Hello everyone now this is how I start
my Bitcoin shows on YouTube but I’m doing this show on Facebook and my
friends on Facebook are seeing this Rick hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to this very special adam
meister talking on facebook about Bitcoin and the 2020s that are about to
start yeah I’m playing around here a little bit I’ll probably upload this to
YouTube later and um I guess I’m part of doing this so the people on Facebook
know that I’m in the Bitcoin you probably should have known that before
if you know me in real life but do you really know me in real life all you
Facebook people I mean most of you do you show it if you I mean that’s how I
added people on Facebook anyway you can go over to facebook.com slash disrupt
meister and that takes you to the bitcoin
meister facebook page which is where i post all my videos so if you don’t want
to leave facebook i know some of you are addicted to Facebook you can see all the
bitcoinmeister videos on facebook but you can just go to disrupt meister calm
and go to youtube and see all 1500 of these bitcoin meister videos then i’ve
done basically since i mean i didn’t want a few in 2013 2014 but basically
since 2015 I got my first two Bitcoin in 2013 and I I told people ball more about
it and many of you just know me from the Baltimore thing a lot more thing my real
life but this Bitcoin thing has become my real life and I know people whole
line now all over the world and yeah so do I really know them or not because
I’ve never met them in person well that’s up to interpretation right I did
want to say that tonight is the second night of Hanukkah it is the December
23rd 2019 and just you can see I’m wearing my keep ah cuz I just lit the I
just lit the candles right we got the candles here all right dudes so yeah
some of you Baltimore people who only know me from Baltimore or like
oh all right yeah I can check out this Bitcoin thing now that’s what Adams been
up to no wonder I haven’t seen him at Club Charles or wherever
is there still a club Charles is that I don’t even know anymore so basically
what I do is I talk about Bitcoin on my YouTube channel and I travel all around
the world and obviously I wasn’t just talking about it I bought it and you can
just do the math on that I mean some of you know I would post things back in
2016 and before on Facebook like get Bitcoin it’s $700 and someone would say
oh that’s expensive well now it’s $7,000 but you know
whatever do do what you’re gonna do uh now I want to say that this time of year
not a lot of people are on the internet because people get on the internet at
work and then they don’t work they just you’re on the internet I mean I see my
numbers are down on YouTube on Twitter are you guys in the Twitter tech
vault-tec HB alt oh yeah you Baltimore people have heard a tech ball before but
now it’s different it just goes to mine well it’s it’s Oh
Adams always been tech fault right but now it forwards you to Bitcoin stuff but
I still AM tech bot on Twitter and I’m just reading my notes here I’m in Tucson
Arizona right now yes I’m an air B&B in Tucson Arizona
I go travel around the why am I in Tucson because it’s warm I only go to
warm places now that’s what I do and then I come back to Baltimore I visit
the family at the Rosh Hashanah and Passover and Thanksgiving etcetera but
not much time in Baltimore know very little time in Baltimore I like
Australia and Israel and Los Angeles these are that they’re warm places
they’re nice places but Bitcoin places now yeah but I remember back at thanks
key six years ago Thanksgiving at a renters place I was telling people I
just got my first kid Bitcoin you guys got to get into it say job said it warn
everybody out there and it’s still early you still got you guys can change your
life you can turn you can travel around the world to talk about big
I’m not having a house anymore sold my houses just going from place to place
man uh so I told you when if you have where to find me here on Facebook if you
care about that stuff I’m not a fan of Facebook in terms some people love the
social media aspects of Basel I don’t look when I go to Facebook I go to the
disrupt meister was slash disrupt meister to do the bitcoinmeister stuff
but i never check off my facebook feed so i have no idea what everybody’s
posting about anymore you know what you’re showing off your latest car or
whatever your saw the Ravens or something yeah and I don’t watch the
Ravens anymore at all don’t watch the Ravens I just I learned stuff by doing
educational videos Bitcoin stuff it’s been great for me financially I can’t to
play but it’s opened up a lot of doors when you kind of focus on productive
activity now that’s I mean it’s fun to have past signs and everything but when
I was at many of you know back in my day I would watch every single ratings game
study this the ten minutes a waste of time um but I do I do know they’re doing
well in everything so uh so the 2020s are about to start that’s
that’s one reason I’m making this video uh and I mean because I’m just
experimenting here a little bit I’ve done I did a Facebook Bitcoin video
before another time and so the twine I am II I am so pumped about the 2020s man
we are entering the Golden Age here this is a golden first of all this decade has
been great the tech not technological advances now of course I don’t own a uh
I don’t understa but I mean that’s a pretty cool thing
that I ain’t just how comfortable we all are in the world now now it’s sad some
people get so comfortable to get on drugs and they ruin their lies
I mean I’m running around Tucson I see so many drug addicts out there it’s
unbelievable I mean people you should be happy with
real life no drugs I don’t drink anymore anything like that I know a lot of you
