this is going to be a crypto trade
capital review if you’re watching this video then you probably already heard a
cryptic trade capital before and you want to check out if it’s legit or not
so stick around see what’s next Okay I want to start by saying that I usually
don’t like making these videos I know there are a lot of people online that
make all kinds of videos or write blog post telling people what to do or what
not to do a lot of these scam videos or beware or whatever I don’t want to be
that guy so that’s probably going to be the last video that I do about our scam
review or anything of that measure but I just wanted to point this out because it
came across my desk crypto trade capital and I just wanted to let you guys know
that any type of company that offers a guaranteed a profit margin per day it
could be one percent it could be six percent could be ten percent or it could
be less than one percent it is guaranteed a guaranteed percentage in my
experience it’s usually a scam let me explain with a little story and this is
actually the reason why I’m doing this video I have nothing against crypto
trade capital or its reps or you know it may be a really legitimate company I
don’t know I’ve done a little bit of research on it like slightly I just want
to share my experience and then I want to give you the opportunity to do your
own proper research and find out for yourself if this is a fit for you me
personally I would not invest a penny into crypto trade capital and the reason
is that I’m reading here that they offer like points point eight or point six a
daily return on investments guaranteed which is a huge red flag for me like if
you’re a legitimate trading company then you you know you win some you lose some
sometimes should make a profit sometimes you make a loss
and how can you guarantee a fixed profit profit margin right or a profit on on
trades that may or may not even occur so it looks to me like one of those
companies where you know Peter pays for ball and ball State ball pays for Linda
and stuff like that so I just wanted to give you guys that as a starter and the
reason why I’m actually making this video is that you know my brother he
approached me once with this deal in cryptocurrency music you see there are a
lot of companies that try to capitalize on the trend that is going on with
cryptocurrency and that’s also one of the reasons why I’m making this video
because obviously this channel is about cryptocurrency so my brother approached
me the other day it was a couple months ago and you came home with a deal that
was 6% per day and this was a best loss they would do sports betting for for
profit you can basically invest and then they would give you 6 percent per day um
so every other liked every couple hours that gives you 1 percent and then you
could cash out but you know as soon as everybody started cashing out all the
time then the company would collapse and he started with a little bit of money
and then later on I saw that it worked he’s basically saw the profits coming in
and then he decided we decided I thought it like it’s probably a scam but if you
know you can you know manage your risk and if you don’t um attach other people
like you don’t hurt other people with it if you want to put your own money on the
line and that’s why money so we put a little bit of money in it’s in four days
literally four days and the company went under so I want you guys to really pay
attention do your own proper research and with research I don’t mean go Google
it or go watch more YouTube videos like this because I could be saying that it’s
a in the world or I could be saying that
it’s a total scam and you know most times you see people creating videos
like this or writing blog posts like this where they say you know this is a
scam but check out my deal because my view is legit or my view is you know
better than this and then you go ahead and join my P or bet their hopes of
these so be really careful with that I just wanted to give you guys that really
quick because I really care about my subscribers I’m not trying to get you
into any of my deals so you know just be careful and I’ll get you your mind until soulless he loaded