I think it’s time we go ahead and search
$1,000 in $1 bills what do you think hey everyone its Rob with Rob finds treasure and i felt like going through some $1 bills today picked up $1,000 from two
different banks basically $500 at one bank and $500 at the other bank we’ve
got three Federal Reserve bank straps down here so I’ll save those for last
we’ve got seven of the teller strapped ones as well you know we’ll be looking
for star notes looking for crazy fancy serial numbers trinaries binaries
radars repeaters solids broken ladders you name it we’re also going to be
looking for a silver certificate I’ve never found one and any pre-2000 bills
as well we’ll take a longer look at that being said let’s go and start with this
stack right here halfway through the first stack not quite almost found a star
note let’s keep looking… nothing in stack one let’s move on to stack 2 –
we’re about halfway through the second strap and I found a trinary and you
guys know I don’t normally keep them anymore but this one’s in pretty decent
shape and it’s got five ones in it so five of a kind four one’s kind of cool
and it’s a trinary pulling it aside it’s our first good find we’ll be looking for
some more second strap down no start notes yet did find that trinary over
there let’s go to stack three working on this third stack and we’ve got kind of a
birthday note here 1992 September 10th maybe one of the viewers birthday’s
September 10th 1992 and is interested in this note
we’ll pull it aside it’s another cool find and we’ll look for some more almost through the third stack and we’ve got another trinary here six seven and eight it’s
not that great if it started with six six and ended with six six it’d be book ends trinary but it’s not it’s got some pretty heavy creasing and folding I’m
not that interested in it we’re gonna pass on it I just wanted to show you
that we got another trinary a few bills later on we got a star note but this
one’s toasty I’ll still be pulling to the side to check it’s print run and
rarity like I always do at the end of all the videos so we’ll put it there for
now and keep looking finished that third stack let’s go on to stack noumber four
just get into that fourth stack we do have a 1988 series A it’s in toasty condition
but we’re checking it for a web note and it’s not on the back of bills that are
not web notes they print their plate numbers down here if there was a web
note the number would be up here after “In God We Trust”
so not a web note but I collect old bills so I’ll put it to the side and
we’ll keep looking for more same stack stack four got another old bill here it’s
a 1995 nothing special for the serial number is it a web note nope but we
collect those older notes still working strap four guys we found another
birthday note March 5th 1980 so any of you thirty eight year olds out there
looking for a March 5th birthday note let me know we’ve got another birthday
note fourth strap is down let’s go to strap five working on that fifth strap we got a
star note here guys b10517538 2013 a lot better shape than the last one
it’s our second star note though still on strap 5 found another trinary with 0 6 &
7 I kind of like it cuz there’s a lot of zeros and it starts with three zeros so
I’ll be pulling that trinary out as well I may not keep it but for now I just
pull it off as part of the finds and we’ll look for some more alright the
first 500 bills are searched and the show for it just as a quick recap we got
a couple of birthday notes three trinaries two star notes and two pre-2000
notes not web notes now let’s move on to the 6th stack of it waiting for the ones
that have three Federal Reserve stops in it into the sixth strap finally got our
third star note so we’re a little behind on star notes you what about one star
not every 100 notes so we’re only getting one every 200 right now but you
know what we’ll take anything we can get that’s our third star note still on
strap six found our fourth star note nothing too special about it man if that
seven would have been a 1 we would have 2 1 1 3 3 1 1 2 would have been a radar
star note but it’s not still our 4th star note let’s keep looking
six strap is down strap number seven and last of the teller straps straps seven
still and we found another trinary man if that one would have been a four or
seven this would have been a nice note if it woulda been a seven have been a
really nice note because they’ve been a binary radar it would’ve been four seven
seven four four seven seven four it would have been a binary radar repeater
ah still a nice looking note though for a trinary we’ll pull it aside for now
seven straps down and now I move on to the three Federal Reserve straps see
what we get in there all right we’re on strap number eight
and it’s the Federal Reserve strap and just a few bills in got our fifth star
note right here L11077732 we’ll take it yeah well look
for some more oh well I got you here already looks like we got another trinary right behind it zero nine nine nine one 109 we’ll take a trinary again may not keep
them but we’re gonna collect them for now to see what we get out of this
thousand dollar search still on strap eight got our sixth star note here 1992
oh three eight two man if that eight would have been a two or one or zero
would had a birthday star note but we’ll take it
sixth star note strap eight is done moving on to strap number nine strap
number nine is gonna give us our seventh star note and you could look at like a
birthday note 1987 04 26 I know it’s a little backwards but if you were born on
April 26th 1987 this might be a good star note for you I’ll pull it aside as
well check for its print run and rarity at the end strap number nine still looking
through it halfway through got another trinary here I’ll pull it aside just to
take a look at it later nines ones and zeros a few bills later
another trinary kind of cool with the one three zeros I kind of like it I wish
it was three one one three zero one one three but you know what
it’s another trinary we’ll pull aside for now nine straps down one to go
and these federal notes I tell you they don’t take any time making sure they’re
facing the right way out it’s been it’s been tough hunting these but been fun
because there’s more finds easily in the federal reserve straps that being
said let’s finish this hunt up almost halfway through this last strap we got
another trinary I know I said I don’t collect them and I won’t be but I just
pulling them out to get a count let’s keep looking
alright guys a thousand bills searched and here’s the finds we found four bills
that are 1995 not webnotes or a 1988 series a not a web note we
have two birthday notes here 03 05 1980 and you can look at it as
September 10th or even October 9th of 1992 we’ve got seven star notes we’re going to check here in a second and we’ve got eight trinaries that I’ll weed out or
thin out to see which ones are even worth keeping you’ve seen them all
during the hunt so I need to show them right now now let me go ahead and check
the print runs and rarities of these star notes see if we got something nice in
there all right guys we’ve checked the print runs and rarities of these star notes both these O sixes we’re both part of a 5.7 million print runs so they’re not rare
at all all of these 2013’s with the K
they’re very close to each other but they’re all part of the same 3.2 million
print run so they’re not rare some cool star notes though 1985 1987 that’s kind of cool this was a 7 off of being if it’d been a 1 or 7 over there would have had a
great star note this was almost a birthday note and that was a birthday
note star note so not that rare but still pretty cool finds and then this
2013 B star note was also part of the 3.2 million print run so honestly for a
thousand notes we didn’t get anything super cool super rare and really no
great great serial numbers but the hunt goes on hopefully you enjoyed this one
with me if you did please give me a thumbs up and as always everyone thanks
for watching