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Mac, the first news. Hong Kong’s anti-government protest leadership has been arrested.
I am doing.
When the protests against Hong Kong went into a long-term war, China didn’t want to do that.
Because it’s not good, we arrested the leadership to appease them for four years.
We can interpret it like this.
The news is that the financial crisis is feared at the age of default risk in Argentina.
Well, Argentina’s imf financial adjustment is inevitable.
My huge blow is seen as a big cut and the countries around me are recorded.
Because it’s bad and the game isn’t that good.
There’s a risk of spreading like dominoes.
It’s same.
The U.S. is supposed to build an Iranian-linked foreign bank or an individual.
Uh, sanctioning Iran means that it’s not a problem-free.
The U.S. can interpret it as a sign of sanctioning China
I’m pretty smart, I’m using all my power, and I’m going to be able to interpret it.
Hungary bought 180 U.S. air-to-air missiles.
Hungarians have not been able to see the United States lately, so I’m sure they won’t be able to see it.
The card for additional tariffs is still in the United States where I am.
And when you were in the defense, you could ask for a bigger share.
So from this point of view, I think it’s a good idea to take a break from Hungary.
There’s not much card, so I’m forced to do it.
I’d rather have a better defense than say a division.
The silver color is really good if you buy it after you’ve done it.
Maybe that’s what they’re trying to take from the rest of the world more politically.
I’m starting to think this might happen again.
No matter how many times Korea took a break from such a frame, it probably bought some American weapons.
I’m starting to think it’s going to increase.
I think we can cover up our defense budget.
4 The U.S. is moving more than 15% in China as scheduled.
I think I can see it, but I think the U.S.-China trade talks in September are going to be held.
as I see
Oh, by writing cards first, the negotiation on that side is an elegant enemy.
I’ve been thinking maybe you’re trying to take.
Hurricane Dorian monster-class 4 shows how strong Florida is in the U.S.
It’s called.
You’ll see 240 miles of maximum wind speed. a special cautionary person
It says it’s necessary.
The residents issued warnings to evacuate.
If you look at the schedule, you’ll be 9 and you’ll be working from 2:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. by 3rd car.
So I’m walking past America with a mash nose like this.
Because this is so big, when you were in the U.S. economy, you had to break it again.
I think I’m going to be on the same page.
China’s manufacturing business has been shrinking for four months in a row in August.
According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, August’s Labor Purchasing Managers Index excluding China
The pmi is like a direct line of 49.5, so do it separately.
This is below the benchmark line of 50 that separates the contraction and expansion of the economy in July.
49.7 Purs is down slightly, and Bloomberg News and Reuters are down slightly.
It’s lower than 49.6 and 49.7.
It’s lost.
At this point in time, it’s slowly contracting, and it’s been nil every year.
In the case of that, there’s a few more chances of breaking down, and you’re telling me it’s not going down.
Trade negotiations in September should already end better than the rest of China.
I’m sure the indicators will be good.
Germany is going to die sooner or later, so I’m going to count the corporate figures.
I’m doing it.
4 According to Reuters, German Economy Minister Vita Alt Malmire is in the middle of Yo.
He then announced measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises, which include lowering corporate tax rates.
Minister Aht Meyer said, “Small and medium-sized companies are using 35% of their own corporate media in Germany
Because they make up 60 percent of their jobs, they’re small and medium-sized enterprises.
Tell them we’re going to reduce the tax burden first.
You’ll see that it’s not that easy.
In the 20th year of Yi Chan, Germany was suffering from a contraction, of course, in Europe.
an economic picture
Remember, two o’clock is probably helpful.
It’s same.
You’re looking for a couple of conservative YouTube styles?
The candidate for the KCC chairman has become a lot of issues at the hearing because of fake news.
There’s one, but look at it with the same eyes.
It’s scary. It’s like he’s staring at me.
My personal opinion is, uh, I need some fake news.
But wouldn’t it be better if we didn’t get involved politically?
I’m starting to think.
Why? Because it’s obvious that all the opposing forces are going to lose their footage.
Joe is also expected to have some more impact.
Why is that? The government says, “Pico, this is speculation.”
Despite its strong performance, there’s a lot of people standing outside of Bitcoin on YouTube.
There is a high probability that this is not the first time together because it provides information.
‘Cause I’m thinking,
But, uh, it’s necessary, but I want you to see it without any political intervention.
in thought
And when the news gets out of the way, the news gets out of hand.
It’s also harmful because children see it a lot.
I can’t ignore this on YouTube or international Yoran.
Youtube, where you can make money, is a separate channel.
Uh, we talked about it separately.
Then you’ll have a last name with Cheng Shen-Young, an adult, and a certain amount of flesh will tell you.
Because most of the people we know 7th education received until the assumption,
I don’t think so.
I don’t think it’s going to be instigated, which means our people are that stupid.
I’d like to tell the KCC guy that I’m not.
It is said that Ontology, a three-block sieve in China, has officially entered Korea.
