Oh, yeah, hi traders, he’s a new video first of all the risk warning You’re invested capital might be at risk don’t trade with money You cannot afford to lose and this video is like always not an investment advice So I have to say something before I go to start. I want to say thank you to you all. Yes Thanks so much For this amazing Year, it was a great year for me. It was really nice How many people I have made consistently profitable it is so nice. How many feedback I got from you all Thank you. Thank you and thank you for this Yes, but I have to say something more most important in the last days at the end of the year I hope all of you had a happy holiday. Yes, and I wish you all the happiness Yes, but before I gotta do this and again at the end, I have to say something really sad I have seen a lot of traders who are buying my stuff from other ones to Reduce the amount to save money But I can tell you something don’t buy it from some other ads because they are Manipulating the ebooks. Yes. I have seen so many Traders who are losing money because it’s like this and carry taxes because they are trying to fool you I don’t know how I can tell you I get emails from people who are losing money and say I’m telling me we are trading like it is written in your eBook and I see this kind of screenshots and I tell them it’s not like my ebook because they are manipulated Ebooks you get manipulated ebooks. Yes, they manipulate. Not only they change the affiliate links in the ebooks They change also how to trade them and you will lose money because they want your to lose their money I don’t know how I can tell you this don’t buy any kind of stuff from other ones If you want to buy it buy it from me then you know that you have the original version yes, because I have no intention to fool you as Informations which are provided in the but price action Bible in the pot price. It’s not in the video pecks are unique Yes, and if you are not able to pay this money for it Don’t trade please do me the favor Don’t write me and ask for me that I give you for free the e-book I have given it for free Nobody cared about it. So don’t ask me about this Yes, and those one who are asking me to get the ebook for free. They will never get the e-book from me for free I will decide who I’m going to give my ebook for free Yes, and not those one who are asking me because you are lazy I have to say this you are a lazy guy by lazy girl Don’t try to do this because you are going to fail with me because I have a good Connection to the universe as the universe is giving me all this kind of grateful stuff Yes, which I’m really grateful about because I am a good person. Yes I see so many who are doing bad things, but I’m not doing to judge them Yes, I try to find always a good solution for everybody because I don’t want there to get Desperated. Yes. I want to be happy. Yes I’m happy and I don’t want that you get down me I said you let me down So in this case, so don’t buy my stuff from any other and somebody else Yes, if you buy it, you can contact me and I can tell you yes, it’s original. It’s not original. Yes so at least at least You are not going to go into ROM traits Yes, because of misinformation which they are changing my ebook and they are Selling a part of those one with you good health yet. Yes. It’s really really amazing. Stop what I’m saying every day I’m publishing those kind of things on my on my Community channel on YouTube. Please watch all the times there. I am announcing there. Also the winner of The today prize money yesterday some of your lessons realize that makes me so happy and I will sing I think I’m really I’m going to continue this Auto next year. Yes. I’m so happy to giving away my money. Yes, and so Today I will I will I gonna announce my prize money winner of the $40. Yes, so stay tuned Yes, watch to the end at the end of this video. I will send you the merry happy Happy new year wishes. Yes, and also I will announce the winner. So but I have to start now so again I will tell you this the last time yes because at the end I know that you do don’t do this because you know me, yes, but there are so many and so please Try to inform also the other ones don’t buy this or my stuff from others. That is so crucial Yes, because I get so many emails you are you are wasting my time as you are Not only wasting my time you are bringing back Reputation to my stuff because at the ends that what I have brought to you It’s a holy grail of training and I want nothing else and you all are following those kind of stuff Yes, and if you are not and if you are getting it from somebody else, you don’t know if it’s the original Ebook yet so you don’t know if it’s the original be your pack 1 2 3 & 4 you don’t know this and Say I asked him and that is really ridiculous. They’re asking the same money like I’m asking from you Yes, so at the end what help are you buying them from them? I don’t know this and then you are going to cry at me Why are you crying? When you are buying this kind of shit, yes there. I don’t know this yet And that is what I want to say at the end of the yeah, so ok now But that was this one and now we are going to the topic because at the end That doesn’t care so much because I don’t give up Yes, where are you going to buy my ebook? Yes, but when you are Stealing my time Asking me things without having bite that Probot bought from me Then I get a little bit angry because my time is precious and I will want to give my time those one who? Deserves it. Yes, and that are you you my subscriber you my audience? Yes, and it’s also important next year. I Will will offer you a lot of new services. Yes, you will see what I’m going to do for you Yes, that will be amazing 2020 will be amazing year for all of you. Yes, and I don’t care I cannot tell you so much about this because I have to think about this. Anyway, yes, because