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of course Fridays this week in Bitcoin was great with JW weathermen we’re gonna
talk about people scared of hardware wallets here in a second okay
and also trace Mayer was Thursday show check that out it’s all linked to below
Saturdays be on Bitcoin show was a lot of fun also but again people freak out
when JW and trace talk about hardware while its yeah you really shouldn’t
though just I guess some people they think they’re getting word from a
position of authority know just what we’ll get to in a second we’ll get it
you don’t have to freak out it’s it’s not like someone can remotely get into
your Tresor okey-dokey but I think that’s what a lot of people think when
they hear like one little bad thing about a hardware wat they think that you
know they’re they as an individual that someone over in China is going to find
out who they are and remotely hack into their Tresor you know you know that’s
that’s not happening unless you do something really silly like download
something you shouldn’t okay my elite friends so let’s move on here into the
subject matters of the of the day which I cannot find on my list here it’s all
about the weed out year yeah this is the second weed out here
by the way if you got questions I got answers type them into the chat type in
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this live right now ok the the first is a quote from is this from bruce fenton
yes bruce fenton calling everything other than bitcoin a.s coin he uses the
curse word i don’t use that is a caveman level analysis that reduces complex
economics to low IQ to low IQ mean i agree that calling every everything
that’s not bitcoin in s coin it’s it slowly it’s it’s you’re not showing that
you’re thinking very much they’re securities and other digital assets will
have value based on their terms and properties period you can’t change these
basic economic principles ok yeah people will value other coins and other crypto
creations they will there will be value will it be temporary value will it be
long-term value who knows but there will be value there will be experimentations
and they will not they’re not all s coins ok there are people working hard
on projects doing innovations ok now the important part of all this that he says
is and i think this is what you should all should remember this is what i
retweeted and by the way this is all linked to below this statement isn’t at
odds was with believing bitcoin is the best coin chain or money it’s not at
odds with with believing bitcoin will be the global money standard in fact if
bitcoin succeeds in this it is more likely that securities and other assets
will be tokenized so he’s very right on this the bigger bitcoin comes the
stronger becomes more popular the more people trying to copy it and try to make
everything bitcoin try to make everything blockchain try to try
everyone’s trying to grab a little piece of the pie and trying to get wealthy off
of it when they should just be trying to get the real thing and actually buy it
but you know people people don’t understand that you know the easiest
sometimes the easiest route to success is like directly there they try to take
these long and winding roads baybel long
they’ll find out in the long run and I got a say so yeah there you go you don’t
have to call everything in s coin to believe that big to prove that bitcoin
is the best to show the world the bitcoin is the best you can say hey
these other coins are out there and I can still believe bitcoin is the best I
don’t have to use curse words to describe every off point out there
alright comment like button let me see if there’s anybody in the super chat
there’s people over there oh well there’s someone except something pretty
funny over there oh there’s a few people saying something my god it’s really late
at night so all the wackos in California are out in the are out in the chat
tonight or maybe some of these wackos seem like they might have been in Jersey
City lately actually from what they’re saying and so moving on and so we won’t
repeat what they’re saying and watch Saturday’s show if you want to hear
about that that situation and here’s from Erik Voorhees again I don’t agree
with Erebor he’s all the time I’ve disagreed with him via manly before on
on the 2x situation you may remember that he says in 2017 the mistaken
narrative was all these coins are worth billions in 2019 the mistaken narrative
is all of these coins are worthless to the truth some coins are vastly valuable
and I’m saying Bitcoin most are not though light startups the market
discovers success with time and iteration so yeah we we definitely have
gone from one extreme to another 2017 you couldn’t go wrong with anything
2019 everyone’s saying you’re going wrong with everything including Bitcoin
people are frustrated with a $7000 Bitcoin give it time people you will you
will see that bitcoin is is worth quite a bit and some of these other coins will
have a some value but not many of them not many of them will have long long
term value at all so I don’t really worry about that I just focus on the
real thing why why gamble when you can when you can get the real thing that
mountain that we know is Bitcoin found that like button alright so yes clearly
this is the second weed out here in a row and people people throw up their
hands in frustration in 2018 and then it will end it and that was a worst year
