Hey every one it’s Rob with Rob Finds
Treasure – we’ve got a currency search today, a thousand dollars in currency
that’s 500 in 1’s and 500 in 5’s from the Federal Reserve on the ones and then we’ve got
$200 or 20 rolls of quarters five ended up being Custer wrapped so we’ll be
searching these as well we’ll start with the quarters see if I find anything
they’ll move on to the currency wish me luck
and let’s get to it well we got skunked on the 20 rolls of quarters guys we did
pull out a 1998 to have some cool dark toning I always pull out the best of the
bunch of 82 and 83 P or D mint quarters they’re more than face value if they’re
in AU 50 or better condition and that’s not but I always pull it out to look at
it and then I always check the 2004 D Wisconsin state quarters for the high or
low leaf variety which you would find here and they don’t have it but we’re
tossing those back in so now let’s search the five dollar bills skunked on
the fives so let’s move over to the ones we’ll start with the first strap and see
what we find first back up once is down I always pull out my pre 2000 bills we
had three 1999’s there uh you know not in bad terrible
shape one is but I collect them anyway and we did find one trinary with threes
fours and fives alright let’s move on to the second
stack second strap-down all we found was a 95 note no real significance there so
we’ll move on to the third stack now guys what a third stack and we have our
first star note about time I was wonder if I was gonna find one remember at the
end of the video I always checked their print run and rarity and I’ll let you
know what I find out so that’s our first star note that’s a good find
let’s keep looking so that third stack ended up being a little more productive
you saw the star note that we found and we also grabbed a couple of trinary’s
the first one has ones, threes and nines and the other ones have the other one
has one two and five so not too bad two more stacks let’s get on to the
fourth finish the four stack guys are fines for that stack was to trinary’s
zero one and eight the first one zero three and nine on the
second one let’s move on to the last stack maybe there’s another star note or
two working on that last stack guys who found another star dope so we’ll be
checking that one for its rarity and print run as well – put it with the other star note we also found a trinary so far with two six and seven let’s keep
looking finish the last stack guys you saw we
found the star note we got the trinary and then I found a 1995 bill it’s not a
way of note but always good to collect them so now let me go and check the
rarity and put one of these two star notes let you know if they’re worth
anything or if they’re rare alright guys
unfortunately they’re part of 3.2 million per runs I go to my currency
collection.com I put in the first star note you can see that it’s part of a 3.2
million run size the arrow there on the Left shows you to print run and then on
the other one which starts with 107 you can clearly see it’s in this range it’s
also 3.2 million print run so nothing really right there we ended up with six
trying Aries five bills before 2000 couple star notes that are pretty much
run to the mill but still good find I’ll take them and we’ll keep searching
never know when you’re gonna run into a solid or a radar or a nice birthday note
or who knows what that’s why you hunt the bills because you never know what
you’ll find hopefully you enjoyed the hunt if you did please give the video a
thumbs up and as always thanks for watching