say well I don’t know we used to go to the club together get just whatever it’s
health it’s all about the health baby health and the wealth but it is sad to
see so many people they they they can’t treasure this beautiful
reality there’s one life that we’re giving I mean it’s amazing I love it and
some people go into drugs and the drugs are stronger now you get a dick – you
get killed with the fentanyl and stuff be careful people a lot of bad stuff out
there you can do well for yourself though compete don’t complain that’s
what I say and personal responsibility is the new counterculture despite you
we’re living in such a comfortable decade now it’s only to get more
comfortable so many people just want other people take care of them they want
politicians to take care of them they get into this political nonsense my god
everyone is obsessed with the politics these days what’s it gotten you over the
last four years worrying about so-and-so and no this person didn’t get elected
this person didn’t get what’s it gotten you all your political people I didn’t
play that game at all I got in the Bitcoin you know what it’s got me as I
say on the YouTube channel pound that like button baby and you can’t pound
that like button on Facebook – if you like this out-of-the-ordinary video from
adam yeah a lot of you haven’t seen me in the flesh lately and a lot of you why
doesn’t he post pictures on Facebook but I don’t need to show you what I’m doing
in real life who cares Facebook is in real life I’m experiencing really I
don’t need a show a picture to prove I was I was in Australia or wherever the
heck I was you okay good you go you live it don’t live through me baby don’t live
vicariously through out a meister god forbid lived
I love living through Adam I because I am out of my solution you should be
living through yourself but yeah it is amazing time to be alive and I did want
to say since we’re talking about Facebook we’re on the Facebook platform
we’re talking about Bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency that the best
cryptocurrency out there you guys can get it there’s nothing holding you back
from getting all these boy you got in early Adam I think it’s still early you
can still change your lives and stuff and get into this buy a real asset now I
know a lot of you don’t know what savings is and deferral gratification
and that’s why you just you end up like you know depending on other people to
take care of you and like well depending on this job and that job or whatever you
got to work for this person help they give you give you this good insurance
and you can afford to get your kid this that and the other no man you got to
take care of yourself here you got to take care you got a save it’s not about
other people’s solutions you don’t want other people salut you’ve got
to find figure out your own solutions for yourself man
and so savings is very important investing is very important but just
don’t sail it’s too complicated it’s pretty darn simple
I bought some Bitcoin it changed my life if I kept on buying you buying or buying
more of course um but but you still can do this thing it’s a real it’s the
newfangled savings account out there you could learn about it but because you’re
on Facebook and I know a lot of you are addicted to Facebook soon you’re gonna
hear about this thing Facebook is creating their own cryptocurrency called
Libre now I know a lot of you were jealous of Mark Zuckerberg because he’s
a billionaire and you’re not but I mean you should you should you complain about
incoming inequality oh it’s so horrible all these people
were making lots of money about not horrible it’s great then people are
making lots of money you should strive to make a lot of money you should have
try to take them down to your level go try to go in hi baby
aim high to make a it’s out there the opportunities out there and this decade
oh my god the life-changing things we’re about to see the technology the
nanotechnology the diseases will be cured but I mean again you got a uh you
got to keep in shape I mean you know you don’t want to end up being in 2029 I
feel like I’m a fat slob and they’ve got all these great new technologies but
they’re not helping yeah you got to be healthy to be able to get the life
extension drugs and everything that are going to be coming up and this is all I
mean I am pumped for this item pump for this decade I mean I’m always pumped for
the future but this is really futuristic what we’re getting into now I mean if
you think back to 2010 and then you think back to now if you want to know of
things that are going on now you all that stuff is really futuristic it’s
gonna even be bigger it’s gonna be bigger so yeah Mark Zuckerberg he’s
coming out with his libre cryptocurrency you’re probably gonna get it for free
and stuff don’t buy it you shouldn’t even try to use it if you
get it turn it into Bitcoin that’s the thing turn the Libra in the
big coin once you get now a lot of you are like seeing I think there’s been
congressional hearings and stuff some some of these sociopathic leaders were
like oh he shirt be able to make his own currency why shouldn’t he be able to
make his own currency you’re not being forced to use it just don’t use it if
you if you don’t like this on all the countries should be able
make their own currencies some people say that’s nonsense why can’t private
companies make their own currencies they’re going to we’re entering the
2020s you’re going to see this where these mega corporations Google Facebook
Amazon that you a lot of you hate and say oh they’re so evil they’re so evil
they should be forced to do extra they’re great they have innovated this
world oh my god these geniuses from Google and Facebook and I’m not a big
fan the platform everything but you got to say they changed the whole darn world