we are still in mind 2019. But anyway, I will give so many stuff to you. Yes, and you will be Really amazed amazed amazed by this. No ok So let me see this today video will be about how to trade weeks and support and resistance advanced Techniques yes part 2 that means you have to watch the eight law or oldest part is the last part Which I have done already which was a lot to trade and support and resistance. Yes advanced tactics Why part one watch it because you need to understand this So right now we are going to get into this kind of M chart analysis Like I’m doing always so we have here the highest probability trading setup, which I have explained in the Bible. Yes, so We are coming from an uptrend. We got a reversal pattern. We are going into a downtrend. Yes we got a pullback from the support and resistance level which they say as a 100 EMA and Now we are getting the break out the break out of this Box range yes, and now we are getting here and draw some lines Look at this we have here line here and we have a line here So all of you knows what will happen next And I came to can tell you what will happen next the next candle And I will put my hand in fire Yes, and that is my promise for you for the next year that Take scandal will be a bullish candle the next candidate is so sure that it will be a bullish candle because those ones who are in the Bott mentorship program and those one who are Following my videos do know and those one who have read my but price action Bible know like the next candle will be a bullish one and why it will be a bullish one because we have ranging market Yes, we have a breakout and we have a huge exhaustion cannon and the next candle will be a retracement Back to key letter. That is the key level guys Australis, that is the key letter and after the retracement back to key level the trend will continue To going down because we have the 200 the 100 the 50m to 20 at the moment. It’s not like this Yes, but it will go in there because you see the 20 is going to cross and making the desk rod So what’s the video about today’s cross and study the dam? Hmm even? Okay, so that was this one. That was the analysis yes of this kind of chart to understand What will be the next kind of on the next Kenneth you do a put on the rejection from? This level and you try to get into the straight about the key level. Yes. That is what you should do Yes, and that would Brought you immediately and in the money that will make you immediately money Yes, that is how you have to analyze those kind of stuff And that is the stuff which I’m going to provide you in my blood price action Bible and in the video packs today I’m not going to do this kind of stuff. I’m gonna explain so much about this I will tell you all is it necessary the necessary stuff is? So what price action guide is we found will be found in the description Of this thing, which I want to do today Yes I want to say only where you can find it because I’m sick of telling you always and Every time what is in the bad price action guys, what is it about twice extra guy? I tell you only read to find it Then you little bit you read the description and then you know exactly what is going on yes, so the blood price action guide you can’t find it in the description read it where in the description of the video read the description of this what price action right here on the pay hip side and the only sources where you have to get it is on peut Not even on amazing. Yes. I have it also an amazing, but an amazing it’s much more word and much more expensive Because I don’t want that you pay too much money. Don’t buy it an amazing Yes on amazing kid buy it. We are pay happy s because I have made it on amazing much more Expensive because I won’t use that to buy this from the paid side here It costs only one shirt of surprise of amazing. Don’t buy it sell yes, but I it on paid or Contact me on my email address boat or trailer and gmail.com Yes that is always that other all Resources where you have to buy this ebook as the same stuff is for the bought price action Bible You’ll find a link in the description of my videos in any Video of my description and buy it only on pay hip don’t buy it Anywhere else because they if you bite on amazing, you have the original version. Yes that can I compromise uses Yes, if you buy it on amazing but if you are not buying it on peut and not via email at boat over twitter at gmail.com you Don’t know if you have the right version and the original version Because the people are we the biggest scam they are doing everything somebody tried to fool also somebody of the some of those one who has one yet last week a Laptop has won the $30 of my bad price action money For the price money. Yes, and Somebody has tried to fool me and to get some money too. So at the end, please be aware There are so many scammers out there so many liars don’t buy this stuff somewhere else You will get a wrong version. Also if they are giving you subversion the e-book for free It’s almost It can’t be I cannot promise you this Yes, because can be also that it was some of my customers who has is sharing this Yes But it can’t be that Yogurt is wrong And then you will study the wrong stuff and then you will do wrong trace and then you are asking yourself why it’s not Working because you got the wrong version. You don’t know how bad people can be. So that is this one Yes the but try section guide in the description. What price exome Bible? explanations and illustrations all included in this kind of holy grey stuff and important this ebook is for any kind of financial instrument Forex Stock Exchange cryptocurrency CFD is every kind of stuff. Yes, and any kind of timeframe I have to say this one minute 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes one hour Because I get always the same questions. Yes, and every kind of broker pocket option