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Today’s theme is, I’ve prepared some materials related to Yaw Bitcoin.
Let’s have a look together.
4 The first piece is that the purple line is Vico 2
It says brownish s&p 500, this brown Sunny s&p
It means 500, and the blue line is better than the purple line.
We sell Bitcoin. It’s three lines.
What’s interesting here is the pattern that leads the market in Bitcoin.
and ultimately, they’re moving together.
Bitcoin is preceded by a significant decline in the first place.
The market of 60 people is seen as showing a downward trend and reading.
We’ll be able to check the flow that’s going up again.
It says,
And if you’ve compared that graph, you’ve got a similar one.
When you’re going down, you’re going to increase the value, and you’re going down.
I’ll show you, I’ll go down, and then I’ll come out and let you go when you come back.
He’s coming out, he’s letting me go, he’s giving me permission, he’s making it expensive, he’
That’s how he’s been analyzing it.
Let’s take a look at the relationship between the financial markets.
October 29th, 2013.
It’s on.
The hot silver correlation here is the key.
The closer the number one is, the higher the level of three-way relations.
– I think it’s a long way from being a three-way relationship.
You still need to know these days. Let me know more. It’s a little complicated.
I’d like you to look at the high viscosity since you lost.
Yeah, so the Bitcoin phosphorus and the rest of the dollar and then what?
Gold Silver
And I ran it through the analysis of the other stock yard.
The highest was also smp 502.
Oh, I’m sure you’ll say you came out a little closer.
And on November 9th, based on the last one month.
The fun part is that the smp 500 is getting closer.
You’ll see that there is.
So when two of you turned it around, he left his own personal opinion.
I’ve been having fun, so I hope you don’t tag me with serious comments.
Because the sample itself was cut off at one month and turned it around.
And it’s a little too hard to look too high.
I’ll do it.
I think that’s why I’m telling you this story.
I’ve seen the third-party talks, and I’ve seen more and more recent developments in the financial markets and the third-party talks.
be thickening
Why is there a general opposite direction to the market, like the stock market?
I’m coming out with a directional view, and that’s what two people think.
Four. There’s another piece of data this time.
Data related to exchange rate volatility and bitcoin price shall be used once.
I’ve got it. This is from May 15th.
If you look at the graph, the latest sieves are similar.
part of
And now you can see it, and before that, it’s kind of like a little bit.
You’ll be able to see it.
So, the SK researcher said, “As the trade conflict anxiety grows, the extent of the refunding year increases,
We’re analyzing the impact of Bitcoin’s rise on the press.
Now, as of now, the block difference in New York is Conce.
And heightened policy expectations
Facebook, Steve Coin, and so on, because of all the expectations, I bought a lot
It’s not attached. I’m talking about this. And that’s how much I’
It was because the index became unstable.
And that’s the tariff point.
I mean, you know, you know, you’re kind of stuck around a lot, you know, and you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you’re
According to CNN, about 30% of the market is in front of the first stock market and cancer this year.
There’s a lot of evidence that he was correlated and moved the other way around.
Uh, but if you’ve seen the correlation part again recently, it’s also a smp.
It’s funny how 500’s going in the same direction again.
We’ll be able to make it.
So what we see in the industry is the key.
It’s probably considered a safe asset with a big pen.
Uh, now he’s got a half-proportionality with the stock market.
It’s not like you’re aware
And I think it’s an interesting aspect.
Mac, we’ve talked about correlations here, so I’m going to give you a little more explanation.
Let’s move on.
According to 4 cnbc, it says,
But he said, “It’s a little bit of a reverse relationship.” And then he took samples for months.
I don’t have any specific data on how many years you’ve gone through.
Also, because the city mbc talked on the basis of the 25th street due to the dispute.
You’ve only been around for a month until early November.
Why don’t you take care of it?
I’d like you to refer to it. My next piece of data is a bitcoin charge.
The correlation between the two countries has been dramatic for three months.
This is from August 8th, 2019.
The gold and pit coin correlation has doubled in the last three months.
Bloomberg reported and evacuated from market turmoil and geopolitical risks.
