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Here’s the first news. English;British;Britannic;Anglican
Prime Minister Jones will conduct Brexit on October 31. until the early general election
I think I can push ahead with it.
Well, we’re talking about this, and I think it’s time for British Prime Minister Johnson to break up with his wife.
The sheets are not due very much, so we can do this as much as we can by our weekly schedule.
I’ll be able to show you the kind of person you’re trying to push through.
Uh, the closer we get to October, the more uncertainty there can be.
I’d like you to know that there is.
And with this atmosphere and this support base, there’s no need to be stimulated by the vote.
Now that I’ve handed it over, I’ve been waiting for another general election, and if I like you, it’s gonna help me.
I think he’s got a little bit of this on his mind
Oh, and on the contrary, every day, the prime minister is very good at public opinion.
We’ve used it, and now we’ve got a little bit of an early general election, and we’ve got a lot of results.
It wasn’t very good, so this is what we’re gonna do.
Uh, Prime Minister Johnson’s thinking a little bit, maybe he’ll move on.
Just keep in mind that we can go ahead with the general elections on schedule, and that we can go ahead with
I’d like you to do it.
In the picture, there’s a little bit like him in Germany.
It’s a little bit like a nosebleed. That’s how violent the protests are.
I’ll be able to feel it again.
Eight U.S. military bases missile to North Korea while Trump says it’s okay.
They say we’re within range.
Hey, there’s a couple of hidden meanings, and I’m pretty sure that’s the case.
China and Russia’s language allies now have a role to play in their relationship.
Maybe it’s a way to be more faithful.
I want you to play this role so you can get a lot of support from China.
It works. I can get a lot of advice from the Russians. Also North
Han is running out of time.
The economic growth rate is getting worse.
It’s a record – 4% shot.
Uh, the least bargaining chip is fast.
Uh, use it as a strategy to get in the right direction, to make good use of the missile.
I’ll be able to think about whether I’s.
I’ve been saying that we’re going to deploy U.S. missiles lately, so we can’t escape North Korea.
No, there’s another aspect of it that could cause the damage, and that’s why I’m not talking to you about your
It’s expressed as a missile.
We’ll be able to interpret it like this.
It was released in a private voice file believed to be Hong Kong’s administrative minister.
I am doing.
I hear this is causing quite a stir.
In fact, the impact is in a way that we can interpret, in a way, Hong Kong.
The political position is very limited and has been influenced by China.
And Hong Kong’s Secretary of State also said he had no choice.
Because we can solve this problem by doing something, it will cause a lot of controversy and controversy.
It’s possible to interpret it as possible.
This time for the audio recording file is 24 minutes.
It’s been exposed. Anyhow, this exposure incident has led to Hong Kong’s decision to take over
And to make the fire burn more and more lively, and the sky is the starting point.
Maybe we can interpret it as if we don’t.
The 70th anniversary of China is less than a month away.
This is the largest-ever military parade in Beijing.
It’s supposed to be entertainment.
We’ll take action against him for nearly a month.
I’m a little concerned about the Hong Kong protest.
And the atmosphere in Taiwan is not that serious, so in a way, there is a big one in Beijing.
When we were creating the atmosphere for the festival, we were able to interpret it differently.
Maybe that’s the way it’s going to be, so I just want you to keep this 70th anniversary quiet.
Because of the idea that it would be nice, I’d like to know about entertainment facilities and the rest of it.
He seems to care a little bit about the side.
Japanese news, five years less pay, 65 to 70 years old.
They’re going to extend the retirement age. Yeah, I think it’s the premium on social security.
I’m showing you a little bit of cloth shaving from the surge.
The number of productive working people is rapidly decreasing, and it’s almost as follows.
I’ll be able to interpret that as a little bit of conservation.
The 65 year-old population is about 28%.
The working population is in the minus column, and we’re already working on policies.
That’s the case.
So, in the future, the government of Japan is going to expand to 70 years of age, and
He’s demonstrating some kind of policy that extends his age.
In Japan, we will see the increase and decrease of the productive working population since 1995.
We’re still showing negative growth.
in that respect
If you look at Japan’s employment rate for the 65 year old. considerably
It’s up. It’s been going up since modern 2013.
In addition to military service training, the king’s stomach is raised along with the king’s salary.
Because the extension of the Japanese company’s last year is a burden to the late team,
Decreased to 65 years of age, allowing the company to choose one of three options, so that the wealth of the company can be increased.
I’m a little bit concerned about beauty to relieve the pain.
I’m sure
So the number of productive workers continues to show negative growth.
As it happens, there are 340,000 foreign workers in Japan per year.
I will accept it.
In fact, I made a declaration about the immigration state of immigration.
In December 18th, the Immigration Control Act was opened and passed.
And when you see that picture,
You’ll see how hard it was to get through.
Of course, it’s not a bad thing to keep it as a single nation.
Of course, we can’t afford to give it to you.
You’ll be able to see on the side of none.
Korea is still a very high percentage of the single population, but it’s a gradual one.
the birth rate will continue to be low on and the immigration policy will be forced to end.
I want you to know that we have no choice but to bring it up.
They say the economy is making a significant recovery in Portugal.
That’s why the rich are getting their money back.
They say you can come. In 2011, three men came to power, and they had to change their minds.
Please do it for me.
For a 500,000 euro investment, you can issue a long-term visa and the level of service.