than in terms of go I mean we’re we’re the upward trend this year we started at
$3,000 what are we now for you Fiat free $7,000 but still people were reading out
this year but here’s a tweet a very positive tweet and I’m retweeted it it’s
from a guy named uh Guapo ja he says everyone complaining about 2019 and how
it wrecked them this I can’t use the word s was the best year of my life it’s
just gonna get better – I’m never slowing down there you go dude that
that’s the attitude to have every year is the best year of your life every year
I mean you made it another year that’s great that’s an awesome feeling and I
think that that’s a positive a positive attitude to have hey you know what I
people complaining about getting wrecked I didn’t get wrecked this year I’d if I
did fine but I still have I have more Bitcoin then I start with I mean that’s
how you value your wealth you got your wealth in Bitcoin so all these people
complaining about being wrecked and there are a lot of them my lord
they got weeded out and well this is the best year of my life I found that and
next year will be that the best year of my life in the year after that will be
the best year of my life think of that way all right it says every every year
is a new fricking experience you can gain knowledge and experience and just
don’t get into those bad situations though don’t I mean learn to avoid
ruination okay learn learn to avoid ruination so some people got ruined
whatever they got wrecked you didn’t so you’re happy I’m never slowing down that
I’d like that guy’s attitude I’m never slowing down either and for the people
who got wrecked by the way that doesn’t mean you give up your Bitcoin okay then
don’t get weak just I think is the point I forgot to make
here if you got rekt don’t drop out don’t get flushed okay you lost you lost
some stuff stick around Bitcoin these are the weed
out years you want to stick around so if you don’t have to rejoin when
everybody’s rejoining for a lot of money in 2020 and 2021 we’ve seen this cycle
before so yeah you might’ve got rekt but don’t get weeded out of the system
don’t get weeded out where you’re just you give up on Bitcoin okay so if you
leave a comment on Twitter or especially if you leave a comment in the comment
section of the videos sometimes I’ll answer them so here I’m gonna answer
that and someone and people who replied me on Twitter I don’t do replies on
Twitter like if you reply in a tweet that I’m not gonna reply to you I’ll
send you a DM sometimes or maybe I’ll do it here on the show but I don’t get into
arguments on the freaking Twitter I don’t waste my time with that I use
Twitter as a knowledge resource okay I’ve read I tweet I share but I don’t
get into little tit-for-tat arguments going back and forth back and forth
which I think a lot of people try to get people with more followers than them
into and stuff they get it they get a they get a little surge out of it oh
that name I got him to reply to me haha i won yeah whatever you’re using Twitter
in a foolish way to get arguments now you should be learning from Twitter
using it as a read it as a blog like I do I’ve read it it’s like I really
fucked an hour every day basically when I’m prepping for this freaking show yeah
that’s us some conviction there it’s something like an hour who knows what it
takes me sometimes it feels like that at least but I’m learning which is great
and I’m random sharing okay I’m giving you the best show in the frickin space
the most unique one definitely best guest in the space dude you got to check
out Friday’s show gene is so underrated dude thank you should be on everybody’s
fricking show pounding so here this guy left a comment what to say let me read
it yeah Rob see his name is Bitcoin people are the new silver and gold bugs
what do you think you’re collecting these inflated assets will make you king
of the post-apocalypse land it’s stupid and childish well yeah actually I think
it is childish to buy something because you think you’re gonna become king of
the post-apocalyptic wasteland because there’s not going to be a
post-apocalyptic wasteland we’re entering a golden age you bye bye and
Bitcoin is not an inflated asset and I was a gold it wasn’t inflated asked gold
is not an inflated asset either so no Bitcoin people are not silver and
Bitcoin in gold bugs or the type of silver and gold bugs that were waiting
for the apocalypse no that’s not what Bitcoin people are Bitcoin people are
looking for the for to a very bright future
Bitcoin people know we are on the verge we’re gonna enter this friggin golden
age of the 2020s in a couple days okay in a few days so no not the same at all
and it’s it’s not an inflated asset it’s a very undervalued asset and it’s a
scarce asset that’s becoming they’re making less and less of it every four
years okay so learn about that having we’re getting closer to it in May looks
like I’m going to be in Tel Aviv for that by the way more on some travelling
in a second I gotta I’ve got a destination for some of you Europeans
but so wait I want to say one other thing about this yeah yeah that’s all I
have to say about that and yet the dollar sit but and another
thing about the lot of the gold bugs and some bitcoiners they think the dollar
system is going to fail and everything’s gonna go to heck no the dollar system is
going to stick around and Bitcoin can exist with great success whenever when
most people are still using the dollar doesn’t matter okay so I I’m