Supports the view that as an asset it functions like Pete Coin and Gunn.
be bound to do
I’ve looked back at the correlation between Bitcoin and Kuge in a year, the ideal tourist
I’m sure you’ll find that.
I’ve got about four-quarters, and after three months, I’ve gone back and looked at
It says twice as much as 0.8 degree of chewing gum.
The closer we get to the future, the closer we get to the third relationship.
And I told him that things don’t really correlate.
Bloomberg also said that the relationship between the last year and the last two assets is a rich miracle.
So you can see that there was not that much inertia.
I’m sure it
It’s down here. Well, if you look at the data, it’s hard for Doug to understand.
I think you’ll be comfortable.
Some of you might be following the Chinese stock market in 2019.
There are people who are saying that.
I think we’re going to start thinking about the rest of the world every day.
Will you be influenced by China when you consider it a little?
I’m probably going to follow the Chinese stock market for a little bit.
I think I did.
And you’ll see, in fact, this year the Shanghai Sculpture Index has come up.
We’re doing it in Bitcoin C 3.
This feature was created during the top volume of Bitcoin transactions based on the coin market.
It appears in a chart that compares the actual bitcoin with the total number of the Shanghai composite.
Pierce triuminescence gas is also used to statistically identify good-use relationships.
If you add a nipple variable and n, you’ll get a figure of about 0.
It’s not that high. It’s 4 ps3 in a single direction.
The higher the correlation between electricity and power, the more powerful it is.
It’s said to be correlated. So you’re going to see these two graphs.
I’m sure you’ll understand more.
Uh, a little bit more on this time
I’ll explain it to you. If you look at it, it’s blue. Peaco 2.
And then red means high-level technology.
And if you see the pattern that showed the decline,
You’ll be able to show me the side that’s going up and down a little bit, and cry again.
When you go there, you’ll be able to see the side that’s going up a little bit
On the side, that’s what he’s saying.
The eye-catching part is that the number of the upper part is about 7 over the bitcoin.
be said to be .
I mean, when you put this technology in the third class, how much of the good will there be?
And the question is, what do you hear?
Every time I look at the data, I want to make sure that, uh, the leading indicator reflects c.
Remember, I’d like you to stand at two.
In other words, “Shanghai Jung Archis” is a week to play each piece of music.
It could signal that the Bitcoin market is falling off.
I think you can just look at it as a fairy.
Neck This time, I’m going to give you an explanation based on data from Bit Max.
I’ll do it.
My Pico 2 Price Correlation Spin 500 Exceeds Top
I’m going to explain it through the data that was released in the provincial base in 2018.
I will do that
The summary is based on the price between Bitcoin and some traditional financial assets since 2011.
It says, “We’ve looked at the correlation.” So, as a result, there’s,
From a point of view, the three relationships were still low, but in the last few months, the price of the Chuxi department has been low.
It’s now clear that the correlation has reached an all-time high.
And before anyone else, the relationship could increase with the expansion of the eczema, but
the birth of a new class of assets with no correlation between magnetic properties.
I’ve concluded that investment theory can be an advantage.
I arranged it.
Now, since 2012, Bitcoin has been recognised for many types of traditional financial assets.
I think it’s a matter of time, and if you correlate it with each variation as a percentage, it’s a matter of time.
I’m barely out of range of 0.2 and plus 0.24.
He said he showed them.
I want you to look at this part because you’re down there.
Now let’s take three of these things like this amp coin, the smp 500 index, the gold of
I compared it.
When Bitcoin prices went up again in March 2013, critics said,
She provided the sister of the financial crisis and made a separate claim during this period.
the price of 3 tours has increased, and the price of Bitcoin has plummeted in 2014
Until then, the increase was maintained.
The Divide 4 to Re-emerge on the Sailgate in 2016 at Pete Coin Price
Price of Bitcoin charge 3 increased again, and both gold and bitcoin were increased.
It has been on the rise throughout the year. 2 It has the same basic economic factors and political factors.
It says, “I’ve applied the bra to a certain extent.”
Most recently, during the Bitcoin price recovery period, Bitcoin phosphorus and new weeklies are available.
