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The first news. a candle taken from satellite photos of the National Hurricane Center in the United States.
Hurricane Dorian 2
They’re passing through the Bahamas. It’s a scale of five, and it’s a scale that’s.
It’s a destructive force, and at a time when the U.S. economy is already in bad shape
How much damage it causes, and how much impact the U.S. has on economic growth.
It’s like it can hurt you.
Neck Japan’s defense property costs have been at an all-time high for eight years.
the overall upward revision of the U.S. and its allies’ defense contributions.
You can say, “Jojo is good.” And Korea also has a strong appeal.
But even if you look at it except for this, it’s because of North Korea.
Now it’s not just Japan that’s increasing the room’s prospects, but China.
In order to be beautiful of the U.S. due to the influence, Japan would stop by a little.
Of course, Korea should also check Japan and North Korea should do it now.
Now that he’s in charge, it’s going to be a lot bigger under national defense.
It can have an impact on economic justice, and it can be called consumption.
I’ll be there.
Anyway, the more Japan and Korea increase their defense budget,
I’m sure China won’t stay put either.
China now has a lot of things to show.
It shows that we’re going to invest in different aspects.
That would make the August reality for the Asian side even bigger.
So I think that’s why I think there’s going to be a lot of threats
You’ll hear it.
Mack says he’s going to have U.S. troops in six areas of the U.S. and Poland.
U.S. President Trump will attend the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II earlier.
I was going to visit Poland for a visit, but I cancelled it.
They’re sending Vice President Mike Pence.
The reason why Apple agreed to keep the U.S. military is because of the threat posed by Russia.
I signed the military agreement this time to keep some checks in check
The U.S. has also set aside some of its defense contributions.
So, overall, except for Japan and Korea, the allies chose to make contributions.
There’s a little bit of a demand, which means, uh,
I want you to take it back with the best and best performance for President Trump.
I’ll do it.
He helped finance the arms import and defense budget.
We’re going to be able to talk about this.
A Wall Street Journal reporter in the U.S. criticized China’s Xi Zhen Pin.
by talking to him, he refused to extend his irritation.
Japan’s former Prime Minister Koizumi is known to be in his 30s, but his preference for the next prime minister is also top.
They say it’s up.
Koizumi, who first stepped into politics as his father’s secretary, in August 2009.
I’ve been elected four times since I came clean.
A poet of humble primary three elements is a constituent with the addition of quasi-four appearance of a speech.
I’ve been getting positive reviews from somebody who recently married an announcer.
It says there’s an increased level of attention, and if you’re a regular schoolteacher,
It was the height of her popularity. But when you get married, it’s a little bit.
It’s like a honeymoon now. I have a lot to take with me.as I see
Protects a little bit of support or loss as various activities of foreign countries decrease.
I think it’s right to plant it.
But the next person I know for sure is Abe.
That’s true. So, in a way, in politics, Japan is a little bit more about hereditary power.
I’m feeling a little
Even if you read a lot of comments, it’s a good idea.
Well, there’s a lot of talk about this.
We’re fighting for a deep midwife in Hong Kong.
Students from 10 universities in Hong Kong also announced a two-week leave of absence from the alliance.
up to high school
They say it’s expanded a lot. Now, there’s five things I’m asking for from you.
They call it a requirement, but the trout laws, the iron-fisted police, they didn’t force it.
Twelve arrested, boundless couples during the season.
I heard you asked for Mr. VII, the Minister of Public Administration, to accept this.
I think we should wait and see. Also, young citizens in Hong Kong are now thinking that they’re going to have to take care of their children.
When I get older, I feel like I’m going to be in China anyway.
I’m worried, so it’s an issue, so I’m gonna keep trying to get something.
You seem to be working hard.
But if it’s prolonged, I think Hong Kong citizens will have to, uh, better silver.
There’s more. Why?
Well, there’s elections in Europe and elections in the United States, and there’s enough of that impact.
