Hi Everybody Alex du Plooy from Expert4x
and there’s been some great moves
in the forex market and in the crypto
market and I really hope that you’ve
taken advantage of those moves this
morning I received a very interesting
email from one of our clients and that
is basically why I am making this
particular video we’re going to be
looking at a special EA that meets this
client’s needs but before that I just
want to go through a couple of factors
that a lot of people don’t take into
account when they create expectations
for the EAS first let’s have a look at
the forex market you only have to look
at any chart of the forex market to be
convinced of two things the market is
volatile it goes up and down all the
time and it is inconsistent we can’t
tell when it’s going to turn or when
it’s going to continue a trend there are
some signs but on the whole it’s fairly
inconsistent so we’re dealing with a
volatile inconsistent market you can
trade sideways for a week and then
suddenly burst out into a 200 pip trend
and then go to sleep again or reverse
we’d never know what’s gonna happen it
could even continue after the 200 pip
trend so very unpredictable inconsistent
and follow to our mark so it can be just
a little bit about EAS a lot of people
don’t realize but EAs or Expert Advisors
or trading robots have severe
limitations in that they have to average
the trading results or trading
techniques over a long period of time no
matter what the market is doing whether
it’s trading sideways going up going up
in extended trends or reversing very
strongly the EA has to trade in such a
way that it Everage is the results of
all those market conditions taking the
entry and exit
criteria into account because the EA
might not be determining exact stops and
exact targets and exact entries it is
you are getting average results or
compromised results no matter what you
do it also takes a high level of
expertise and competence to manage EAS
you should have a farm of EAs a number
of EAs 6 or 7 and you should be
trading them in such a way that you
control your risk of the entire
portfolio some will fail some will
succeed in it so just to summarize to be
successful at forex trading takes
considerable above average trading
skills and an above-average trading
psychology you must be able to take
losses on the chin and move forward now
the email I got from my client today
says he’s looking for a stable EA that
will produce 20% every month so if you
think you can find an EA that can
produce 1% today or 5% a week or 20
percent a month or 240 percent a year
your expectations are highly unrealistic
you using inferior tools to trade a
highly volatile inconsistent market and
you are looking for consistent results
nobody gets consistent results even the
best traders will tell you they trade at
between 40% and 60% success rate they
have losing weeks they have some have
losses losing months and you just have
to write the good periods with the bad
periods so if you’re looking for
consistency in income the forex market
is not for you you may have allowed
yourself to be misled in this area or
you just plainly have unrealistic
expectations which you haven’t thought
through at all or whatever you smoking I
want some too
because it must be very good so what do
you have to do firstly you have to take
a step back and say have realistic
expectations your expectations cannot be
based on consistency you’re gonna have
failing periods you can a failing
systems there is going to period be a
period of what we call draw downs and
there’s going to be a period of gains
that’s how the forex market works and
that’s how trading works you cannot
anticipate a change in the market until
it has actually happened and then you
have to respond and you can lose a lot
of money in that little period when it’s
changing alright so let’s look at a
possible solution so over the years I
have particularly been looking at random
systems systems that don’t require you
to give any input into the direction of
the trade or how it is the managed truly
almost sit and forget type of
arrangement now we’ve got a few EAS that
are based on those kind of things and
our earlier one was the no stop hedged
Grid system which traded quite well
in those days it still does but it has
become less effective in the lower
volatility of today’s market we’ve
brought out a number of concepts like
that but the most recent one is the time
of day Hedged EA now this is quite special in
that it almost works with any currency
any setting and timeframes don’t really
matter as you may know over a thousand
of our clients have tested this EA and
only three-year that simply negative
results after one month or two so this
AE is the closest that we can get to
mindless trading in other words random
trading where the entries do not matter
and the EA will be successful anyway I’m
us however won’t warn you as I discussed
previously when you start an EA it is
it’s very important that you get favorable
Forex Market conditions at the start of an
EA if you start an EA and the bad
conditions you will have a drawdown and
you could even lose your account that
applies to all EAS
so in EA will have winning periods and
losing PS what you’re looking for is an
EA that over a long period of time will
have a winning result and control risk
so let’s have a very quick look at the
time of day hedged right so the time of
day hedging EA is basically a risk-free
deal what we saying is that you
purchased it EA you test it for a
month if you unsuccessful during that
month we will pay you one hundred and
twenty percent back and if you
successful you will have discovered a
great EA and you can use it into the
futures so it is really a no lose offer
now of the over 1000 clients that have
taken up this offer only three have
claimed the guaranteed refund and those
three were only temporarily in the
negative at the time that they made the
claim so it is a very robust EA and the
average trader can do quite well
taking the EA and just trading it on the
default settings if you are ever have
got EA trading skills and can optimize
and test this EA to a larger degree you
will be in a position to really generate
potentially above-average results now
how the EA works is very simple at
enters a buying a cell at the same time
every day and in it by using a series of
following stops breakeven stops and and
a few other advanced training stops it
makes the best of the good deals and it
also protects the losses in the negative
deals now the success rate for this type
of EA is pretty high and is normally
over 70% so that’s quite strange in
ypu eenter a buy and sell and you do have a 70% so
yes right that’s the key behind this
particular EA as you can see there are
number of videos on this particular
webpage which you can look at before you
purchase the EA and that’ll give you a
lot more information about how to use
the EA and the principles it uses so
again I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this
video I’ve tried to make the point that
the forex market is not that easy
there’s a lot of inconsistencies there’s
a lot of volatility in the market the
tools that we use sometimes aren’t the
greatest but if we can find one that
really works well that makes the job all
that much better so please just use the
links provided in the video as well as
the links in the description of the
video the description is normally just
below the video on the YouTube website
so please use that it will be a
clickable link and you can go to this
particular page that I’m showing right
now for more information so for me Alex
du Plooy