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4th, first thing Samsung Electronics’ Block Financing Strategy for Oct.
I am doing.
Conference of Developers of 3 Employees in California, U.S. from 29th to 30th October
2019 on Block Chain Technology Development Issues and Service Utilization Strategies
The company participating in this program is located at the bottom of Samsung Electronics’ skt kt lg u+
in progress with Woori Bank, Koscom and others
It is said that the honeymooning system will also be discussed.
Recently, we’ve been smoking less block chain key-stop sdk-enabled criminals, and we’ve been seeing more of these
Lyon and Picker, of course, added Kakao Clay specials to popularize the song.
It’s emphasized that it’s the Korean flag of Seoul.
So 3 3 is small sdc 2D 19
I went to the official website, checked out the event regularly.
When I see the schedule for the Cecce on block chain.
It’s got an overview and a strategy.
I’m afraid there’s going to be a lot of stories out here.
This is what it says on that day and on the first day.
And that’s what I’m going to show you here.
So you can tell me if there’s a lot of talk about the country.
I’ll do it.
We’re going to do a different interpretation on Facebook, and we’re going to do a lot of research on the Lebra project.
Well, looking at the side, Samsung Electronics is also 9 years old.
There was a case of bone phones that missed Android, so this time we’re going to have to do something about it.
The pioneering use of a block chain like this is even more important.
Maybe it’ll be more valuable to your memory.
That’s why you’re going to hit me first this time.
I’ll be able to interpret it like this again.
And now I’m going to pay the back rent. Oh, well, tomorrow, I’m going to have a similar one for Birna Kakao.
I’m seeing a lot of trends that I’m trying to do.
Who’s going to succeed, who’s going to be the new dog center.
We’ll have to wait and see.
I am concerned about speculation, fever, and illegal activities in front of my silverstone.
Speaking at a confirmation hearing, Financial Services Commission Chairman Eum Sung-soo probably gave his view of the lung.
I’ve made it
I’ll tell you what, Min Byung-do, the head of the intelligence committee, before the big law revision was passed.
When asked if he was willing to change existing guidelines, he said, “We still have speculation.
I took a reserved position because I was worried about fever and illegal activities.
It’s hard.
He’s got a lot of friends with the past peak of 9 o’s.
I don’t want to be tired because it’s bedtime.
If you say you’re going to consider it, you might be the target of another attack.
He doesn’t answer carefully, and then he’s gonna have to make sure that he’s not appointed properly.
Even if I could, I’d say staness is…
I think we’ll take it with us like the last one.
Yeah, it’s going to be a little fun in the picture.
I see very tired cancer. Yeah, well, let’s look at it.
4 The market is plummeting in front of Peter Schiff Am and 2
I’m telling you, I’m frustrated at the safety test.
Peter Jullah predicted a bigger global financial crisis in 2008.
I became famous.
The world’s escalating trade tensions with Bitcoin’s failure to test safety charities again.
Investors are the third most secure currency in the world, as a result of the stock market
c. Sprout
Especially, the price of gold has shown a lot of improvement.
But Bitcoin plummeted more than stocks. The recent global trade dispute.
With the deepening of the economy and uncertainty in the outlook for the end of the economy, many experts are worried about the possibility of cancer.
With the global stock market plummeting, investors believe that the safety company has invested in Bitcoin.
I’ve been told that I’m going to be driven, but I want to be b-town.
I interpreted it from a point of view
I was just saying, “Is this a safe asset?” And recently, the trachea of the trachea.
Oh, it’s going to be different.
Uh, I think he thinks this isn’t an asset he hasn’t slept with.
Looking at the contents of this article, I also saw
And you see whether this is a safe asset or not, and you see some of the things that are more or less inclined to be safe.
I’ve got some other plastic surgery, and I’ve got this type of product.
I think we need to do some more analysis.
But there’s a lot of information about fat f.
Well, the standard guidelines are for the grace period for the second 20th year until June
I’ve given it to you, so it’s still a little vague.
