Let’s set fire here most of
traders lose money loses most
most would kick when 90% a filter
financial market is relentless from the series
of markets and it has to be good at the very least
good you are average and will not give
right in the market one so why the
most late even because it comes with the
wrong head because the market but not
every case the people come a lot
wrong much more wrong even than the
financial market is easy and fast
because it is simple to access the
personal financial market thinks it’s
easy to become a pro of
financial market is not at all
what you have seen right like 3d but that
are three other loss what
knew what it was to lose car lose case
that you have ever seen
after speaking for me right i come from
you area wins
I worked a long time with sp and constitutes
a considerable asset in the gavea as well
all so considerable within the
defaults the option but plate also had
car all delivered in all the market
there was literally broke with how many
years old I’m 37 about
30 not at 28 years old 28 years old and had
I delivered the market so tone on
market for about 18 19 years
since when the first click first
contact with the market until today from 19
years and since 1981 has been loser
consistent could tell with 28 years to
speak a million reais but got lost
better already that more than that 28
more years children
18 years many people walked away right
because it’s life is very cruel no one
is on the losing side in what you don’t
would invest no crypton hypothesis
currency has a regulatory body and I don’t
I know I never know why it goes up because here
that’s not mine anyway
specialty but I believe not
have a lot of momentum for it
bother a little
millionaires we are here with jefferson
chief strategist acts of latos and
very rich trailer is not good that we
will say that we want to know how
invests as it does to earn a lot
money as he has already formed thousands of
students at school he has thousands of
trailers that are formed by the school of
jefferson and more than face some
controversial issues here of government and 77
the more before we loose our vignette and
good millionaires before we start
here our interview already subscribes
in the channel we are there with 100 thousand
2 million views subscribed to
we were in our first course
debt free in seven days is like getting out of
no use wanting to invest if you don’t even
money have if you’re all in debt
instagram facebook leave all networks
our surroundings
no good no problem
already the people enjoy already discloses it
do how do they find you look at
all networks just look for the clothes latos
2 to 1 reports
The truth is, you can’t forget to
speak in a million the cast liked the name
of a guy who thinks big here isn’t
a little thing no game start here
as the first question presents what
there are reports that you make in here
because you are different from what you have
today in the market
good to act is an educational company is
focused on training professional trainers
folks the folks who really want to be
a financial market professional
with specialty in dollar dollar in
Brazilian market and this team
oil in american market and lady
gaga uses a methodology called time
go widespread in Brazil is a technique
in which you react to everything that is
happening now in the perfect market
can you take more action
faster than graf other things that the
staff uses neither one is a technique
more agile but very interesting that each
time is spreading more but you
keeps for example everybody or who
want the staff did the course she wants
operate together with you she can so
the differential between various differentials
right and one of them the first one that all
live courses sometimes you will never
see a course a recorded class of ours
all classes are live with myself
and there are two possibilities or you can
do online and then you have done
stay here at the office has a position
here at our table stay with us right
or you can already take the course here ok
you may have the option of buying a
perfect face-to-face course package you
does all the short period in which here
with us and if you want you can continue
here with us so for example of
another city i want to follow in
profession of three of them however I want
reduce the obvious risk that is a process
extremely hard i can is let’s go
so there is room for my vacancy along with
ours in your office and operate together
with you we have people from Brazil
whole here for example is a city
that there are people here is rio grande do sul
porto alegre has from bahia has from ceará
thus of promotion of duck parana
white has doctor is lawyer has
student has a medical lawyer from
student has the design design
so is the financial market is very
democratic okay there’s not that thing around
guy who is of such profession is going to have more
affinity with the market was ugly not
both people talk about the market
financial is cool I know how it is not going
make a lot of difference
other than the fact that you know the
context know more macro but if
you are not an economist you can be
well marked anyway and the
difficulties are going to be the same let’s