anticipating a great golden age the world isn’t ending the world is getting
freakin better for those who understand it and don’t dig themselves little doom
holes to live in and rocky Palumbo is in the house well good to see him I’m
offended by people who call people in California wacko well rocky Flom
is in California and he is not a wacko but there were some weird comments there
so you have to assume some of them are coming from California at this hour
I mean well there’s the wackos out there I mean there may be up stereotype in
California a little bit maybe they’re coming from Hawaii in Alaska I don’t
know they’re clearly English speakers they’re clearly Americans or maybe
they’re just on drugs and up late on the East Coast I don’t know I don’t even
want to I’ve already given them way too much attention now not so j.w freak many
people out I just want to say I mean if this reassures you I think everyone’s
they see someone on YouTube that they know and they hear them say something
scary and they panic they blow it out of proportion
don’t blow it out of proportion I’m not changing anything I’m not changing my
security regimen at all I’m not running a full note I mean how can I don’t even
live anywhere I’ve never attempted to do so okay I don’t have glacier protocol I
know I link to a video below where I basically said the same thing in
February where I commented on a video of Andreas Antonopoulos also from February
where he addresses tres Mayer talking about the glacier protocol and andreas
like me says you don’t have to go that far if you start doing things that are
intensely complex you’re going to mess up and you’re going to lose your Bitcoin
the Trez or the ledger the hardware wallets if if they’re in your physical
possession okay you’re good to go all right now other there some of AA be
then there have been some interesting things that people can do with the new
technical skills and they know how to electrify things and take it apart and
you don’t have a passphrase on it all these it’s it’s it’s put a passphrase on
it lock it up don’t give it to some 150 IQ computer
geek hacker who has electronic equipment with him who happens to know how to do
this dudes most of you out there that are watching this no one
knows who you are you are regular people you should be very happy you’re a
regular dude no one’s going to like try to rob your house and find your tresor
and and do all that stuff to it they don’t know you have it okay and as for
like all the other thud that’s been said on my show about harder wallets no one
has said that they can be remotely hacked okay now that day when you plug
it into your computer that somehow someone somewhere is gonna know that
it’s plugged into your computer and and they’ll be able to get into it okay
that isn’t something that’s out there okay if that would be if that was the
case okay let me tell you something if that really happened if that really
happened where someone plugged in a hardware well into their computer and
randomly it got hacked that company that made the hardware wallet would go out of
business that would be a it would be over that’s it you can’t have that
happen one mistake ruins these companies think
about that for a second when you hear JW and Trace talking this extreme stuff
also remember that Trace might have a billion dollars worth a big point so he
and he’s a lawyer and he’s very smart and so he’s gonna take different
precautions than you and people know who he is
okay and again you’ve got to be if you’re worried about just owning a
treasurer or owning a ledger that some dude in China is gonna hack to you or
whatever you’re gonna keep you’re gonna you’re you’re taking your eye off the
ball because you’re one of those dudes that when you’re worried about something
like that you get a bunch of spam emails from fake
exchanges from fake trees or from and you click on them for the latest update
the latest firmware update that’s how you eff yourself over okay that’s how
you mess yourself up is when you go if you’re gonna get firmware okay free for
your device you go directly to the site and you download it there I’m sure there
are people I mean out there that have downloaded for
we’re or think they download a firmware and all they’ve done is set up a fake
Tresor address where they type in their recovery seed or something like that
and they lose everything all right so don’t click you got to go back to this
if you’re worried about this complex stuff that trace is talking about that
JW’s you’re forgetting the simple stuff which is like don’t click on emails yeah
don’t click on URLs and emails because that’s good that’s what’s gonna enable
people to steal from your Tresor you’re going to be giving away the information
okay it’s a different type of thing I think what people people start to hear
trace in and trace and JW talk and they make up scenarios in their head that
just aren’t happening like china isn’t hacking your computer and getting into
your Tresor that’s not happening but you can download stuff that’s going to
enable people to steal your for you to give it away they’re not really even
stealing they’re stealing from you because you are typing in information
that you never would have typed into before okay you’re typing into something
that is totally not insecure never type in your recovery seed on your on your
keyboard never do that with the Tresor you type it into the treasurer that’s