IQ option binary.com IREX there’s Every kind of brokers expert option on the trade Who knows what kind of brokers are outside they are working everywhere because it’s price action it’s a bad price action Bible this Bible helps you to make money on the market if you Understand the concepts which are explained in this ebook Which I have done So many months ago the holy grail of trading I have explained exactly how you have to apply those kind of training techniques and Today I will show you the advanced techniques. Yes, because I give comments I get comments from my subscribers who are telling me Who the hell is going to do this for free? That’s why I doing this all stuff for free I tell you cause I love you when I have started two years ago doing this kind of stuff on my youtube channel I want to prevent you all to get scared. That is because I have seen so many people crying so many traders Respirators they lost a lot of money. That is the reason why I’m doing this. Yes, and nobody can stop me Yes, you can copy my ebook. You can send it away. I will follow you I will get you yes, I will take legal actions if necessary. Yes I try to solve this always friendly But if you are going to do really bad stuff like I have seen in the last days Then I will take legal action against you. I will get you and that is True yes, because I’m sick of this stuff because you are not hurting only me because I’m giving a fuck Yes on the money, which I’m gaining from the e-book. It’s a it’s Nearly no cost. It’s nothing is not not even when it’s the money. Yes, because I get money from training I am a trader I am not caring about this but when you are misleading my subscribers those people who believe in me That’s those one who believe in boat or trader then I get angry Yes, then I get really angry because that is my reputation It’s a profession about principles and I hate it when people are trying to make money and fool people Yes, which are honest and are trying to get out of this misery, yes, they are trying to get out of the misery and then you give them any kind of ebook which is only Only misinformation. Yes, and then they are coming to cry at me and then I get really angry. Yes Okay, so the bought price action battle can be found in the description It contains the illustration it contains the explanation That is what you need to own the market and the but price action Bible in conjunction recent video pack 1 2 3 & 4 are making I’m gonna make you a profitable Concept is it profitable to? If you have no time to join the partnership Program if you have no time to join the bot mentorship program if you don’t have some money to join the bugpipes mentorship program if you don’t have Any kind of a reason to not do it the medicine program? Maybe you’ve got also rejected from the bot mentorship program application process That can be yes because so many and I have to say this again so many are not able to go through the application process a lot of you are willing and they want to do this but they are oh, it’s called the The mind is willing but the flesh is weak. Yes, they are too weak They are too weak to go through the application process You can get the video pack 1 2 3 & 4 and then you can study on your own but I tell you you need to be strong you have to go if you want to go the way of a trader you have to be strong you have to Get so you have to pass through pain to a type of pain to understand what’s going on Yes Because at the end it’s like every other job You cannot expect that to become a consistently profitable trader after one week. You cannot expect that You will become this after two weeks or something. Like they said you have to dedicate yourself and at the end my Application process is your guarantee yes, this is your gravity and my guarantee that I am NOT and do not know anything your time because if you are going to The application protest XC egg and you will be not rejected. That means you have the basic knowledge that I can Educate you to become a consistently profitable trader If you are getting not through the application process That means you are still not ready and nobody else can Educate you at this level because you don’t have the basic knowledge because I have written the book It completely books about price action Bible and those concepts which are in the but price action. Bible are only a small part There are only a small part of all this cat knowledge what you have to understand yes, and that one which I’m asking in the bot price action model what part or the bot mentorship program and Application process is only a small part the most elementary stuff. Yes The rest will be educated or we are view cleaner Peck. One two Three and four and you can try to be your pegs in the description too. Will you pick one for the beginner? Will you pick two for that matter? Which one let’s medium ones Will you pick three for that once once and we do pick four? for the nearly pros this kind of four video points if you study them all and You watch the videos which are in this video packs in conjunction with the bots price action Bible Yes, then you are ready. Yes to become a consistently profitable trader Yes, and if it is missing and if you are still not able to do this, then you still Can’t apply for the bot mentorship program Pro plan the four week crash course Yes, I will make you an average Profitable in four week. Yes, but it depends obviously from your personality it Depends almost from that how how fast you can apply those things, which I’m teaching you. Yes, and And the bot mentorship program. Yes, you can apply for it and you can still apply for it. You can do this still. Yes By sending me an email to my email address both tofu trader at gmail.com It has to be an empty email. I don’t want to hear of what your name is I don’t want to hear anything. Send me thank me. Only an empty email with your yes