Let’s start Pause Coin Review I’m going to talk to you today about PLUS TOKEN There are PLUS TOKEN and PLUS COIN but what we’re going to talk about today is a plus token It looks like this and the original background is red The reason I’ve been analyzing the plus token is because We’ve got 900 people in our KakaoTalk room If you’re curious, please leave a comment. I’ll give you the link and the password PLUS TOKEN? I think it’s a fraud, but my parents keep saying that people around them have been getting interest I have to stop it, does anyone know this? So I told It’s a fraud. I think it’s an absolute Ponzi scheme I told him/her that the method is too similar to the existing BitConnect, which was determined to be scam So I thought I’d review this. I may say that It’s actually dazzling? I think there’s a lot of people feeling like this PLUS TOKEN may not be Ponzi scheme. It’s on your judgment I’m going to point out Ponzi scheme Information released by PLUS TOKEN I didn’t cover it secretly. It’s all on the Internet It’s on your decision Now Let’s see This is the Korea Financial Investors Protection Foundation, and it made a cartoon I’ll take a look at the cartoons. Heungbu and Nolbu He’s a beggar. “Mr. Heungbu, let’s invest in the FX margin deal.” I’m sure you’ve heard of the FX margin deal There’s no loss in dealing with foreign currencies directly by individuals in the international currency market There’s a self-developed auto-transaction program that acquaintance know This won’t make you loss, and if you bring in the investors, you’ll get extra pay In order to reassure the investors, it pays dividends at first and when you get a dividend, you attract more investors finally, invest is blown up It’s a classic Ponzi scheme It was a thing of great renown, you know? Someone kept selling gift certificates at a 10% discount So he/she kept selling at 10% off, but all of a sudden, “I’m going to sell it for the last time. “Everyone who bought gift certificates sent me the money.” I’m sure some of you remember he/she has run away with that money I think that’s the same way like this Someone gives you interest for what you got from someone else, and keep giving interest what you promised Later on, when the money came in so much, invest is blown up There’s a typical coin in this Ponzi scheme, which is a BitConnect It’s been confirmed that this is Scam x2 The deal’s not working out anymore I’m going to tell you how they did it, how they got caught, and how it happened BitConnect Features It was only available on BitConnect’s own exchange at that time and it doesn’t exist now 1% daily revenue guarantee And they said they’d give investors compound interest if you invested so they guaranteed a 3700% return a year It’s not the biggest revenue. It’s the guaranteed revenue. Really Recommendation bonus If I bring in an investor, you’ll get more interest Using the self-developed auto-transaction bot… I think it’s the same as what I saw earlier I think I saw self-developed auto-transaction somewhere. I just checked for a second because I thought I saw it somewhere Utilize self-developed trading bot No detailed mechanisms have been provided, and there is no alternative if there are more investors in the future Let me tell you something interesting, guys. I majored in industrial engineering Pause / a graduate of industrial engineering at an engineering college I was going to make self-developed trading bot with some good-coding juniors, in fact But I didn’t. I’ll tell you why I didn’t Some people are saying that they’ve developed an auto-trading bot It’s a little sad. The problem is… It’s a little off-the-wall, but I’m just saying it because I thought it would be fun to listen to it The first thing I asked juniors to know is how the other bot works The first thing I was going to try was breaking those bots It’s the same way that the bot works, for example, when two MAs are in golden-cross, it buys coin and if 2 MAs are in dead-cross, it sells coin There is buying signal, selling signal and buy coin at here and sell at here, take this amount of revenue This is how it works ~~~~Only raise the price until buying signal is made ~~~~Only drop the price until selling signal is made I was going to do this first When the source is released, it’s very likely that bot will be attacked like this So if you’ve made something really good, you have to use it alone You alone or some of your acquaintances But that wasn’t in the