all that’s all you do all right so so that that’s my take on and I appreciate
trace and JW’s opinions I love when they’re on my show it’s always a lot of
fun I think a lot of people have a lot of fun but every time every time it’s
the same thing after once and there are people freaking out unnecessarily watch
my video from February linked to below that is the video from Andreas if you
need a source of authority to make you feel better about all this but a lot of
people make up stories in their heads out of fear when they hear JW and Tracy
talk because they don’t fully understand what JW in tracer we can say and that
that’s just the way it is so don’t get freaked out people I don’t run a full
note I’ve never attempted to do so and I’m
very satisfied with my numerous hardware wallets all right is there any doubt in
your mind BTC may crash back to down the $4,000 so
you’re saying and I don’t think it’s going to do that but if it does that who
gives a darn because there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re one day closer to an
all-time high so that that’s there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re one day
closer to an all-time high interesting question so I’m gonna be in Geneva
Switzerland April 21st to the 30th how about that how about that is Mel Allen
there now yeah I know that so I don’t know where I’m gonna be on January the
15th but I know are April 21st the 30th I will be in Geneva Switzerland that
will be right after Passover when I’m in Baltimore and probably and looks and
April 30th I’m flying to Tel Aviv so I mean I’m gonna be in Tel Aviv starting
April 30th I just haven’t there’s a know how long I’ll be in Tel Aviv so you’re
there you go you people in Switzerland in Geneva I’m going to be there very
interesting I’ve never been to Switzerland before I want to see this
land of a mutual neutrality supposedly and yeah I’ll be in a french-speaking
sea yeah I don’t think I could code anyway so Geneva here I come April 21st
the 13th it’s booked it’s I got the flight from Dulles I’ll be flying out of
Dulles in Washington DC and yeah okay what else do we have here my Oh
so this dude had a tweet he was replying to my my Mike Hearn I it out something
for 2016 that video clip of me talking about Mike Hearn
that it was just a blip on the radar which I was correct about it that Mike
Hearn fluff eyed when it went for 400 back into the 300s was just a blip in
the radar that we would all which we do now so but someone replied
underneath and what do you make of today’s situation Adam will it be more
of the same in that we will look that look at these levels as a blip on the
radar in a year or so also so before I answer that question before
I answer that question if one day we’re gonna look back on this as a blip in the
radar on the radar okay as you know dropping has been $7,000 because people
think it’s so horrible that the years started out at $3,000 and now that we’re
at $7,000 they think it’s horrible because we were at 13,000 for a second
or something like that so I mean that this is something that people are
worried about right now a lot of people are buried down because it was 3,000 the
beginning of the year and now it’s 7,000 but it was twelve thirty thousand for
this insanity around that the Fiat freaking Saudis Fiat freaked insanity
its toe feel and this is how you lose your Bitcoin this is how you panic this
is it is just it’s another brick and it’s another brick in the week hand wall
that this so what do you think my answer is is this just another blip on the
Remmy I assume this guy doesn’t watch my show all you guys who watch this show
who are watching right now is it just another blip on the radar or am I really
scared is it different this time is it different is it just the end of the
world it knowing how to meister what do you
think of an answer there so I assume that guy doesn’t know who I of course
it’s a freaking blimp on the radar and they’re just people out there that need
that reassurance they need someone like me to tell them not to worry when they
shouldn’t worry when they should just look at history we’ve been through this
so many times we’ve been through much worse with it was three four hundred
dollars three hundred dollars three thousand through so much so much drop so
much and we get through it we move on it’s just another brick in that weak
hand wall they’re gonna think it’s a huge wall the weak handers there are
many bricks that they come up and they keep building it they keep finding
excuses walling them off from holding their Bitcoin walling them off from
buying Bitcoin so many excuses out there and when when we look back at them
they’re all blips on the frickin radar I mean kind of a mighty people are gonna
look like you’re watching this in the future right now and just laughing at
$7,000 just laughing at it but hey what can I say I mean people there’s some
people they want to look in the on the do side of things they don’t they don’t
understand they don’t remember they weren’t around for every time we’ve
reached an all-time high that we’ve returned to it you just got to be
patient and you just got to know about these having cycle and you’re just gonna
be familiar with this 210 thousand block theory let us see it you gotta live it
you gotta love it or you can panic and you can hide behind so we can wall which
get strong we get builds up there are so many people that add bricks to that darn
wall there are so many people I don’t I show people I’m just like dude you just