I’d like you to know that in the past, when there’s a little bit of uncertainty in the brain,
It’s true that the volume for that bitcoin has increased, so it’s actually safe.
I don’t think we’re talking about ourselves, but rather about the nuclear build-up of assets with a little bit of
I think it’s more appropriate at this point.
My coin plug will keep the block chain, or the regulatory freedom zone, Busan.
I am doing.
Smart City 늬 Start commercializing block chains, including securing data sovereignty
It’s supposed to be done, but the coin plug is due in July 2021.
I’m going to demonstrate the chain key counterintelligence service.
We’re also planning to build a specialized tape trading platform in Busan.
I am doing.
Coin Plug Co., Ltd. will participate in Block Chen’s project in Busan City in the future, based on the city’s infrastructure.
We’re going to push ahead with the commercialization of the Appendices service.
It’s in place. Floating service that can be applied until Smart City-related business.
It says we’re planning to assume operational experience.
When Coin Plug was licensed by various agencies,
We need to go over it once more to see if he’s talking.
I got it, and I think there’s a lot of corporate tax cuts or something like zero extra business.
I’m sure there’s not much more of an obstacle
But that wasn’t covered by this article, so it’s a separate story.
We need to check it out.
We’re going to go into the block chain special zone, and we’re going to have to make sure that the business is running smoothly.
It’s not like you can do business without the honor, uh, sandbox side.
I’ve told you about that dimension before.
Cacao, by the way, is developing a wallet in front of 3 kinds of x-clips
in the form
I’m working on the definition of pc or smartphone cold.
It says we don’t know what we’re going to do.
I think he’s trying to approach it with some caution.
4 sbi Holdings plans to pay dividends in x rp token to shareholders.
It says, “I have it.”
According to a press release on the sbi, shareholders holding more than a hundred shares vc.
You’ll get 30 xr blood tokens from your trade account.
Shareholders will be entitled to dividends until 31 March 2010.
It’s supposed to release more details from mid-November.
They say there is.
In modern times, I’m concerned about one thing.
When I said, “This is a dividend for shareholders,” I was positive.
Will you look at me?
And will the shareholders ever intend to keep it?
As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think we’re going to keep it and take it right away.
Then, I think I might get a lot of hair.
If you look at Mac’s official website, it has the same content.
The main point here is that I want to join in the BBC section.
Because that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna give it.
Well, it’s got this in it, so I’ve talked about perspective, but I’ve also talked about merit.
You know what? The shareholders in question go to get another Srb.
a member of the club if Yul is to do it.
Well, how come the number of people who want to join is increasing to rot?
The shareholders here, too. I think that’s gonna be okay.
And you can see it from an investment point of view.
That’s why it’s naturally accessible again.
Maybe we should think about marketing and strategy.
So there’s some kind of cross between the good and the bad.
I’ll be able to sort it out like this.
A white paper on my China Telecom 5g block chain smartphone in China.
They say it’s been made public, mostly by iot and by the technology of wisdom to wear.
of considerable interest
Three Digital ID certifications related to a block chain.
I’ll try to introduce the development as soon as possible.
This is what it says. It’s also a block chain sub-concept.
What you got is an automated, real-time payment from the contract, 3g action-tracking, tampering-proof tang.
It says we’ll try to develop some technology on the side.
It’s probably a socialist country in China, so I’m going to have to take a look at the Chinese.
To be convenient for each person, block sieve 2
It’s more comfortable to use in this way.
4 Every skill has a reputation for yam.
I hope so.
It’s one of the worst-case technologies you’ll ever see.
You can see it.
I’ll say the same.
And there’s a lot of other things that are going on in the coin companies that have the technology.
because you could be baptized.
Well, since this news came out, there’s been a lot of breakdowns.
I hope you knew there was.
1st class block difference for the future Forebop. It is supposed to be an object on September 10th
I have it.
The order is in this form, almost in the same form of virtue.
Let’s take a look at the major players. By default, vc.
Uh, it’s in there, and then the project is far away.
And I can see the quarks and the Leeum classic.
