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For this video, we will be having a give away
but not from my own pocket.
It will be given by OKEx.com
OKEx has given me privileged
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The first 1000 people who will create account in OKEx
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Alright, now lets go to the mechanics
and how we can join their give aways.
1st thing to do is to go to their website
and you should verify your account.
How to verify?
Do the KYC (know your customer)
and should have a valid government ID.
By the way, Okex is an exchanging platform.
If you guys remember the BEC wallet,
this site is where we exchange the BEC to BTC.
In addition,
you must like their official facebook fanpage
OKEx Philippines
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Like for example, on their recent and pinned post
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Alright, you need also to fill out this Google form..
For give aways, there will be
One (1) winner of 0.5 ETH
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One (1) winner of 1 ETH
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Two (2) winner of 1 ETH
if they reach 2000 correspondents.
In short, the more sign up accounts in OKEx
the more chances we can win lots of prices.
Enter here the email address and the mobile number
you registered in OKEx
then you are also required to join their Telegram Group.
Here is their community chat
OKEx tagalog (Opisyal na grupo ng mga pinoy)
and you will see other campaigns
where you can win free US dollars
like this one, just answer few questions.
You can also refer a friend or invite a friend.
The OKEx Youtube Bounty is now starting!
1st placement will win 200 USDT
2nd placement will win 100 USDT
3rd placement will win 100 USDT
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Check out my video description
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Do not hesitate to submit your KYC information in OKex
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and will be used
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