case of BitConnect There were two more problems, and one of them is The bigger the amount, the less it makes sense because Think about many people use good programs at the same time Imagine 100 better people at the same time, or 10,000 more people are using this program, and 10,000 people are buying it at the same time This is an automatic-transaction with an API account, and 10,000 accounts buy coins at the same time Then will the price distortion happen or not? I was supposed to buy it for 10 won, but I bought it for 13 won because everyone buys coin I was going to buy it for 10 won and sell it for 12 won, but now I’m going to lose it That’s why the higher the amount, the harder it is So we have no choice but to use a buy-and-sell follow-index And when the price goes up like this, the indicators go through the golden-cross, so we buy here And when the price goes down at here, the indicators go through the dead-cross, so we sell here And there’s got to be a standard here Coin’s stock prices, for example, are walking sideways in this way and buying signal is made in this time, golden-cross is made in this time But the price is cheaper, so it makes selling signal so we sold coin but the price is higher and buying signal is made, so buy coin again Buy it here, sell it here x3 Not buy it here and sell it here but buy it here and sell it here, do you understand? So if the price walks sideways, you will be ruined It doesn’t matter if it’s too high or too low, yeah I’m a little overblown You remember walking sideways Bitcoin in October last year? The price falls this way, and then it goes to the end and walks sideways like this In this case, you’re doomed. You lose your assets indefinitely Get out of the way when walking sideways and enter only when there is movement I’ll take a look at the BitConnect. That’s exactly what I was talking about As I said before, there is no detailed mechanism, and there is no alternative if there will be more investors in the future You know, it’s hard if the investors are increased in number, right? So if they’re going to give them a fixed interest, somebody has to invest more x3, but there’s no alternative to that I don’t remember how much Bitcoin market capitalization is, for example, a coin has a billion market capitalization a coin has a billion market capitalization Can you buy 10 billion won worth? That’s why there’s a limit. There’s a limit on the amount There’s no alternative to what they’re going to do if they get investment, but give us a fixed interest, so where does the money come from? I don’t know. I don’t know where this is coming from So the recommendation system, if I recommend someone, I’ll take some bonus x2, do it like this Eventually, people will find out. I’ll explain it to you. If you look at what’s written here They claimed 3780% revenue in year Bitconnects are priced at an all-time high, and some time later they had been ordered to suspend operations by authorities in Texas and North Carolina Its market capitalization has gone up to 7th or 8th place out of the total coinage 6th EOS 7th Stellar in market capitalization (in June 2019) They just got a business suspension. So what happened to the people whose coin price went down, whose exchage were shut down, and who invested in the last place? They were just ruined. Coin has evaporated (In many ways) BitConnect was hot in Korea in 2017 Look for operators, victims, and Suing or not… There were a huge number of victims It’s that kind of coin. I wanted to show you the atmosphere of that time, so I prepared this video It’s like a BitConnect revival He’s talking here and the people behind him are celebrities. They used celebrities Ho! I’ll stop here Most of the people who have invested in BitConnect have applauded while watching live, but now everyone know that it is a fraud But didn’t people know it was a fraud at the time? I’m going to tell you more about this, and I’m going to talk about something important, not just that it is just fraud or not Not everyone is losing money(?) I think there are people who can benefit from this investment. Who do you think? Early entrants who sees revenue But the point is, early entrants make a profit Early entrants characteristics
They invest in it knowing it’s a fraud Early entrants characteristics
Step 1. they become early entrants
Step 2. They ask people around them to invest And then when it turns out to be a Ponzi scheme and everyone make a loss (What?)