with the subject What mentorship program yes if I will send you then the application form? Yes and this application form? There are the questions which I’m carrying about because I don’t know and I don’t care about what’s your name is? where are you coming from what your situations that are things which a trader doesn’t care about that’s because you will become at the Consistently profitable you will be consistently profitable trader full-time or part-time trader So who cares about where you are living? Who cares what your name is that are not important important this what your attitude is The important is if you want this or if you don’t want this if you don’t want it I guess it and I see this from the application process and if you are not able to do this I see this in the application process So don’t write me what you want is the same thing when I get this kind of image who wants my ebook for free You want my evil tour free? It’s not like it will have to buy a car It’s not like you have to buy a house. It’s not that you have to marry somebody and pay them for the party. Yes it’s only a small amount and this if you cannot afford the small amount for the but price X environment for the Video packs or even for the bet mentorship program? Yes, then you don’t have to trade man That is what I’m telling you and that is your honest opinion my honest opinion if you don’t have money but to can’t afford Listen what you cannot afford to lose then you don’t have to trade. I don’t know how I can tell you this that is a reality and you have to Realize and you have not to hear that what other people are telling you because they are trying to get your money There are poor souls that are really pity soldiers. It’s a scam There are so many which a scam. I am really disgusted From that what I’m seeing every day in this kind of damn Yes industry. Yes. It’s a really dead Industry I hate success and and I try to educate you all So ok again, I bring it again to the part to point but price action Bible in the description Yes In conjunction with a video pack 1 2 3 & 4 you will own the market you will make money on the market that is Sure. Yes, you have to be really retarded To come to regret that yes to do. Don’t make it. That’s because I see And we’ll explain in this video pegs exactly. What kind of trading? Opportunities you have to execute us and what kind of traits you have to do? What kind of trade you have to avoid? What kind of what you have to are looking for and what you have not looking for what? everything is telling you and what the market is going to tell you because most of you are losing money because you try To tell the market what you think and you think that what you say? Yes, and you want it to market? that’s that what you think but you have to understand the language of the market, and that is what I’m giving you here on the Buckeye section Bible answer but with your pecs and if you want this Really fast and do I need a disassembly you can join the bot mentorship program. You can still apply for it I don’t know how long I will do this. You know, it’s the end of the year Next year that will come up some new stuff Yes but if you want to have steady possibility possibility to enter into the bot mentorship program by sending me an Empty email to my email address boat with at gmail.com. So get your feet into the door Yes, because I don’t know how long I will do this anymore. Yes. I don’t know this But I can tell you something I will not do this anymore so long. I try to get through all my students which I have at the moment and After I have released them all I will stop this kind of stuff because it’s really time consuming And I have not the necessary T to do this s because at the end I’m a trader and making money On trading I go on the market do my 15 minutes trace yet and 15 minutes I do much weight and then I’m gonna do that whatever I want I’m doing this almost because I have begun this I try to get what mentis yes And I’m still getting I want time I’ve got what mentors I have done already so many and I’m thinking about how to do this But Etsy and Z is not my main job my main job. I’m a full-time trader Yes, and that is what I’m going to do not like all others who are doing affiliate stuff Yes, or are doing other stuff. Yes, that is not my stuff So what mentoring what mentorship program will not list at all the time, so, okay Today’s trail video will be about how to trade weeks at support and resistance advanced techniques part 2 on binary options but on any any kind of financial instrument and Chemistry psychology and to will understand also today how important the candlestick psychology is about. So look at this first of all, I have to say if you want to get news and informations about the but Stuff. Yes what related stuff then you can visit the bot community tab as on the bot for boot Or trader a YouTube channel, you can find the community tab here as home videos playlists channel It’s about yes, and then you see here The community tab here you get what related stuff I will do the also Publishing videos stuff important stuff, which you should know. Yes and Which are not only motivating as because at the end you have to motivate yourself but that is what related stuff here will be also announced the winner of the But what price money which I am giving away today the $40. Yes, and also other stuff So now we are going to start with this kind of amazing. Yes topic and I have talked a lot much That was an ant year speech And it was a really important that you know this because I’m getting angry When I’m seeing that other people are trying to fool other people. Yes, and That is some kind of principal stuff and I have to name this Yes, and that’s the reason why it took a little bit longer than expected. So today we are going to Discuss this kind of topic. Let me see this. Yes, we have it here. So I have