I want you to read the door above all the time.
Everything on this show is personal, so I’ll invest my money to guarantee this.
They don’t share investments and they don’t share the results of the data they provide.
I’m not responsible for that.
The order of the broadcasters is number four, and I want you to give me a little bit of a description of
I will.
Second, four of you qna.
Pen Annie, and thirdly,
I’m going to give you a little bit of an explanation of the news about the x ip I prepared.
Once a week, I’ll do a live broadcast without fail, and I’ll make a promise.
on account of
If we’re broadcasting on the fifth day of the week, it’s 10 times.
I don’t think it’s gonna be easy after that.
I’ve finished eating a lot, so please forgive me.
Oh, yeah. We’ll start the main broadcast right away.
It’s hot. It’s not hot. I’m really tired.
Why can’t you do this time
Wait a minute. Uhh
There’s a jacquard error. Ah.
Well, I can see it now.
I’ll start the snack. Hello, Mr. Zero.
If Messi sees hearing, it’s 300 trillion won.
4 24-hour trading volume shows 50 trillion won, Robbie Theodore – 69.5%.
I have it.
There is no variation for my corresponding bitcoin total rank.
You can see that your attitude has moved up a notch recently.
When the rest of the dead were missing, Tae-man was holed up, and he sold phenomenological sales.
You’re going to find out that you’ve done a lot of work, and you’re going to tell me about the rest of the St. V. Coins.
I’ll see you again.
Usd Coin is also staying at 23.
4 I can’t get up and down the road for a while.
I’ll be there, and you’ll see it’s still in the box.
And after using the T.O.’s remains, there’s 36 of them.
Keep giving me the box if you see the missing part.
So this box-ticket means that, in a way, there’s a little bit of adjustment going.
It’s getting deeper.
usd except for a tteck the
When you see the box office in True Just, there’s no money coming in.
You’re holding on to it. You can think about it like this.
I want you to ask questions when you have time.
And I’m gonna take a look at the tree on the deal for Pete.
Chapter 4 Hello, everyone in the city.
I hope you learn a lot.
There’s a lot of trading on the other side.
The distance between Korea and Korea is about the same.
I’ll do it.
This exchange is so long that the volume of the deal suddenly went down.
I don’t know.
I don’t know where the street hand is
the propensity of the exchange
It’s not coming out. If there’s any country that’s been picked up a little bit, it’s gonna be a little bit
It’s easy to see, but I think we should do some research later.
It’s a bit of a characteristic that the volume of the transfer deal has gone up a bit.
It’ll be part of it.
I’ll take a look at the dummy nuts.
4 Continuation of the corresponding degree Venus
He’s been going up and running. He’s been showing us his route lately.
And the rest of you are showing us the stone, and the rest of us are walking across the street.
I’m showing you.
They don’t show much of the special part.
Yeah, I keep telling you, I need you to keep moving for a while.
I’m telling you that it’s okay. My
When I come here from 70 percent, I wonder whether I will get 70 won or not.
We’re moving.
If you’ve made a bit more of a long-term
In a way, we’ll know.
It’s going to be a little extra time.
So, if you look at the current Do-mi, the Co-ins, who have been a little low-key lately,
Didn’t the pump come out little by little?
I mean, it’s been a long walk, so I’m going to have to pump a few dozen of them.
Come on out. We’ll be able to level with you.
Let’s take a look at Bitcoin charts.
4 If you helped me with the side of the chart,
Is it going to be fun this whole time or not?
You have a lot of problems. When is Chuseok?
I’ll see you sometime. memory
September 23rd. It’s September 13th. If you send me 2 in advance,
I’d love to
If the side of Chuseok seeds is coming, it will start next week.
I don’t think it’s going to be fun this week because the last time I was there, I thought, three years, four years.
I told you about the tooth.
Looking at past patterns, we showed a lot of weakness before Chuseok. “Ka-Chu, Niigata”
After the situation, he showed a recovery, because he had a side
I’ll give it to you in September about this week.
The stance aspect of the first week is…
It’s a little bit hard.
Oh, I’m sure you can come up a little bit. That’s what it means.
There’s no need to go, so keep the bear safe here.
There’s a very high probability of going into the box of a dog, I’d say.
So, uh, when I was on the e-line,
I think there’s a high probability that the second line will go like this.
And there’s a slight chance you’re going to be a little weaker, so just write it.
Wouldn’t it be safer to be a writer at almost tracked transmission or fixedity?
Even if you’re looking at a short-term perspective, that’s what you’ll see.
When I was in my time zone today, I felt a lot of pressure on my stomach.
He’s got a lot of work to do, and he’s trading more than he’s thinking.
Uh, they’re not coming out that much, so they’re still on line two.
It won’t be easy to break through.
It’s hard to understand why we’re on this line today.
look like
And even if you’re gonna see the Trojd you see at the intersection with this one,
The side of the usd is still pressing, and it’s not.
Yeah, and it seems like I’m missing a lot of my time.
Of course, they seem to be missing a lot, but I think they’re four hours away from the trend.
He’s not dead. Japan didn’t have a festival, which means you can’t hold all the videos.
It’s not a pattern that was shot up.
Even if you gave me a sense of distance from here, I’ll tell you again.
Marry at 0 years old. There’s a way up, so if you think about it, it’s just…
I think it’s better to take a wait-and-see approach.
Yes, personally, so I just wanted to say that this week, Chris, I think so.
I think about it.
That’s what it looks like. And x rp.
This is the latest issue in Excel Finn, which is a little bit high on the back of the qna.
It’s the last thing I’m going to tell you.
Btc ripple won’t be so far behind the chart-topping origin.