Early entrants characteristics
Step 3. If it turns out to be a Ponzi scheme, they claim they are also a victim I’m sure they’ll be there… “I also lost money. I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” And then they invest something else, and “I think this is really cool, and I’m in there, and I get interest regularly.” Pause / The Great Actor Perfomance ★★★★★ Early entrants get profits. What you need to be careful about is not “I didn’t know.”, some of the celebrities who promoted BitConnect were sued You need to know this. The people who claimed to have been harmed were also sued, you know what I mean? I’ll stop talking about BitConnect. And the characteristics of the Ponzi scheme are To beware of fixed high profit There is no investment without loss Deposits, savings, installment savings, and these are small, fixed losses Given the inflation rate, bank interest is an unconditional loss For example, if you have money, you lose three or four percent every year, but if you put money in installment savings, you lose one percent every year There is no investment without loss, and deposits, installment savings are loss But it’s just a little less of a loss, honestly speaking So, why we’re really worried about it is, and why I’m asking you to come up with a sales strategy and invest in it is It’s definitely high-risk high-return low-risk low-return I’m doing this to reduce the risk, and somehow raise the return Beware of fixed high profit Someone is selling king crab and he/she guarantees you 30% a week. What I’m just saying is The exchange A is too weird, so I looked up the business license number and I looked up the King Crab business data, and I found that So I told all of my subscribers in a hurry not to use this exchange You must not have to invest in fixed high profit, there is no fixed high profit You unconditionally think of it as fraud. Really Even if there were fixed high profit, why would they let you know? If I know that there is only getting a fixed return without risk I’m the only one who’s gonna do it I’m not gonna tell you But anyway, I’m trying to study how to reduce risk and increase return x4 and think x4 because my profits won’t go down because you know it, so I’m opening up I’ll stop talking about it I’ll talk to you about PLUS TOKEN. It’s its characteristic (???)
Only trade on its own exchange I’ve seen it a lot somewhere, and I think I may remember it, but I don’t know (???)
Recommendation bonus (???)
Utilize self-developed trading bot (???)
There is no alternative to growing investors I don’t know x2 I don’t know where I saw I x2 You guys don’t know, right? (Me too) Bitcoin is 9 million won on one exchange, 8 million won on the other, and it’s taking advantage of this difference to make a profit In the case of the BitConnect you saw earlier, it buys Bitcoin from a low-end and sell it at a high-end It’s using price differences between exchanges, and it actually happens If there is a so called Kimchi premium on it, then you also can do that I put this video separately and I’ll put it with an exclamation mark in the upper right corner of the screen, so you can watch that video But there’s also a problem with this. There is the difference in price between exchanges If there are 8 million won store and 7 million won store, you can sell Bitcoin at 8 million won and reduce the price gap That’s what happens all the time. This is how they make money If this, for example, makes a difference of about 1 percent, but with 100 million won, we can match the price difference Then will we have to inject over 100 million? No. The revenue is fixed, but the investor are increasing but they pay fixed interest, so where does the interest come from? I don’t know. I don’t know where this money comes from They say it’s their artificial intelligence. Intelligence dog. It may be an AI dog I think they used papago or Google translation. I don’t know what they are talking about, but they are making arbitrage trading anyway It says “financial transaction” and it’s like this, so I guess I have to explain it I’ll explain for a second how Bitcoin is 9 million won on some exchanges and 8 million won on others Then if the transaction price is different, buy it at 8 million won and send it to a 9 million won exchange Then sell it at 9 million won and withdraw it. Then 8 million won becomes 9 million won, right? You may say, “Oh, that’s not working. There could be price changes when we send them.” But we can I just said I’d put a video on the top right. So it’s possible, but anyway that’s how they make the difference But anyway, they buy it here, and they sell it here. I mean, the price goes up here, the price goes down here So, anyway, the price gap is supposed to be shrunk, and it doesn’t mean you can make a lot of money if you invest more There’s a record of PLUS TOKEN’s arbitrage trading. They opened on their homepage. I’ll show you If you go to the website you can see this, and easily speaking, there’s a price gap They buy coin here, sell it here, and reduce the price gap The profits were made at 1.58 percent and the transaction amount was made with this amount of money I’ve been scratching the deal with Excel on June 9th because I wondered, and I tried to figure out how much money they’ve made Multiply the investment and revenue, you’ll get the number, right? It is dollar The total is 1630 dollars. Do you know how much it would cost in Korea? 