Because it’s likely to be received.
China probably won’t wait until that time, but somehow it’s going to suppress it.
Whatever it is, it looks like he’s going to show some form of behavior.
We’re gonna have to wait and see how this is gonna end.
Anyway, let Hong Kong continue its campaign against its citizens until the end of the year.
I wonder if Hong Kong citizens will have more favorable conditions.
I think about it.
I think we should wait and see.
Trump, who says, “We will watch every issue, including North Korea’s missiles.”
What is the meaning of the president?
There are many issues from May to 9i.
Didn’t you?
Every time I do that, I’m going to have to look at a lot of things that don’t work out.
I’ve been saying this a lot.
How did the journalists and the media interpret it there?
My daughter-in-law is working on a variety of scenarios.
A billion-dollar book is about evasiveness.
Well, there’s a story about what happens when you see the actual propensity for Trump.
The three parties are so desperate.
And it’s true that you read someone with a lot of pride.
But there’s also a tendency to get organized.
Oh, I’m not sure if I’m looking at this behavior,
It helps when you’re in the action that’s behind you, and it’s a pre-movement tendency.
But if you don’t, there’s a lot of different scenarios.
I’ve been trying to move a little since it was made, and I’ve seen that a lot lately.
I think so because I gave it to you.
So, since the scenario hasn’t come down clearly yet, we’re gonna have to wait and see.
I’m trying to move, and I think he showed us a 10-star Joe.
There’s a possibility that the price of housing will drop by 6% and drop by up to 20%.
It says yes.
We’re predicting a 7% drop in housing prices in the U.K O
If the market responds to a pep rally, there is a chance of a 10 to 20 percent plunge.
Kpa 10g says we can’t rule it out.
I think it’s time for companies to start thinking about building fish in 2018 when they were babies.
I’ve made a lot of sales available.
I hate brushes, so I’ve come down on sale, and I’m still in the middle of nowhere.
She said that her hair was affected by the British times.
And there’s actually more.
Well, because there are many problems, of course, there are many real estate issues that are going on.
I think I can give you back.
North Korea’s Deputy Prime Minister
I heard you left Pyongyang to attend the Eastern Economic Forum.
China and North Korea. We’ll wait and see what we’re going to talk about.
I think it’ll work
U.S. manners say the deal is another combination of luxury houses in July.
As of Monday, the number of high-end apartment transactions has dropped sharply.
The Wall Street Journal is reporting.
According to a friend, the tax is estimated to be between two million and two million dollars in July.
You know, I don’t know if you’re talking about more than the last 10 years with 162 copies of the last 10 years with 162 copies.
62% of the monthly career concept.
The fewest deals in 2009 are in number.
I am doing.
Three-year-old opening-up worker China ur, whose home trade has increased, has led to an overall surge in trade.
I was hoping that the rebound in the real estate market could come true.
It says it’s a result that’s overshadowed by this.
67% of my Japanese export regulations to Korea
Abe’s approval rating has gone up. I’m afraid I’ve been affected by your approval rating
So Japan keeps trying to keep its economy in check.
It looks like there’s going to be a lot of policies.
Maybe next year, we’ll use a lot of similar aggressive strategies.
I’m starting to wonder if it’s possible.
Anyway, this time, this confrontation between Korea and Japan is short-term.
I don’t think it’s over.
I’ll take a look at the New Year, including the destruction of my Chinese achievements.
Let’s go. The part that was inside was the communications part of it, and maybe it’s because of Huai’s nutrition.
I’ve been wondering if that’s. But the other side is the paycheck.
I’ll say it’s a necessary part of the consumer product.
I’m not sure if the application of the tariff has come from this quarter.
I can’t interpret that because the vote doesn’t have a gender orientation.
The consumer will be there, and he’ll probably be able to buy gold from China.
Profits on gold have gone up more than 40% this time.
