billionaires take a look at paradise that
we are more of a paradise within Brazil, and close to São Paulo, the people
Here is good Jesus of Forgiveness did not even know that it existed on the
woman from here beautiful place for damn It’s good that we’re going to talk about famous people today.
who invest in krypton coins and 20 with If you give a google you will find
a lot but there is a famous one that nobody knows does not have a google never gave
interview about that, it’s okay, I said, it’s not Who knows who invests because I know
a friend who was at a poker table with him when he commented that he had
received a payment many years ago in krypton coins did not even know it had
But this is his staff advisor. he said that he still had
he is already rich and has managed to stay rich is excellent to start loose the sticker well come on then, what are the famous
invest in krypton currency and one of the famous you do not imagine investing if
can look at google after you In this video you will see that you will not have
absolutely nothing about it Let’s go before we start people.
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the first famous investing in krypton coin asthon kutcher that bastard
Beautiful as hell, when we is watching something on our tv?
girlfriends with gazing out there people stay alive with and beyond everything
He was married to that actress who did a post that made strip tease tremor
aston kutcher not only invests in krypton coins as he is cofounder of the
abit p safado fiscalization rich are pretty still get richer than rage
My grandfather and net the second person who well bitcoin and you
Nor had any idea we will not let Lastly, we will not speak now
neymar has 20 con he received as payment part of a campaign
advertising that I think had a difficulty in how to do the
transfer money to him and he accepted to receive the currency you took
years later he is much richer than who already was he won a lot of money not
I can tell you how much more you’ve earned Money imagines you found in the beginning
that sold at the end of 2017 is very very rich and did not even know
daisy I had a friend who was playing at the poker table and started
bitcoin subject he talks I’ll give a look at this when an agent of a
his advisor was no more be has it reminds you about payment not
I know the company for sony that anyone to find a company from Japan if
I’m not mistaken then neymar has crypton coins without
want as several other player who invests in krypton coins
considered the king of bite the face that has one of the strongest jaws in the
world’s all dentist who studies it luis suarez né
it not only invests between takes and He’s a company advertisement kid.
from krypton coins 3
the fourth person who invests in krypton that actress who won the Oscar is
Who is petrom something like that I do not know to pronounce my ticket is half a mouth
same but it invests between take under a
program that was na on the apple had about entrepreneurship and the people who were
with a krypton coins company chose her as a consultant to start
this company is the name of the startup show payment photos called the work a
anepe patrol hollywood galley Let’s see in the Cryptomania Let’s go
now a rapper who, besides investing in marijuana also invests incrito currencies
snoopy dog ​​on the pedal hurts he invests in krypton coins even though
the snoopy dog ​​that gives a little bit of him said that accept as part of the
I paid a show and I do not know then he went back, he was just a
marketing but he is a fan of krypton coin he feel fan of krypton currency no
It’s just the marijuana that lives the snoop dog. young if you’re liking and if you do not
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people to do this if they Disseminate
no use are there people who like us who does not like krypton currency but they
Came to stay and the end point you can until you come to an investor but not
future with certainty when you travel out of the country or even in Brazil
get your place and buy a babalu with crypton coins
another American singer who accepted bitcoins many years ago and when
saw it had almost 10 million dollars fifty cent naughty
river before everyone else I was seeing beauty beauty being money fans
both if the physical money card credit bic court accepted and when he
saw it had more than 10 million dollars Motherfucker, because we did not see it.
before because we did not see there in 2014 nene was analyzed before bischoff waited
both another famous singer there is a which has recently been giving some
well-controversial statements, something that You’ll understand that I’m talking Melby to
spice that in fact they are coming back I’m going to do a little show there for some I
I saw something in the newspaper the news did not focussing the dot dot com then melby
also invests in krypton coins, which is cool of these celebrities
they could just have crypton and stay in my neighbor’s house but not
they buy they buy they buy they buy so they help spread the
crypts coins in the world because they are opinion formers
another world-known player who invests in which he took currency
Messi is a naughty and Argentinian monster Pump up before you talk about this.
my director’s chair because I saw in the movies I went by
never you a movie director ever I’m going to sit down on this stretch and I’ve seen
200 silver could be bought on the site from toc toc
I went there and bought and it’s turning more Let’s get back to the crypton subject here.
coins it’s good the messi not only invests in krypton
but as he is a poster boy krypton coins
the crew not only buys but also invoice advertising the name of the
company that is advertising boy calls serin labs has a company that intends
produce some smartphones computers with open codes and will create a
crypton currency can also subsidize these investments are ninth and last
investor of krypton coins of a person who invests in krypton currency mean
hardware means to say that boxer monster was in mike tyson’s era
well overdue but the medium is to see a vest incredible coins
the middle is this mega monster boxer I’d rather be posting photos on the
jatinho social networks with a lot of dollars lying down looks like a clumsy uncle
it not only has crypton coins like it It’s also a kid’s advertisement for a
company that has the credit card in krypton coins middle eder
This is the ninth and last face that invests in krypton coins
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