1.7 million won? 1.7 million won a day. They may trade on Bitcoin, light coin, and another coin It’s 1.7 million won a day, and they may pay 0.3 to 0.5 percent interest a day If a person earns 1.7 million won a day, he’ll make it when doing this By the way, how many people are investing? What’s this cold feeling? In addition, the recommended person continues to receive dividends x3 At the moment of the number PLUS TOKEN member which comes to 10 million by 2024 or 2022 Oops I think they can make 1.6 million won a day and give 10 million people a fixed interest rate of 0.3 to 0.5 percent If it’s automatically terminated, they’ll pay you a fee for the PLUS TOKEN exchange after They met up in Korea once and they said that investing 10 million people is their goal and 150,000 people are already investing in it’s already invested in So let me give you a rough estimate How much can a person take per person for 1.7 million won a day? 10 won per person? Because they said they give you 0.3 to 0.5% interest per day Do you all invest a little? As far as I know, the minimum investment is 600,000 won But they’re still paying interest. Of course, there’s days when it works, days when it makes more money than this I’m sure there’s no one who’s saying like this in comment, right? They trade on Bitcoin and light coin, so it’s about 10 million won It doesn’t make sense. 10 million won also doesn’t make any sense And some days, they make a lot of money, but it doesn’t make any sense There is someone who’s taking interest, but where the hell does it come from? Interests are getting out of your money Too cruel.. I said there are investors about 150,000 people, but when I checked the Etherscan, I found only 10,000 wallet addresses. This is also a lie 150,000 people? They only have 10,000 wallet addresses And what’s more interesting is Number of tokens from 1st to 9th is 99% of total tokens in PLUS TOKEN 99%. Nine wallets, maybe owner is one person, 99% of the total PLUS TOKEN is in these nine wallets I’ll do the math again. They got 99% Only one percent is divided among ordinary investors For example, they take 10 million won revenue a day It’s 10 million won and 99% of it’s taken by them 100 thousand won is shared among 10 thousand people I’m just doing it, so don’t tackle me because I made wrong math But they’re paying you 0.3 to 0.5% and investors get interest well and there’s a lot of them Can feel the anger of Pause You may take a rest Move on to development, development is taken lead by Samsung Technology Core and the Korean research institute blah blah They’ve pulled everything good like Samsung, Google Play “You mean the guy who worked for Samsung came out and made it? But you’re being sloppy like this?” “But you’re going to translate like this?” This is my thought at first “You’re going to translate like this? I thought an elementary school student would do better than this with.” Samsung Technology Core… I was curious what Samsung Technology Core is (Don’t you feel suspicious?) Search results Samsung Technology Core / There is no such company It is all from PLUS TOKEN x3 If I search Samsung’s subsidiary, what should I find? We need company information, right? If you search Google, you’ll have to come out, right? Who would have wrote ‘11% of the daily profits, Samsung Technology Score developed virtual currency AI arbitrage trading app’ PLUS TOKEN wrote Who developed it? The general public did it There’ll probably be a recommendation code at the bottom. I’ll take a look At the bottom… here’s the sixth, wrote ‘essential’ I need you to write down this code and… Which one? Use me as recommending person Why don’t Samsung sue them? I don’t know, but it might be true that letting person out of Samsung Technology Core does it but anyway I don’t know why Samsung let it go And like I said, we can’t identify the developers Based on the development of Github They’ve developed it just twice in the past year. Commits are only two times Well, of course, as I said last time, Commit is not the perfect indicator. Maybe there’s a coin that’s already completed Also coins that are judged to be scams are more developed than this And if you search for PLUS TOKEN… I don’t think I have to look at it So if you click here, what’s down here? Recommendation code There’s a recommendation code, right? ‘Introducing the PLUS TOKEN revenue structure’, what’s down here? Recommendation code Some have mentioned that