say so num is not a profession
determined that it will facilitate your
market process let’s put fire
here most trailers lose
money loses most most
would kick when 90
so that research that cvm did everything
well to be more related to day trade
of actions
but cvm research makes sense is the
that is observed the most but that if the
people take into consideration is for
any profession 11 a profession that
100% of what you start ends and becomes
good staff doesn’t exist but the
problem is as follows you are a bad
professional but will still win
what little is the trailer for before and loses
your money is the zé that some
professions can you fool by
long time
a filter in the financial market
from the series of markets and has to
be good at least good you are average
and it won’t work in the market one so
why most late even why
comes with the wrong head because the market
is guys since in six months will be
become a millionaire will get rich because
i’m playing ball with neymar i don’t
play with neymar on if you’re the neymar
in theory the mogi damn right this with
sure as a reference but in any case
the people come a lot wrong a lot
wrong even that the financial market
it’s easy because it’s simple the
access to the personal financial market
think it’s easy to become a
professional financial market is not
not at all gives me an average of time
for example I don’t understand anything about the market
want to follow in the profession of tom trailer
cheered up
I did your course I want to go on
I took a ride here in your
office by your side
how long on average of course that varies
from person to person but when
do good now can you walk with
the legs themselves frustrate a lot of people
but it’s two to four years in the profession
and so promote a college if in
college brazil is real exactly this
it’s a college and it will take four years
to quit what is normal but it’s a
of course you’re down exactly
then will have to do internship will have
to do a number of things the market
interesting financial that you intern
from day one you are
within him in a process of four
years becomes a pro not download
is the an intern a graduate so isn’t
is a problem that most do not take the
financial market as the function thinks
which is something that overnight
just go he did course maybe with the
your from the professional your from the world he will
look great
it will be a point the professional in this
will have screen time has experience has
market-to-market world time cycle
all have we learned to learn to
analyze the behaviors that happens
when trunk usually occurs 30
occurs what is this the focus has a lot
people who think they have to operate everything
the more you know the option association the
dollar index since then i’m a
professional in the financial market to
the opposite
chose an asset your best in this asset
focused exclusivity that most here
inside only works in the morning here only of
morning and cimpor is because the focus here is
dollar only serves here all focused the dollar
or it’s also always oil on the market
american for ten and 21 2265 of
equivalent the ibovespa right here only that
there in new york but we operate is
pretty much dollar is what happens
there that since ball in the morning that
the players are mounting position in
bc swap morning has on the part
in the morning
American economic indicators that
are the important ones that generate
market movement are in the part of the
finally all liquidity concentrated in the
morning in the sense that we stay
on time more than that if I don’t
able to make money on the part of
it won’t be the afternoon, so many people
jokes anyone who is operating
from the afternoon here is trying is
seek injury recover predicts this
scold if not for the money I will not leave
here we have a rule here that doesn’t
can operate in the afternoon the afternoon staff gets
studying doing other things when
hot what was late when you have the speech
of the president of the central bank
when have pib contains something but
a very relevant fact will mess with the
market will only give liquidity outside but
today rule so the staff works is
because it’s a training work 11 works is
one profession for more and have another
profession but always pretty much just
morning so exactly what the folks
speak then only operates from 9 to 11 no
arrived here 6 20 am to prepare
my day my day starts at nine already
starts to be analyzed already all
markets in the world what happened in
world that can reflect here end chinana
in Asia-Pacific Europe like all
europe and latin america often
also had a crisis in argentina with
this is all important me and my
profession without knowing what happened
while the market here was closed and
which may reflect yes on the part of
morning I also like to wait a while
the acp inep is part bull sp 23 hours a
no one stays open so in the part of
morning is a little contract link so
also shows a little bit major
profession benefits
the age is true right there is no boss you
determines your schedule I joke that the
financial market is the most freedom
controlled that exists why more if
talk like that so let’s work on