Chun-hee, a founder of Ontology, attended the event in Gangnam-gu, Seoul
A press conference held at Meridian Hotel to enter the Korean market for the string of business strategies.
They’ve been working on the news and the company introduction of the shrap
The next news is about Coin.
Foreign media are in a rather big state of affairs of Alto’s body are affected.
Currently, most of the Alt Giant’s value-added addresses report a loss status.
The data sonic indicator shows that the average price is averaged at the time when the rt coin is in each wallet.
With the opening of the scepter, the price of the sage is higher than the applicable average
will show up.
Data show that over 70% of Bitcoin bitcoin cache Boy wallets are real
a manifestation of
More than 80% of the wallets of this more a dart seed are being lost.
It’s called lost.
Stella just released her version of Her Reese, and it’s not that effective.
I think we’ll have to wait and see if he’s there.
4 In the German cabinet, the center is n.
It says we’re in the middle of a discussion on digital currency issuance.
To benefit small and medium-sized enterprises, I think, and also
There’s a lot of things that start-ups are trying to grow in this direction these days.
as I showed you
The poison itself seems to have a lot of interest in 52 dc.
So the Bank for International Settlements bis major report including January report 4 seconds 4 seconds.
It is said that the contents of the answer have been disclosed.
A four-no-burger, yes. Lately, a decrease in bitcoin is a natural adjustment.
‘Cause he said, “Father, lungs, investment, military four.
It’s also the Galaxy Digital lnc 2.
This time, I can only say good things for Casso.
I’ve given all my existing investments a big loss, and I’ve been able to keep them on recovering.
by the time of the hour
Uh, one of the people who can only tell good stories even if they go to marketing.
be in
So I want to hit you that you don’t trust me so much.
I’d like to explain.
4 In Siberia, we can heat a lot with Bitcoin mining.
A Ukrainian book sent by Chee 1 and Ceo S. S. S. S.
It says we’ve found the best place to introduce Bitcoin miners for heating.
I have it.
I’m going to do the book, and I’m going to take the heat, and I’m going to do it again, and I’m going to do it one company later.
You’ll see that it’s a form.
4 bit too and i’ve started to test streaming users.
It’s good to have a bd torrent, and it’s good to have a little
The Tron is a Sudanese startup.
BitTorrent is also a startup, i.e. a server deployment speed operating infrastructure.
I think I’ll see what I can do.
And also, since this is streaming, Google is losing a lot.
Tron 2 I understand this very well and I think it’s very innovative to do what you pretend
It’ll be possible.
We’re gonna have to wait and see.
Why would Mr. Kagge publish his third quarter 2011 Transparency Report?
The morale of the fallen Yumi Neh Fort Coin is intense, and the number of victims is increasing.
And since the market’s not going up very well, there’s a certain amount of investor confidence.
in a sense of security
To give you a little perspective, I’m going to publish a little transparency report.
I’ll be able to see it.
This interest in The Leeum is getting closer to us. Tweeter Gamma. I’m sorry.
They say it’s falling, but I can’t get it up, so I
I think we’re having a little bit of an impact.
It’s one of the things I’m looking forward to most this time.
Apple’s special event on September 10 is about to be launched by an iPhone
I’m going to make a presentation.
It’s one of the things that hasn’t exactly been able to make a breakthrough.
That’s why Apple has a lot of different aspects of the block chain.
I don’t think I’ll take something similar to the next product.
Maybe I’ll show you something a little bit like the 4th Galaxy Block JENKI Store.
I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to it, so this time
When I introduced myself to work, I was wondering if there was anything else in it.
I need to see it.
4 dcb Steve Coin report was released.
Star Yves Coin has been classified into 20 books.
Steve Kerr is the security of this on-chain.
Step-up is almost in the form of an algorithm called Estelle Boko 2.
The Talk Month Fund is funded and the issuer is prepared to address the possibility of a situation.
It means you’re going to take responsibility.
Steve Big, an off-the-job mortgage, supported by a traditional class of assets.
The caretaker is responsible for safekeeping and the user has not added the request for return.
The above issuer will be in possession
The on-chain collateralized steps are generally supported by car-buying in front of the cancer.
You can look at the de-centralized approach in a safe form.
Because of the large algorithm steps, this is supported by expectations of future purchasing power.
without the responsibility of the parties and the need for fundamental asset management.
It’s a form.
So 22 is really interested in this part of the world.
I’m trying to make a quick change.
I’m sure we’ll be able to interpret it like this.
Let’s take a look at the schedule and the aces.
The schedule for September is Yoga Bitcoin kel 3 and
Update Developer Conference is being bought and sold.
And when you look at the schedule of 955 a.m., Man Hunt for Stella…
And it’s got karma in it.
And then when I see you again, uh,
Uh, September 5th, we have a lot of force turn events.
This is where the Leeum goes in.
And if you read more about September 7th, you’ll see, uh, the news coming in.
Uh, the important news is that it’wax.
I’ll catch your eye.
We’re all set for today, and we’re always here to help you.
I’ll be a yes man, and I’ll end up with my own ideals.