this is a fraud among PLUS TOKEN related video But if you click the video, the comments are a sight. Talking about scam and you get paid every day… What do you think will come out of this? Recommendation code Now, remember this cartoon, right? There’s no loss. Fixed high profit, no loss There’s an automatic-transaction program. It’s not gonna make you loss And if you bring in an investor, they’ll give you a pay You’re guaranteed 1% a day, no loss, only on our own exchange. If you bring in an investor, they give you another one They utilize a self-developed tracking bot In PLUS TOKEN, it’s only available on our own exchange. They pay you this much interest every day If you bring in an investor, they give you another bonus You may take a rest I’m not sure whether PLUS TOEKN is scams or not x4 I think it could be scam or not x2 I can’t guarantee it Take a look. You guys can judge Don’t invest. Don’t invest in something like this I’ll say it again. It’s obvious way. They pay you interest well That’s why they pay interest to the person who came in first with money of someone who came in later In common sense, if you can’t make that amount of money, how do you get that kind of interest? But there’s still people who make money. People who enter the early stages earn money because they have to give early entrants a fixed interest How do they do it? They gonna go in early and say to the people around them “Invest this. It gives you interest steadily, but I’m gonna recommend you.” And then when it comes out the Ponzi scheme and the coins evaporate “I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.” “I’ve lost money, too, but this is real.” Can feel the anger of Pause They are garbage. So, in the case of BitConnect, they recommended it on their blog and made band talk room and also recommended on it They’re all being sued. Be careful. Really They’re all accused of middle-of-the-road tactics. “Why? I’m a victim, too.” You knew that Can feel the anger of Pause Just get rid of it now. Of course, a list of references is already left, so they are supposed to be caught anyway He, you didn’t know this? If you want anything to be okay with it now, just get rid of it Pause Coin Review Score Development 0
Idea 0
Strcuture 0 Total Score 0 We don’t even know who the developer is and there’s no such company, there’s no listing on the list, there’s no commits Typical Ponzi… I was going to give some score if Ponzi scheme has a good idea You know, the fresh Ponzi. I was going to give it a score, but it’s so typical, awful Arbitrage trading is so awful They wrote this ridiculous thing, and they only made 1.6 million won a day and told 150,000 people to pay interest Structure! What percentage of this coin has in the top 9 wallets? 99~ They have 99%. Guys, you just fight for a one-percent whack Killing PLUS TOKEN Pause Coin Review Score Score 0 Now one line comment If anyone has recommended this, consider your relationship with him/her. Do you understand? If anyone has recommended this, consider your relationship with him/her. Do you understand? As I said before, “It’s okay, I get interest steadily. And if it evaporates, I lost money, too. Sorry. I thought it wasn’t.” But I’m sure there’s someone like this around you If someone didn’t know and did like that, show him/her this video I uploaded There’s actually a few more of these coins This is what both the Futuro and the Blood do Someone showed the video, but if saying “No, it’s not. It’s true.” He is on the verge of a fire I hope you consider relationship with him even if he/she is a good person Doing that while knowing it, it’s illegal to do that, but I think it’s his/her fault I’m telling you this, but there’s people who put bad comments in this video. I’m gonna fix it up There’s a lot of people out there who write shits while writing shit comments They think it’s their fault I think it’s the fault of people who is explained this much and don’t know Whether he/she knows it or not, if anyone recommends this, consider his personal relationship with him, and that’s what it’s like Pause’s investment amount 0 Forever 0 won I’ll never invest. You’d rather throw your money in the ground than invest it in it It’ll be better because the beggar or whoever needs it picks it up Throw your money on the ground rather than invest in it There’s a lot of things like this, and when these coins are gone, the blockchain will eventually settle in the system If there’s a scam going on, we will afraid of it and not invest in it We would rather to lose money on a fixed basis every year while saving in bank There are some coins like this, and I’m not sure if I’m going to do it or not Anyway don’t be fooled. Don’t buy it. There’s a lot of good stuff Confirmed high-yield profits are always a ponzi scheme The price of the highly rated Bitcoin also has dropped. There’s only a risk of investing, okay? Always keep this in mind I’ll end with that. Thank you