Yeah, well, the deal’s in the middle of all the theatrical deals, Gate Iowa, OK.
I can see the degree. Korea University, Kangwon National University.
And so on the part of the other association, De and the company, the general vc, this is my icon.
I can see the extent of 4
If you’re interested, you’ll be able to participate and listen to all kinds of stories.
Not bad.
The kind of co-in that you’re investing in is involved in this.
I know who you are, and I’ve been talking to you, and you’ve been wondering
I’m gonna ask you a lot of questions, and you’re gonna feel a little better
It says we’ll take a g token by October.
Grammys It says that the digital version will be served again, but this Jeju carp is important.
The point is especially bad. Yeah, until October 31, many investors
without offering
It says we need to return the funds we’ve invested in.
4 Because we received more than 2 trillion won in investment through echo,
It’s empty, so I don’t want you to miss this point, and I want you
I’ll be able to show you.
Then I won’t see you again. I can get another interest in anything in the spring.
And there’s also new money coming into the phone market.
It’s not a bad thing for us.
After the Korean game, it could be ranked 3rd in active country.
Uh, game-related open market. 1 billion cases in the world. every three months at all
Because it’s high, it’s up 20%, so we’re going separately.
The U.S. took the first place in Japan.
So you can see that there’s so much interest in games.
I’ll do it.
Also, there are many kinds of games that are related to this game that are so much interested in
Well, there’s a service word, and there’s a trend in companies that look like that.
There’s going to be a lot of industries that can be combined and derived. oneself
I’m looking forward to it.
And the thing that I was a little bit sad about was that the game was a kind of a double-tier game.
It’s related to the whole industry, or game.
I’m not sure if there’s a way that the co-workers in there can be a lot of shrinkage.
As it exists, how to get over this will be the key.
I think it’s because of the cultural characteristics of Korea, when I was in a position about my parents,
Yeah, when you wrap it up in Korea, you’re good at managing it.
I’m starting to feel a little bit worried that it might be a little bit longer at a disadvantage.
One of the reasons why they have to, uh, vote.
Teenagers don’t have the right to vote. That’s why the state game industry art is probably the best.
I thought I was going to go to a disadvantageous six-volume book, so I thought I’d come up with a story like that.
it is.
So I don’t think it’s bad.
Yes, depending on how you use it, when you’re in every aspect, you’re looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the
Because it exists, it’s important to say hello. It’s not just you who’s bad.
It’s hard. On the left side of the cigarette. Okay, I’ll have to talk a lot and wrap it up.
I think it’s better to have a colorful way of choosing a job for a job. but most
There’s no industry for gaming achievement for a decent job.
if you look
Later on, when future children were growing up, there was a career choice.
You should also know that the width could be reduced.
It’s not my Fort Gal Bitcoin oligarchy.
It says that I am exempt from writing with Trading 15.
According to the documents, the authorities may be able to exchange the lungs for the Fiat currency
They’re not going to pay VAT, and they’re probably not going to have to pay income tax.
He said no.
In the past, tax authorities on masts, poles, knives and tax in 2016 had income tax on sales before cancer.
I’ve also published a document that says it doesn’t apply to levies.
4 And if you look at the corresponding original, you’ll see this.
You can see it’s in there.
I just want you to take a look at it.
4 Japan Coin Check Trading Coin 4 pairs h20 plate to implement regulations
It says, “Give me better.” Yesterday, at 2:00 p.m. on this day,
In July 2018, the company asked the government to make a loan only to purchase evidence when trading margin.
I have a suggestion.
So to do that, this time, we’re going to need a coin check on the service.
The changes will be in effect until October 30.
How much is this impact going to reduce the volume of the deal, or is it going to be in that state?
Will it be maintained?
I think we should see it again.
When you see the show schedule for April and September,
It’s not much. I’ll pass it since we don’t have any
There will be a conference on bitcoin cache on September 4th, so be careful.
I hope you do.
I’m here today. I’m always here to help you.
as good as
I’ll be 60 and I’ll be over it.