prepared already something So it’s important that you understand that you need basic knowledge to understand that I’m going to do and to explain you today as a basic knowledge what you need today is starting with page 85 let me see Of the Bott price action Bible. Yes page 85 and that Is that how to spot highest probability? Trading setups and high probability techniques. So that is the most important video You have to understand the concept which is about because I get often questions Where did I start the Train start? Where did the trend and Where do you know how to trade in between our trends and I will do another video about this. Yes in the future I will be about this how to trade how to surf the trend how to glide As how to slide on the trend, that’s what you need to understand first of all how to sponsor highest probability training setup And high probability techniques. Yes, and you see this here You have an uptrend you got the reversal pattern. Yes, which got your pullback from the 200? Then you wait for the downtrend Yes, and then, you know when this stops when you get the next reversal pattern This is the process of elimination. I have explained this also Yes here you see that candle was not able to break through the height of the previous candle The next candle will be a bearish one. The next bearish card was only a retracement There’s an art a continual death That is everything what I’m going to explain in each of my videos and in the blood price action Bible and in the video pecks 1 2 3 & 4 Yes, so you see I can show you this on each and every track that this sits out working that universal you can use them for each and every broker each and every time frame and each and every financial instruments that are universal that ruin said Okay. The only thing what I have to say is you have to be sure that this is not a low volume market and You have to be sure that this is not A session as something like an other session or something that you are not trading some USD Charge when the USD when the Americans are sleeping as you cannot trade a euro Per share pair when the European are sleeping There’s no way to market and then price action will not work why price actually will not work because you need humans Yes, that is why the OTC market? Those things of concepts will work on OTC market only a few times you have to be careful about this Yes the scammer Yes, and the liar are trying to fool you and telling you that those kind of concepts will work every time no, they will not work all all the time because you know OTC market is Algorithm driven yet. It’s not psychological yes, and that is really important that you understand you need for the psychological that what the candlestick patterns are telling you because It’s a replication of the psychological mentality of the traders you need humans Yes And what we are humans? humans Are there where the timeframe is away whether awake that means you have to dray this long and session new obsession if you are trading your Europeans you have to trade USD pairs when we have the New York session. Yes and your eyes accession You can’t make a sensation GP? and so when you have the other session, yes, that is one of the first rules you should understand because else you will lose money the same stuff like now in the Holiday when we have Christmas time who trades on Christmas time, yes, it’s their fault it’s because at the end Christmas time means low volume market and low volume means price action and fantastic psychology will not work like Extended and those one who are trading on holiday Say one to lose money so easy. Yes And try only to four people so that’s all that is really important to understand sirs. Please use your common sense Yes, because when you don’t switch on your brain, I cannot help you on this. Okay, so That was this one. So, let me see if I can get sorted. There are highest probability trading setup I have explained this off then we have to cover today. Is this kind of stuff? Yeah Yes, what how to read up a shadow and lower wig tale about wings. That is what we are going to talk about Here I have done much more in detail. Yes, because here I talked about the relation between The upper shadow and the lower shadow. Yes, the real body and the shadow and all entertained and the weak Yes All this kind of stuff in this video is really important and also this kind of page in the bot price action Bible study it Because you need to understand where the pressure is coming also to understand the video Which I’m going to be doing today is really important studied. So then the next one is this one the 87 37 that was the conjunction that was how to read example of market pressure again Yes that the candlesticks the same candlesticks can have another meaning Depending how the trend is before what I’m telling you always the context That’s because if you have an inverted bullish Hema, it’s not always a trend continuation It can’t be also a reversal pattern You have to understand the context the context means you have to understand where the price is in Relation to the market and that is what the indicators are telling you and if you are not going to understand using indicators You have to understand this from the thread it says from the minute rent and the major trend which you are understanding, so then the 88 also from the Ebro from the bot price action Bible the same candle can be formed Different ways that’s really important Yes is really important because you see is that same candid here is fault on different ways here. We got an app Movement a lower timeframe then. We got a blowout movement here. We got an apple and then it goes on the same way That is only to show you that the chemistry can look always the same way but in general they have as a Psychology behind candlestick psychology behind because they are formed in a different way That is what’s