hello people welcome to my video hope
you having a nice day in this video I will show you the standard chartered
bank 150 years of that bank banks existence in Hong Kong commemorative 150
dollar banknote as you say this is the actual bank known air shows you 150
years okay now on the front we have photos Hong Kong these are in the past
these are when traditional chinese clothing was involved in this is
probably a bit of a later period probably 1950s this is probably pre
1900s this is probably somewhere in between you have a double-decker bus so
i’ll sit down line in 50’s could be 96 these probably not 1970s and kind never
side we have looks like a place to exchange money actually looks like a
temple but not too sure what that is is someone knows many of the logo name as
if Hong Kong English and Chinese both official languages so everything on here
is in english and in chinese okay here we have the banknote bit on this side we
have images of Chinese industry looks like milk production mrs. even a Hong
Kong doesn’t produce much milk so maybe it’s probably cotton or something like
that I and us cottam leaving the containers this is Hong Kong itself looks like some
race two people probably belonging to the bank this is the looks like hong
kong stock exchange this is the Hong Kong Shanghai building and this building
used to be on old bank notes as you can see on this 1994 banknote it’s the same
images on their done later banknotes like this one two person 10 no image of
the building appears okay so let’s have a look at this Bank now ok here is the
security feature as the logo another one yeah this probably also has UV i’m not
sure what actually is inscribed in you be okay so the background is like just a
map of hong kong dc’s hong kong island here this is kowloon it has a building
there $150 hundred fifty dollars security feature here ok and also this
part here all that is also a security feature if we turn it over ok has
historical fashion ok this is actually modern Hong Kong killings over there
this is the International Finance Center the lives building there ok mrs. Hong
Kong Bay victoria harbor and this is a pinch in a cage and I have
something to do chinese culture but i’ve never really asked the baby okay
different types of fashion if i show you this security feature so it’s just a
hong kong logo and 150 ok and a security Fred day and that’s basically for this
bank now now one thing i should say such dish banknote is legal tender in hong
kong so you can spend it but you probably would not cause a cost more
then one hundred fifty dollars to spend ok on this side he just as information
on the actual why it’s been issued and that actually hasn’t been much
information on the bank night itself and what it features yes it does here shows
what’s on the bank night okay thank you very much for watching and i hope you
have a nice thing