they made the whole world better they’ve connected people they brought
wealth to people jobs Amazon oh I see when I’m doing my job I mean I’m I’m
still running 20 miles a week and everything obviously but when I was I
was just doing my sprints I do the interval training and I was
doing my sprints out there and you see so many of these uh deliveries from
Amazon and it’s so convenient all of you can get your worthless stuff I mean
people love to buy this ridiculous big-screen TVs all this stuff just a the
bread and circuses signing you you can you can live in that world where you
love the bread and circuses and these stupid TVs and you can brag to your
friend helping your car is how much debt you’re in and he just comes so easy now
thanks to Facebook Google all these couple of Amazon but some people are
still gonna hate on one every hey that’s it it’s personal responsibility as a new
counterculture you can hate on all these companies all your life you can blame
other people for your problems or anything or you can take control of your
life and your choice is yours but it is cool to to be on the verge of this new
decade here this technology I’m so excited about it but I didn’t want to
bring that up you’re gonna get introduced to cryptocurrency probably
from Mark Zuckerberg on and Facebook and you know if you get it for free he might
start giving stuff away for free I don’t know you turn that stuff in the Bitcoin
as soon as possible and so I will leave you with that you all of you can get
into it into the Bitcoin thing all of you can change your life all you can
figure out ways to save and and plan and not just live day to day
showing people living day to day it leaves you dissin badda since the system
dead ends the drugs the partying and a lot of people I I can I can do it for a
while and then I’ll get all of it I mean God nanny it’s a the
desolation they just that’s the word of it says some parts of Baltimore there’s
a lot of desolation and then you see the the soulless people walking around
there’s the because of drugs the ruin that has been brought the people and I
don’t see how that doesn’t scare people straight to just not get into this kind
of stuff and to try to live in reality I know reality can kind of be harsh
sometimes but it can be pretty glorious and hopefully this is inspirational that
we are about to enter this glorious realm so if you’re feeling down you’re
feeling out we’re we’re starting a new decade 2020s
is the future get in shape learn about bitcoin you can change your whole life I
mean a lot of you only knew me from you know seeing me out and about drinking
partying doing et cetera et cetera having a fun time
and you never get what Adam knows about financial instruments well you probably
should have known that if you like everyone tending my house parties like
the dude owns a house you’re I should have done something there’s something
about finance but I train spur the moment I switch from being you know
knowing about the real estate a little bit and the Baltimore well as I a
Baltimore activist trying to make Baltimore better so getting into the
Bitcoin thing and just going worldwide with this type of stuff I mean this is
them I used to make Baltimore videos like what 70 people would watch it and
the ball more people more people okay give a darn enough to even watch the
blood of our videos it’s sad and that’s what rubbing so I tried my best in
Baltimore but I mean you got to take care of yourself people you got to take
care of yourself and so you got to move on sometimes from projects so but the
cryptocurrency thing the Bitcoin thing this is a worldwide thing and this is
you know you get into this you’re changing your life you’re you’re saving
for yourself you’re saving for your kids as I knew some of you had kids and stuff
um and just remember savings planning and disrupt meister comm adam meister
the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister town that like button check it out
that was your uh that was something different all right people were saying
hi-oh David Joseph hey hey guys I knew you from your YouTube videos about David
see that what there’s a guy here David who actually doesn’t know he’s in Quebec
is he it’s cool I know um and I said I remember you from Quebec – it is so cool
the internet what it has brought us what genius is from Google and YouTube and
again YouTube isn’t the best they censor people but you got to play by their
rules sometimes or I mean this is where the big boys play if you don’t like the
way YouTube is doing things then leave YouTube I don’t like the way you
YouTube’s doing things sometimes I I I can’t say certain words but I deal with
it and I’m still I’m spreading the word but it’s just great I can meet people in
Quebec I’ve been there Quebec City before I’ve met people I’ve got friends
wherever I travel people know me it’s awesome people offered me free places to
stay all over the world is the great in Cyprus I got a free I mean I can tell
you Spain I’ve got a free place this thing it’s it’s it’s fun and it’s just
be in motion people that that’s one of my sayings I got all sorts of things now
to be in Moshi just don’t be stuck in Baltimore worrying like oh why is it so
bad why can’t Sheila Dixon fix my problems oh don’t worry don’t worry
she’s gonna fix her own problems she’s not fixing your problems but you think
she’s gonna fix your problems you elect her she fix her up but they all fix
their Jack young you make you give him power and money he doesn’t fit your
problems he fixes his problems baby he gets out of debt he gets you know what I
don’t know it’s consciousness they’ll solve your problem be in motion try
something new you tomorrow’s a new day you can always have a new start it’s a
new decade in a few days happy Hannukah and that’s it I’m ending the livestream
see you later bye