a running candle is about and that is what I have explained also in this videos where I talked about the purchase Time and it’s an exploration time. Yes. So watch this ebook page on the bot price action Bible study it Let’s get this in your mind. Yes, try to understand this stuff. It’s really important So then we have and I will do this fast because the video will be too long then the 100 Yes here momentum trading that is really important 101 support and resistance stuff in over a major minna then we have the next one how to train and support and resistance and false Breakout. Yes Then we have the 100 suite where we talked about the change of polarity really important 104 where we trade at the bias zone and sell a stone the 100 5 6 & 6 where we talked about the resistance levels and support method based on candlestick patterns. Yes, then the stuff about support and resistance advanced techniques then what higher higher and lower high and Low ago and higher high meet. Yes that stuff. Hyah. Hyah. Hyah, go low low low high. Yes and low I know what this means and what this is about. Yes it is. If you don’t understand this you can immediately close the IQ option Program or the pocket option or whatever you can close it immediately because if you don’t know what higher higher higher noise And what low are no one lower highest then you can close it immediately because then you have not the knowledge to do any type of 3 and it’s really important you have to Understand this what this means how to identify a track yet If you are not able to identify a trend then you have to close it immediately. So then Obviously all the other stuff I don’t want to get too deep into the stuff here where we are going to talk about the progression Of the canvas it is everything explained in the but price action by that in detail Yes study it get it into again in your mind It’s really important that you understand it in memory Just like you have it in your brain What this means then obviously the last two parts which I have done here where I talked about the week reading Yes, that is really important. You will see that also and then obviously the last two where I talked about the process of elimination and Let me see now and today then the last video Yes, that is really basic stuff, which you should understand completely the advanced tactics Which I have told last last last week and then that one which I’m going to do today Which is really important one second. I have to open the door for the dog. Okay, so let me see. Yes and Let’s now we are going to talk about that what I have prepared today. Yes today I have to get this one here how to trade two weeks at support and resistance advanced technique Option candlestick psychology support and resistance advanced technique part to put option Alright, so option on resistance in a downtrend. So that is what I have prepared. You see that are the same Images which I have done last week. You see this here. Yes There are the same stuff that are the same one here the same order so that you understand this but now I have done something Special I have drawn the weeks on it and that is really important that you understand this This kind of stuff here is showing we have this candle and I have done this only on twas a put option Only for the lower option on distant in a downtrend you are having a downtrend. I let explain this again We have a downtrend we gotta pull back let’s prices dinner with tradesmen back to key level and it’s back to Cuban and After this you get this candle which is stopping exactly and sellers area exactly XL resistance level Yes, and then you see the wicks So every of those weeks the lens of this week tells you how much sell us aza yes, the longer the week is More it means sellers are into this so you can expect if you have only a short week You can expect that there will happen something like a doji. Yes, a weak. Bullish candle a doji something like this If you have longer week, you can expect that. It will be most probably a weak bearish candle Yes, and if you have a long upper shadow, yes after the touch of this area Then you can expect X. The next candle will be a bearish one And if you have a lower shadow, yes, then you can expect that. The next candle will be most probably a week Bullish China. Yes and much longer. The lower channel is much more bias Mazal that means you have That stuff which I have shown you here on 88 and 58 8050 as dignifies this kind of stuff here Yes where I explained how the pressure is calculated? Yes, if you have a longer lower shadow Yes, which is bigger than the wheel body. Yes, and There’s a bullish Freebody. Then next candle will be bullish one and that is what will happen Here – yes That is what I want to tell you that that this is important If you have a real body, you have a longer up lower shadow, which is bigger than the wheel body Then the next candle will be a bullish candle also, if you have a bullish candle which stop XL resistance It’s really important that to understand this that is how I try to explain you this so We are going now fast through all of them because most of them are equal There are only a few which a little bit different that is this one here and this one Yes, so here again. This candle was breaking through the support and resistance slowly Yes it was touching and was crossing oil or was in between of the resistance level the zones a Resistance zone and this kind of cannon if the upper shadow is known that means but I have to say also And it’s a better specific point Yes If the law or the oppositional are going too much Too big they are too big as much more big than the real body. For example Yes, then the pressure is coming from the other side That means if you have here a huge cannon, which goes above this level Yes, the weak above this level then The next candle will be most probably a bullish game