Price correlation has changed a bit with 4 saints recording.
I gave him a shot. He said
Therefore, bitcoin has been considered one of the advantages.
There is also a high possibility of not being able to provide protection in the event of a financial meltdown or a fall in stock prices.
It says, and recently, correlations like gold have also been negative.
The castle is showing.
I’d like you to know. So if you look at that graph, you’ll see that there’s four times
Yellow-blue smp ove and solid wire
In other words, I’ll call you Sunny.
You’ll find that the military is a bit of the same.
It’s gone up a lot, and of course, it’s a mix of Cypriot cases. a number of the year
I did.
And it’s been a big jump, but similarly, it’s a little bit like gold.
I was a little off at the beginning.
And then we came together and Jo Jung-jo It’s a similar time, so it’s like,
It’s a big gold
Well, you know, at this point, you’re wrong.
It’s a little hard.
From then on, you’ll continue to be proud, but you’ll have to be the same.
He had it, he showed a tremendous rise, and he had the same gold.
There was one, but I picked up a fast c recently, and I’m going to have to do it again.
I felt like I was going to be a little bit like the smp 500 by going.
Well, there’s a story coming up. 4
4 Let’s take a look at the statistical charts.
The number of decisions within Pete Coin and other assets is:
It’s better. Bitcoin goes on during the price recovery.
Correlation peak is 6.1%.
Also, we have a solid headquarters, all the John Tok assets and bitcoin we used today.
one in
Price one-way correlation has not demonstrated any statistical intent of the branch.
Therefore, the article informs you that it is based on scientific statistical conjecture.
Now, just for the fun of it, I’m just trying to do this.
I’m pretty sure you’re talking about something like this while you’re holding on to it.
Fluctuations between smp 500 and gold and bitcoin pricing coefficients
And when you look at it, there’s a partial number of data points.
a statistical collection of meals
It’s been pretty difficult to come to a conclusion based on Ron’s, but in the last few months, Pete,
The comparison of the Coin and the smp 500 index was completely negligible.
It says that he was showing a positive side of the story
So, uh,
That’s how similar the smp 500 is to the fortress.
Uh, I think that’s what you’re looking at after the report on Beat Max.
4 2 minutes. I think he did his own analysis.
2 minutes stepps, if you’re curious, come and read the contents.
I’d like you to give it to me, and I can relate it to the content, and I’d like you to give me a bowl of bo tang.
I’d love to have it. 4 When the economic crisis comes, the value will rise or fall.
Two minutes into the operation is to play Nogada directly and then Nogada.
It says I saw it.
Unfortunately, we don’t have any comparison data on gold prices near the existing Pete Going.
I did my own labor
When it comes to safe assets, the first thing that comes to mind is gold.
The characteristic of deposits is to refine one’s physical assets.
Right after 2007, gold prices went from 600 to 900, and it was 50% faster than the growth.
I’ve given you a little bit of a description of the language I showed you.
Bitcoin. I’ve done another comparison of myself.
It’s a blue Sunny Dowager.
The red line is Bitcoin.
What should I call it when I see it? There’s a similar trend.
It’s a little bit like there’s no correlation that isn’t.
And when I looked at all the comparisons in sign language,
Uh, just in a way,
You’re going to be able to see some kind of economic growth and some kind of half-movement.
I’ll take a look at the comparison.
You’ll be able to see a similar side.
When I looked at the aspects of gold’s Bitcoin,
Bitcoin’s been growing, so it’s a little hard to find a connection.
It’s on. Correlation between 4 feet of coin and the rest of the variable is absolute.
It was kind of hard to find.
Based on the correlation coefficient analysis, it’s almost like how the shit works.
It’s a pack of four poop
That’s why it wasn’t so accurate, and based on 2015.
It didn’t come out that high. On the contrary, the gold section came out a little higher.
You’ll be able to say that.
Now let’s turn around after that, and now that my wife’s gone, I’m…
Based on 2015 he has indicated his own conclusions.
Bitcoin works more like a safe cut than it did in the past, but the number of relationships is self-inflicted.
Bitcoin’s a gold-like top priority, so it’s still in the works.
