I’m sure there’ll be a lot of talk about Korea, the U.S., and Japan.
I’m sure we’ll
The debt I gave you would be worth it again.
Lee Mi-ri Ah
I hope you’ll have a good Chuseok.
Coin was thinking for a while, so he could take some stress off and be happy with his family.
I’d like to take a good rest and watch less stress.
I feel like licking my teeth even on Chuseok
That’s the first time.
Let’s take a look at the ics Kids.
When you see the schedule for i 5th August 30th.
It’s waxed, and in real-life cases, it’s not very important.
It doesn’t matter much in the same case since September. Bake it on the 2nd.
There’s nothing important.
I’m ready to go up to 10 on the neck, and it’s always going to give you strength and help.
I’ll make it 60 and that’s.
I’ll finish it.