That’s a weak bullish or bullish depending on the track Yes but there will be a bullish one because this kind of Wick reading me is is looking only to the sensor specific point that Means you have to understand that at the step pacific point the trend and the pressure is changing as from selling pressure into buying pressure after the After the wick is going to a certain point. Yes, it’s much going to much much higher. So the same stuff is here Yes, if the week depending small week means almost That we get a week candles at here. Look at this. This here means we get on the next candle most probably the week Week bearish candle or a doji. Yes the week Doji is more. Most probably depending also From the thread itself the uptrend ximena up to eight we can get also a week bullish Yes that it’s important that you enter above and below the closing price of the previous Canon Like I am explaining always over and over again Yes, if you have to you’ll know already at this level yet, you know already, okay It can’t be a weak bearish cannon. It can’t be also a Medium bearish can it depends almost from the trend before in the lower channel because it’s almost a relation It’s something like a balance. Yes, you know, it’s a balance. Yes how Yes, well the one side to have some real body on the other side to have some weeks Yes, and then you have apart from this, you know Higher balance the trend. Yes at the key level and all those kind of stuff. So ok Let me bring it to a certain point here because that is what I won’t try to explain there Are this kind of two scenarios where we are different? Yes that are different That means if you have and that this one’s that one where the price is going this far away from it let me show you this on the One this one with yes this one here Yes here the closing price of the candle is far away from the support and resistance level as it is one and then we have this one which is a fake breakout as where the Candlestick is above the support and resistance level but it’s a weak camera that has a two Only ones where the weak reading is different where the wick reading is Giving you the wrong information if you are trading it blindly Yes, that is the same thing like a candlestick patterns if you trade blindly and a golden cable You will almost lose if you try blindly a morning stuff you will lose because you have to understand the context Yes, that is what I’m going to explain you over and over again So look at this if we have this one, where as the closing price is far away from the support and resistance The upper shadow and the North shadow have different meanings that means in general if you have an upper shadow Which is longer on this kind of level which is going to touch but the price is far away from the support and resistance Level then The next cannon will be most probably much more the probably a bullish candle all you have to do a call option Yes Because the next cannon will go most up also if the upper shadow because you see here’s the upper shadow means that you have sell Us coming in here means bias will come in how long this enormous issue shadow this about Appa? Hello is yes, the same stuff is here that is which nobody is going to tell you that there’s nobody who is bringing it to a conclusion like I am doing and Know exactly what I’m talking about because I’m telling you from my experiences stuff yes, so don’t ask me where I get this because that is my Experience yes of experience, which I did in years of Experiences that is why they call me the Godfather of the casting psychology the Godfather whatever the binary options because Etienne I have Experiences and nobody is going to tell users like I do they are asking you money for this type of stuff This is ridiculous Yes, they are asking you money for this kind of explanations, which I’m giving you here on the silver spoon Yes, I’m giving you this for free. Yes as ending here gift so let me see a part that I’m giving already so many for free order all the year so that it’s not only because we have Yes, so, ok. Actually, I do understand this. So the same scenario which I have explained here. Yes, is he? Well, it was this fake breakout to see we got here a breakout then we got the weekend Which is not unfolding like it short it will be cannon that is also a process of elimination Stuff that is the reason why I’m telling you that like I tell you that you have to understand two previous concepts Yes You have to understand the concepts which I have explained in the what price X environment that is the first investment which you should do is investing in the BOD price action violence after the BOD price action, but you have to invest in the video banks and after this when you are not able to become consistently profitable yes, then you can apply for the but prior what mentorship program all you can apply already before this so you Will shorten the time you will accelerate the time to become? Excessively profitable trader because I gotta tell you exactly what you have to do to become a consistently profitable trader to become financially Yes, and to make an income of training and stop losing money by hearing and listening to all this kind of scam artists who are only trying to fool you and robbing your money and Yes and stealing your money in this kind of case. So let me bring it to an end here because the concept is clear I want from you always say to understand the concept. I don’t want that. You memorize this kind of stuff completely Yes, because at the end it’s only the concept. Yes And you have to understand this this is valid for any kind of support and resistance any kind of moving average any kind of boring event any Kind of round numbers any kind of trend lines vmax or the Fibonacci levels. What M is? Everywhere where you have a key level if you don’t know what the key level is watch my videos Studies the e-book