Hello Friends, I am Rishabh and you are watching MasterFacts Today, we will talk about 2000 rupees currency note and why Govt. decided to circulate it On this topic, many people gave their own reasonings, I am going to explain you the most authentic one. After the decision of demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupees note, 86% cash got invalid from Indian Economy means, it was the biggest cash crisis in the country. Now think by yourselves, what would you do to overcome the cash crisis Let’s take an example that you have to print total amount of 4000 rupees and you have two options, either to print 8 notes of 500 rupees or 2 notes of 2000 rupees then what will you decide? Obviously, you will select 2000 rupees currency note. Government did the same thing If you observe it closely, two factors are involved First factor is Fast printing, means to print large amount in less time And second factor is easy transportation, means to circulate large amount in less time So, if you remember at the start, we were getting only 2000 rupees note in the ATM So, the only aim was to overcome cash crisis quickly 500 rupees note circulated after somedays So, friends I hope you got the sole purpose of 2000 rupees note Please SUBSCRIBE to MASTERFACTS if you liked this video