morning in the morning afternoon in the
I don’t know I’ll do anything else
can’t try to study if it’s going
keep understanding the the moves
of the day what motivated will already prepare the
tomorrow’s schedule to have a
notion if the next day may have a
bigger drive because how can you
take advantage of it so yes despite
have this freedom is freedom is like this
there is no one to speak sir do
it does that now sported up to that
time how to deliver something or to
you grow up in the profession you don’t
depends on a third party would like z a
promotion not your effort was
crucial to reach between markets
and make a goal every day had i have the
everyone here has any goal
my goal 20 thousand a day dollars in a
pace really a thousand reais in Brazil right and
here you come earn 20 thousand reais
put 22 business days there is is the
math has to take into consideration
that there are days when we don’t hit the goal
because the day weak enough in the name
some days we were trying not
there’s this air
the guy just won professional guy just
there is no yes in any sector but only
financial pyramid program every day
doing nothing or anything but we
loses also what happens has the days
atypical a busy day
that we end up exploring a bit
more the movement and ends up doing a
little more than the goal is between us
make an equalization
what you have seen right like 3d but that
are three other loss what
knew what it was to lose car lose case
that you have ever seen
after speaking for me right i come from
you area of ​​mine
I worked a long time with sp and constitutes
considerable wealth came well
all so considerable within the
defaults the option but had also no
had car
deliver everything with the eugene market
literally broke down how old
I’m 37 or so 30
not at 28 years old 28 years old and had
conquered the delivered the market
so the tone in the market there is more or less
18 19 years since when the first click
first contact with the market to date
from 19 years and since 1981 has been loser
consistent could say with 28 years
staff 1 million reais but got lost
better already that more than 28 years
but it’s kind of like not getting in
depression and listel is a moment has come
that I thought about giving up on these eight
years a million times there are a majority
that enters the market has this feeling
but I’m sure that living is working
didn’t know how didn’t know when
but I was sure I was going to fight for
make it work to the point that it has come
in the eight years he was already in the
rock bottom to the point that I went to live
in a republic I no longer had
financial condition all and enough two
options or literally abandoned
abandoned everything I did what occurs
within the market in or I tried more
once as i tried on other times and
there comes a moment that I was looking back
and increase too expensive I’ve spent a lot
life didn’t even look anymore money takes
for life is eight years
18 years many people walked away right
because life is so cruel no one is
on the losing side
people abandon the first step
as you begin to change your pattern of
life change your philosophy is financial
people are moving away so much
people walked away from me during this period
very much
there are even some family members the father the
mom and I started walking away my dad the
mom because not to see them passing that
was passing
so why not look back
Flemish doesn’t have to continue us
can throw away all 70 and that’s when
I decided to reinvent myself that when I
I went to know dollar which is that I went
know flow reading that time
bad that I went to see that there were people
successful at that I wanted to do what
I was doing and then I started to
study this and then that thing started to
change of course changed from night to day is from
day the world that I decided it from there
moment I decided that there until
start working out start doing
some money from it was two more
years so this adds up to the eight years
consistent loser but the two more or
least ten years the idea 11 years to
be able to start pulling the line from the market
and today in an event that organizes every year
is over 1,300
we have a possible blood attack
on October 19th speaks only a few
people who returned to oscar schmidt 11
bernardinho is the breda of alaska the alaska
black to black the laís souza there gym
here had problem because jumping with
a gentleman injuring the spine that most
there are a lot of people the pianist too
big government can’t talk yet
I can’t force this is the surprise
be going to be very interesting there are many
others complete romp I’ll be
there too
you go too i go good at the
main right
it’s one thing but there are a lot more people
still on the list is very big right winter
curiosity takes a look at reports
mt.com.br event is fantastic is a
annual event that we do and it’s a
event for all students and everyone
who likes athos everybody who
identifies with the philosophy and the line
that follows within the market will be there
this event is for a thousand people this year
past went to 800
and there is already a pipe that already has to
think why the lady in new with