It’s a highly volatile safe asset, and it’s a very high-volatile one, so it’s a good idea to go to an adult ceremony, so it’s a good idea for Car Sherdo.
It seems like it’s a little bit of a statistical significance, but it’s still a little bit
It’s gone.
4 Just because you can save the second rt coin season,
This is an article from April, 2019.
I will do that
According to reports, the U.S. investment leasing industry’s fund-streak saws have a strong impact on the
Until the second season of the Alt Giant season, given the recent trends in 2015.
There was one precondition.
We’re saying there’s a couple between Bitcoin and light coin prices.
We’ve been talking about these things being detected lately.
There are many indicators that show the relationship between Pete Coin and Alt Coy.
It seems that the relationship will be expanded, so it has already been attached.
Rt Coin Season 2 is considered to be under way.
The reason is that the Bios Coe showed us a lot of rice cake pairs, and the 8i rim-the-jew
Of course, two.
That’s what it looks like by some standard. Now it’s coming to September.
I’m sure she’s got teeth, so she’s got teeth, and she’s got teeth in front of us and her baby market.
It’s going to be fun to get over the guy who did the guided analysis.
I don’t want you to see that graph.
From what I’ve seen, I think I’ve analyzed it again.
Today, I have distributed some data, but I bought it here three times.
Because when the video gets longer, there’s a lot of hard-pressed subscribers.
I’m going to give you a little bit of an explanation of my thoughts and my total illness here.
The 2012 and 13 years showed a lot of similar trends.
It’s correlated, but lately, in 2018 or 19 years,
Almost the same as the sump 500 is flowing a little bit.
The three-sided, unpico-two, three-piece enemy is still distinctly consistent with a certain propensity.
I’d like to explain to you that it’s too early to say I’m coming.
But so far, the smp 500 and all 5s have been gone.
So far, it’s been kind of similar. It’s been four. By the way,
It’s like accounting for a ticket, and you can’t have a first-born son.
it is.
But it’s a little bit like that to you.
Yes, but these days, we see the global atmosphere as the gold of this bitcoin.
But just for the fun of it.
The sample’s a little small, but the silver four.
It doesn’t really matter what you’ve done for the fun of it.
He’s been getting a lot closer lately.
Of course, I can’t trust that, but when I do, I do.
In its own way
Murphy twisted chart Dow start sp 500 and Sanghyun’s s.
I mean, when I pulled out a couple of heat treatments recently, and compared them, the correlation was a little bit.
It was similarly high.
Well, that’s not gonna be a good thing.
Yes, it’s true that we’re almost alike. But that’s why I’m going to do the same thing.
You’re gonna go or you’re not gonna do that.
I can interpret it as it grows. Why, in the context of the market, uh, most of the time, I
The marketing perception that bitcoin is gold in the world has already taken over.
I have.
So, yes, once again, the ideal type of product for bitcoin.
And you have to know that it can change.
And then later, as time goes by, there are a lot of papers and the Haenam report.
It’ll come out.
Why does the paper come out? Recently, there was an Mba course in college, and then there was a paper.
And I know a lot of these high-quality papers.
It’ll come out. I don’t care if I do that later.
6c, as we know, the statistical unit is the rationale for that.
The play is in full swing because data that is also interpreted based on teeth may be released later.
I’ll look at it from the enemy’s side and explain it to you.
Anyway, at the moment, I’m not sure.
There’s a little bit of a smp 500 and a little bit like Ta-woo.
But later on, from the test perspective,
Yes, people all over the world have come to know that Bitcoin is a gold awareness marketing campaign.
So, the tendency of the product changes later and come after the smp 500.
It may not work, as it flows in a similar way.
I’d like you to know something that wasn’t there.
I’m going to tell you about the Mac io schedule. Yes. September 3rd is the date when the content is
I’ll pass it because I don’t have any news about the launch of Bitcoin on September 4th.
I have it.
September 6th. It doesn’t matter.
I’ll do it.
I’ll always be a yes-man to help you.
I’ll finish with more than that. Guys, we’re getting closer after the change of seasons.
I hope you’re careful not to catch a cold.