walk around it’s that simple anyway okay let me see yeah so that’s
what I make of today’s situation it’s it’s what I make of everyday situation
it’s just one day think long term don’t be impulsive good so bill Polti the
philanthropist who’s been giving away money on Twitter say what you will about
him you know he’s buying Twitter followers great but he’s using Bitcoin
he’s using Bitcoin a lot he’s promoting Bitcoin and a lot of these people that
they’re following him they’ll never buy a Bitcoin they just want free stuff but
he is he’s to fund his operation he needs to buy more and more Bitcoin it
keeps giving it away here’s a tweet from him I recently bought 11 Bitcoin good
for you good for you that’s as a multimillionaire or whatever you are I
don’t care how you you know use period inherited his money who cares he’s
buying Bitcoin he spread the word good job bill Polti I don’t know your whole
darn story I don’t give a darn about your whole donor story I’m glad you’re
buying 11 Bitcoin and you’re not you’re not uh you’re not adding to the week
hand wall you’re you’re quit you’re creating strong hands
now of course your hands out that strong because you’re just giving away
but your wrist is heck anyway I’m sure you’ve got a huge stash of Bitcoin that
you’re not giving away so I shouldn’t say you’ve got a strong hand with your
stats you’re doing something you’re doing something amazing you know
philanthropists are gonna do what they’re gonna do they’re they’re a
different breed good for you dude and I’m not saying everybody be Bill Pulte
definitely not everybody be told you can’t you can’t but he’s doing something
in the long run this is gonna be very good he’s introducing a lot of people to
Bitcoin but he’s just gaining all of these followers on Twitter when he gives
away money okay we’ve got who it’s this guy it’s er Inc one says thanks for
answering bitcoinmeister love this channel by the way well do thank you
thank you man so and you’re commenting a lot there I
see two we got and there’s all sorts of Californians out there I think I see
what else and so yeah by the way I am in Tucson Arizona if you didn’t know that
now people and so it’s even it’s even late here it’s 105 hey I’m keep on going
we’re almost there we’re almost there play this at 2x okay for you lightning
Network freaky freaks there’s something called a Phoenix wallet out there and I
will link to it below the Bitcoin wallet from the future
native lightning support non-custodial intuitive and simple user experience so
it sounds good what is Phoenix it is a Bitcoin wallet
it allows you to send and receive bitcoins what’s different about Phoenix
at first glance Phoenix doesn’t look different from your typical Bitcoin
wallet the difference is that Phoenix runs natively on lightning Phoenix takes
care of everything under the hood and you will barely notice anything except
your payments are faster and cheaper okay there you go lightning Network
freaks people are innovating over there that is awesome
I am going to leave you guys with a quote whereas my excuse me it’s a quote
from Dan Moorhead from is December 19 Pantera Bitcoin letter
before I say that I want I forgot to say since beginning the show Thank You JC in
South Africa for the support man he’s been supporting the show and in great
ways okay so here’s a great quote from Dan Moorhead in his December 19 a 20-19
Pantera black block chain letter Bitcoin and blockchain are like an early-stage
venture but with a real-time price feed if you stare at it too closely it’s hard
to hold it but if you view it like venture a five to ten year investment
that you put in the bank back of your portfolio it’s a much better way to
think of investing in this space so there you go
usually when someone makes an early-stage venture investment they
don’t they can’t check the value of it every single second so you know they
forget about it they they know that hey this is a long-term investment in ten
years this could be the biggest freaking company on earth okay but with bitcoin
is like that but you are constantly told how much it’s worth so you can
constantly panic and you can constantly think of it so treat it like you’ve
invested in Google okay but ignore the fact that you know the value of it every
from every freaking second okay in the early stage you know the freaking value
of it every second that’s hey I like that aspect of it okay I don’t get
scared by that but I mean imagine some of these venture capitalists that invest
in all these little startups over there if they they always knew the exact
minute-to-minute value of this new thing they invested in maybe some of them
would be become more we can’t just like throw their hands in there it’s
sometimes good to not know the exact value every second so you’re gonna
happen you’re gonna know about if you want it you can know the value of
Bitcoin every second thing but treat it like this dude said to treat it put it
in the back of your portfolio and don’t think about it
turn thinking guys do not be impulsive with this this is the newfangled savings
account this is not something just to flip this is your future and your kids
future if you got kids all right i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister run BTC remember you me Asterix like this link to below
subscribe to the channel like the video pound that like button and bang the Bell
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