I’m starting to wonder if that’s how we’re going to do three more rounds.
In the past, I thought that China was going to keep gathering big and simple.
Uh, I’ve also shown you that index.
When you look at the major Chinese issues. Safety in Shenzhen at Housing Rental Price
We’re going to publish an opinion, and we’re going to use the blacklist system to regulate the power transition.
Well, this is what it says, and the Industry Information Division exempts the acquisition tax on cars.
Yeah, well, Tesla, why is it that China is going to have the Winter Olympics soon?
As we can see, we can reduce fine dust by electric car in advance.
There’s a side in it, so you’ll be able to see it now.
4 In addition, the Development and Reform Commission (PCC) has held a meeting with adverbs to improve the consumer system.
Through the progress, we announced the schedule for the key task of boosting consumption.
In other words, if the next 3 is added, there will be various A cheap problems.
Well, you know, with domestic consumption.
Well, how do we get rid of the essential part of the cow’s consumer products?
To defend against three major enemies, to prepare for a variety of policies
It’s same.
4 Main Isle Run is a red spot in the local government of China and is now 7 islands all over the industry.
It says we’ll speed up the bid.
In the applied industry, car keys, medical materials, energy consumption, etc.
I’ll try to break through such a difficult game in China.
I think it’s appropriate to assume that that’s a little bit
Oh, that’s four
Mac, let’s take a look at the zero supply increase in the yaw association’s
We’re trying to get a look at the anger of the investment.
Recently, even Bitcoin has become more popular.
The price of international gold for traditional currency has risen and recently returned money.
You’ll see that the alternate Pete himself gave up the value.
So much so that the time value of money has decreased as the currency has increased clearly.
He’s invested in stocks, but he’s seen 18 years and 19 years of his daughter’s net outflow.
It’s a bit big, and if you look at it on that graph, it’s a good thing.
It’s easier to understand. You’ll rest.
Mack, I’ve been…
And the reason why I’m a little bit different from the international news is that if you look at this, it’s probably a story.
I thought you’d be comfortable. I thought you’d get a lot of sympathy.
The rise and fall of the stars under the beat’s nose is very sensitive.
I gave it to you.
Yeah, because of the biggest impact on international forms,
It’s been a lot of work.
You know, I’m going to take some of the biggest issues I’ve ever had, and I’m going to take some of the international news.
That’s why I’m telling you.
Lastly, there’s a really good article that I introduced to you.
I’ve got a good one, so I’ve got one.
It’s not like investing in your favorite stock. It’s a no-no-no-
That’s what it’s like, and those who like safe stocks, in year three, four, three, three.
A man who likes small, fast, and aggressive stocks, he sleeps for three years.
I’m going to buy and use Celltrion today.
Every choice will incur dog costs, and it won’t easily destroy Samsung.
The odds of being a leech are extremely slim.
Celltrion is now in its first room, and at that time, at the time
There was a point that I had to endure the betting.
I’m going to apply this to Pete Coin, and now it’s going to be there.
People who feel the possibility of an economic crisis, especially inflation and a currency crisis, have a bitcoin.
Buying cuts is no different from buying them just in case.
Oh, by the way, there’s a lot of people who have high levels of digital ideas and high levels of protection for novelty.
more comfortable than gold in Bitcoin and safer than gold and more honest than the army.
Because we found something of a property, we thought we might be able to give them a bitcoin
It’s a very logical and very common-sense investment.
Because of the weather, the value of Bitcoin that we have today is about nine.
He’s not growing up, so he’s seeing it like that much.
It’s quite empathetic, so you might feel the same empathy as I do.
I don’t know, but I’ve got a good article here.
I’ll explain about the ios casual. September 5th
There’s nothing important, so pass it on September 6th. It’s not very important.
September 7th, 8th, 9th, so I passed and I heard about Tron on the 11th.
I have news about fins coin or byte coin on the 12th.
I hope you do.
I’ll finish at four.