then you understand what key level is that kind of roots are? Universal you can use it. That is brought It tuned exact other advanced techniques how to trade to put the lower option on the resistance in a downtrend so important I will do this again To bring it to employed to the point this kind of stuff s Obviously you cannot do this lightly because at the end look at this This thing is you have to use this kind of stuff which I had explained also in the e-book And it’s in the mod price action Bible where I talked about the purchase time and the exploration time For example if you have this kind of small week As an example if you have this kind of small week as that means we have The sellers area small sellers area. Yes It’s still in the seller’s area. It’s still in the service area So you can expect on the next canons that it will be a bullish bearish one Because it’s still in the seller area in the support and resistance level that means there is only a small probability Maybe it will be a weak candidate. Yes So if it goes the boxes for example is a weakness like this, then you can expect that The next candle will be surely Depending obviously of the prevailing trend uptrend as will be surely a weak Bearish candle and so you can do a nice put option here It will be sure I guess so if it’s going longer you have more sellers powers as precious Yes, sell himself more you have more selling pressure So you can be much more sure let the next cannon, but obviously You know higher as the weeks So the support and resistance levels will be changing and I explained to see is this weak Upper shadow is giving you the new support and resistance level. I have explained this in the but price action Bible you see this Everything is explained serious. You have to get them only together so exeunt But again to get knocked of image. Yes, because it didn’t work at a certain point in relation to The weak as a real body and the large channels in relation between the upper channel and the lower channel. Yes There will changing the pressure completely that means at a certain point This can be also meaning that the next candle will be a bullish one yes, because there also depending on the lower channel if you have a nice lower channel and you have this type of a a path shadow Then it can’t be it means most probably that the trend will continue Depending obviously also of the previous candles as it’s all working together You cannot say this in general, but I want to open your eyes to understand. Yes I want to open your eyes to understand how this works All together and the only two can’t versions whereas the different is happening Is this one where the candlestick is closing below the P level or above the key level if you have a downtrend before? yes, and that one where we have a Coming new coming breakout fake breakout. Yes so at the end it’s really important that you understand this concept because if you are trading every Setup always the same way then you will lose because you have to switch Depending on the context. So that is this one. I hope you have got this point because that was that vans Technic part 2 I think That was really again mind-blowing Nobody will give you this. Yes, and nobody nobody can bring it on the point like I’m doing this yes, I have done this especially for you as a Gift because so many ask me for this and I have promises we met last week where I have done that because you know that through the first video which I have done last week was the initiation part where you where I try to Make it more clear to you. Yes, and now we brought it together and maybe on the next week I will do another video where I will bring this kind of concepts much more in detail What means the trance trains and all those kind of stuff on this kind of put law option on resistance in a downtrend? So and now we are coming to the happy part and the happy part is a winner of this Price money yes last week Case 1 the $30 and today, let’s see who is going to win the money today So the Drina will be announced also on the community tab, please watch always there Yes are because I’m publishing their important information if you are infirm if you want to get with what related stuff yes, so let me see what We are going to do yes. That was the video how to trade support and resistance with the trans technic Binary option candlestick. Yes, that is the video and I have already prepared something. Yes we have here 200 let me write this down 200 248 comments. Yes, so 248 comments and now we are going to see who is the winner of the $40 price money. So let’s see. Yes, that makes me really happy So, let’s see here. We have the random generator. I have shown you this already 248 and Obviously if there will happens the number one, yes. Number one is my comments then I will push the button again Okay, it’s so easy because I don’t want to win this $40. So ok. Lets me see what’s going on. Yes 142 is a winner. Yes 142 so let’s see now we are going through it. Yes, and Let’s see 142 I Will do here as a speed. Yes, will you see this 40 to 140 to be around 42 we are 56. Yes. We are on 77 as we on 77 I will speed it up So when we are going close to 140 Then we will see who has won. Yes, we are coming So closely to it. Yes, here we have 40 soon. Yes, he has the 40 this dark alley is 40 41 is it hiding me? Yes. I wish to be a winner someday You will be the winner if you study my ebook. Yes, so and That one is the winner Eat, yes We no, no, no, it’s not tea. It’s ibrahim is 142 Ibrahim Ibrahim I’m miss bahi Ibrahim has won sir. Ibrahim has won. Yes, sir $40 price money, so and now we are here again. Yes, so I wish you all Yes a Happy New Year. Yes and if you like this video do a like if you didn’t subscribe to my channel subscribe to my channel and if you have something to say Drop me a line is a comment section, so I would say stay safe and bye. Bye