and since when the other thing besides
dollars which is obviously one of five
who works on what he invests the most
mainly in variable income what
do you think what kind of actions the
business what funds do you invest cool
your comment because people think that
there after I become one
farm tradition professional 3
not on the contrary is this the day trade the
investor come in and buy and sell
more in buying and selling the same day the
investor is that buying does not buy today
but it will be a month from now two months a year
and regardless of what the term
he determine all in 3d in some
moment of this professional who saw
professionalize sometime will
having to become an investor because
you can’t put all the capital that
you will do in the market in the day trade
around the market doesn’t hold your
many psychological only behave
it can’t be equal and then
put all your money at risk not
have tree
because it will be leveraged where it operates
your future will always be very
leveraged company so much money to
can be recognized then today
I invest in funds, I really like
black sugar so far alaska
you have more hidden money anymore
just 1 thousand bdee corresponds to 50%
from the bottom a money that’s what’s the
norway sovereign wealth fund thinking there
so I don’t like to have much here
action portfolio that happens to the
we make 3 cm and often the dollar
is going up for example and depends on a
motivator the bag is falling not that
be a rule but not some world
something’s happening the tension
between turkey and china for example the
solidity china this brings attention
so here dollar is going up the purse
fall bothers me the factor of the fact that the
whittle operating dollar
spider dollars see that the purse is
bleeding investors to look at
talk like that but normal guy
I agree that’s normal yes but I said
with your stomach is not complicated you
have it so why I don’t
carry is a lot of position in action
rarely do I have any position in
action is a very strategic thing if
invests in stocks but not directly in
dig deep
already in depth what happens commonly
studies a lot of makro in which he understands the
context all
often when you have a good
opportunity for action we act until a
bit heavier to take advantage
there sometimes on the 11th one carries a
little bit more good trade corn no
let it load for a long time but try
least in percentage when you have there
when you have in green and should have more
the other thing also background
I think the world with 1 in angel seeks
diversify no so please let’s
sharing information has no cure is
I really like the black album is what
more classic black the green but the
overflow from the study was a guy out like that
in also right
and have some more funds from a fund
real estate i have which one i don’t remember
the name is really because there is O orientation
we go after to see if it’s good and
now you see there we went there
below internet where step 1
and also what has other business
that has nothing to do with the market
financial like furniture other
things but then it’s ok
just to have fun with the
little king should still be his
money in the financial market so I think
because there is no why not because
of me being a strictly
financial market I think there comes a
time you have to survive
also in view some statues
small so i think it’s important
have a portfolio diversification
of course you always have to have the
principal protect and care protect and
put in the bottom I think it’s great to have
stock bottomless lung has bottom
cetemm real estate furniture always has to
see that this 28 caps invest in poster
have a little bit before and he’s still a
cdb of a contract some income
traditional fixed zone – reducing each
increasingly surprising to hear that from a
trailer is so but what happens
there comes a time that can mean you
yes there is no point thinking there is something
so the woman will multiply the
landslide but solved a
friend of mine who is training well served
also he said so stares all day
the savings there and i swear i do in
over e3 in a waste
just think a little bit we
can find some little things that
stabilize at least more than the
savings like that so i’m a little
bolder as I like very much
milestones all that much so i always
I’m keeping an eye on some things that
may may be interesting in what you
there would be no crypton hypothesis
series coin to me particularly is the day
trade taught me something very
important that each team already knows why
that something move because something
sober because something fall down is and although
find the idea of ​​booties a deal
fantastic i think over time
with regulations with central banks
from countries with large companies
investing in it as the pound of
china is creating just took coin and
some central points are beginning to
look more fondly at this this
can become very interesting
but as it does not have an organ yet
regulatory and I don’t know never know why
that goes up because here
even so it’s not my specialty
but I believe there is not much of a
dynamic for that bothers you a little
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