Due to the high management of the world, 23% of the foreigners living in the country are living in the country in 3 years
As it grows, it supports Portugal’s economic growth rate a lot
It is said that there is.
Because foreigners live in the country, consumption keeps happening.
So, please come out with some good matches, too.
We’ll be able to interpret it.
So the main policy of the folder knife economy is to open and embrace foreign tourists.
The tax policy pizza system played a part.
And you buy real estate or you invest in it yourself.
The Golden Visa System, which issues long-term visas, also plays a part.
He gave it to me.
India’s wealthy people will increase their investment quota for cryptocurrency by 10%.
According to a survey conducted by the rear-wheel research institute on high-income people in India, 10% of respondents were polled.
He said he’d invest in front of someone in three years.
Well, half the silver in the flat was a little bit disappointing.
29% of respondents with knowledge of crypto-money have 8% bitcoin working ether
6% chose xrp as their preferred encryption.
I have it.
Any number of encryption lung policies for India will be used in a friendly way.
In that case, you’ll be our potential client.
I think you should think about it like this, and if you look at the approximate percentage of gongs,
You’ll know which side will have the ripple effect of Lee Man-hee.
And the rich in India.
And one of the things that I’m interested in is that India’s growth is now growing.
be knocked down
It’s the lowest in six years. There’s been talk of this.
Domestic demand has shrunk, and the auto market has been severely depressed.
just because
It will get worse with wealth. This is what we’re talking about.
And the Modi government is also concerned with the effect of the interest rate on the West Bank in the morning of
I even brought it up.
I think it’s going to get worse, so I keep thinking about it.
India’s economic island power-factor rate.
It’s constantly breaking.
And at home, Vietnam and India are going to invest in the future.
be one of the best places
I’ve introduced myself a lot in the financial world. But lately, there’s been a lot of low growth in India.
And if the country’s flagging down, the West Indies Fund’s return on its term is worth a year.
– 7% when you look at it.
I mean, it’s going to get worse.
I also think that the return on the fund will be a little bit destroyed in the near future.
Subscribers, also, if you’re carrying an Indian bundle, you’re going to have to take care of it.
I’d like you to do it.
It’s domestic news. Did you issue a tree for your car?
The bottom of the bond-rate rice paddies, if you look at that graph,
I think it’s easier for you to understand.
The bottom line of bond rates is coming out. It’s a steady decline in the interest rate of our national debt.
I’ve been on the rise since the middle of the day.
Treasury bonds that fall on the shelf of the day rather than on the current level of interest rates
Interest rates have raised various questions about rising factors such as the annual supply increase and the freeze of the benchmark interest rate.
He says he’s showing them, which means that we can’t interpret them at this point.
But as a future enemy, and with too much uncertainty, 2020
It’s a little early to assess it like this yet, because there’s a year
I think it’s possible.
The stock isn’t very good these days, so the bond fund is getting the money.
They say there is.
The latest index shows a lot of adjustment taxes, and now most of them are bonds.
It’s like a fund.
Now, individual investors, who wanted to rebound after a series of listing indexes, have attracted a lot of money.
And the return is also negative, so the propensity itself is going to continue.
I don’t think that’s going to happen.
I’ll be there.
I just wanted you to look at this Etf for the fund section for a month and seven months.
When you see a return,
Etf is lower than minus 10%, but when it comes to bonds, it’s still – I’m…
Because it’s low, it’s possible to pull a lot towards that direction.
We’ll be able to do it.
Okay, so if I add one more thing to that, I don’t think that’s a good way to eat a company.
I don’t think I’m going to turn away from stocks anymore because it’s not good.
We’ll be able to do it.
I heard the average cashless payment date for the first half of the year was 79 trillion Won Hee.
Payment amount through supply unit is 2.2% higher than the same period last year.
It’s been reduced.
I mean, if you’re trying to interpret it in terms of this.
That’s how much credit cards are worth.
In 2018, the rain decreased a little bit.
I don’t spend that much money, and I hope the economy will be that bad.
It’s a forecheck, and consumers are closing doors in their wallets.
You’ll have it.
Also, the check card has been reduced, but it is important to know that you did some advance.
Now, I will use my credit card while controlling it as much
I’ll do it.
On the other hand, the proportion of the checks has to be even greater.
One of the reasons for not having one is the rotation rate for the enterprise.
And you’ll see that it’s not very good.
The Korea-China-Japan summit will be held on December 24.
If you quote a Japanese government official as saying that he’s talking.
Abe and Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang have been working together with the president on various issues regarding North Korea.
They’re gonna give us an opinion.
Through this trilateral summit, we’ll talk about the economic partnership agreement.
They say we’re going to work on the FTA, but now it’s too late.
Whether or not the prime minister will have a separate meeting with the president, who is a problem, and now,
I think it’s going to be a matter of primary interest.
What if we didn’t have a separate meeting until December?
You really knew that there could be a long war.
That sounds wonderful.
That’s how uncertain the Korean economy will be.
I’ll explain the schedule of the icon.
September 6th. The schedule for Alshaw is good.
On the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, no important details, so let’s pass
I’ll do it. I got Tron 2 on the 11th, and I got Vineance Coin and Byte Coin on the 12th.
I hope you respond well to the news, and I’m always supportive of you.
I’m going to be a helpful yes-man, and I’m going to end with that.