‘Cause when you’re moving, you’re moving.
It’s not too much pushed or pushed, it’s like it’s only in this box.
I’ve been saying that a lot. And then the paralysis of the tc against the won,
What’s going to happen to you? How’s going to happen to you?
Even if the trend happens again, it’s 300 won,
I’ve been playing around for a short period of time, but technically, I’ve been doing this for a while.
I don’t think he’ll come out.
Why do you keep it that way?
Now the pattern of diluting continues to go down like this.
But they’re showing us the steps that we’re already being humiliated.
That doesn’t mean there’s a lot of sales.
And I’ve got a lot of sides. It’s narrowing.
So what happens now?
Even if we were to go down, we’d have to go down with a waiver error, and then we’d.
Another structure that could rebound right away.
There’s a side to it that says, ‘I’m looking for you.’
The most attractive aspect is that if 300 won is broken, short-term profits will be generated.
It’s almost a guarantee.
We’re also gonna need to keep him in cell right now.
I’ll take a look at this again. worried about the more
There are people here.
Yeah, uh…
It’s time for the payout rate to fall next year anyway.
So even though it is not fun this year, I think it will be about next year.
I’m looking forward to showing you a lot of recovery. That’s how much P. Talley.
I’m looking forward to it because I’m working hard.
I’m looking forward to it early next year.
Uh, half-yeah, half-yeah, half-yet-yet-yet-y.
even if
Almost when it was launched, b, now it’s almost down, almost asleep.
When I was in the first bar, I was like that. It’s a pretty line. It’s my current song.
Even in terms of time
So when it’s pressed, it’s usually horizontal.
It’s over, so I’ve heard a lot about this. Number one, number two.
Number three
So what’s the worst thing that’s ever done?
I’m almost out of stock for my current time.
And once you’ve put it back into the sprit, it’s going to be so much of a drag.
I’m not going to do this because I’m trying to keep it technically going.
It’s not that bad out there.
Then let’s take a look at the won’s Leeum.
If you look at the Lee numbers, you can see that there’s always a group of people who want to see the Lee numbers.
What are you talking about? 123 We’re gonna have to talk a lot about the three-bar casserole.
One, two, three, almost to the end, or three, when you go up.
Last and fourth, we talked a lot about it being almost over.
If you think about it the other way around, how do you look at it? If you think about it the other way around, it’s almost like three bars and four bars.
It’s almost a tempo break. Just a tempo rest like this.
So we’ve got one, two, three weak spots. at this weak point
I’m going to draw an easy-to-understand arm, and I’m going to show you the same weakness.
Then the third or fourth Magma.
The rebound will come out at least for a few years.
Even though the rebound is weak, it doesn’t mean much, but it does.
We’re losing a lot of money for now.
It’s hard to see that.
But the attractive price is that every day we talk about it, every time we break every two hundred thousand.
You’re charming, but, uh,
When I get close to Chuseok, I’ll adjust it once.
I think I’ll have a buyer’s pointer if I come out. Well, now the rest of rt.
Listen to Coins
I think I’ll take it with me. Whatever it is, it looks like, uh,
Bitcoin cache’s hardly that far behind in bitcoin.
Bitcoin cache molding is pretty much the same.
The same thing, the second half of the year, I’m gonna smoke, and I’m gonna be in there, so I’m gonna be so much of a lot
It doesn’t even look like it is.
I’ve been keeping my son’s side of you for the last time, so I’m afraid I’m.
I’m starting to think that there.
That’s how I see it.
creamy four
I’ll take it right away for nothing.
for nothing 2
I’ll digest the cma for the cause of 4 eve.
I’m gonna have to check the water for a second.
If you’re sweating, I’ll answer you right away.
He said, “I don’t know this broadcast.”
If you don’t have any questions, I’ll explain what I’ve prepared.
Oh, I recently got a story about x-i-fi on the internet.
It’s from the official website on the dividend. I’m out of Sbi Holdings. Uh-huh.
It’s data. For your information, yes.
I’ve been talking about this the other day.
Why would I show you this?
Since we had a srp issue this time, I’m going to show you a little bit about the late
That’s it.
Well, there’s a question up there, so…
Zach Me Ride. Ask me right after life.
I’ll explain.
Recently, there’s been a story about Ripley and Hard Poku.
The scent is coming out. Ripple-e Hard fork
I’m worried that some of you might think that there’s something to talk about in the wool
I’ll show you what happened to Stella’s room Annie.
How did he get out? He was separated from the four riffles.
In front of the International Unknown Armour, it is briefly said to be a star, and in the Ripley
It was developed by a hard fork.
I showed you that.
I know a hard fork.
4 Ripple and the lower half.
Now, there’s a reason why it’s been recently released. example
Why did you come out when you were in the book? You didn’t raise the price.
I didn’t hit the river four.
I can’t wait for my neck anymore.
You’re gonna run these bastards on their throats. That’s what you’re talking about. so
so big
That’s why there’s a lot of talk about it.
4 What is the rationale for that now?
Ripple is public. Yeah, it’s a plus.
haha b now
Because it’s done with algorithms, it’s done with a certain amount of votes.
If you move on, it’ll reflect on you.
That doesn’t mean there’s no chance at all.
So what if there’s a chance that xr blood could become an art fork?
I’m going to tell you about it.
Gantz, “It could be four.” So, maybe it can’t, but
There’s been a lot of complaints coming from the user base lately.
But recently, bread zero.
Land 0 2
If you see it, you’ll see it.
I always say the same thing. 4
It’s just the same amount.
We have reduced our sales.
We’re riding less. I mean, we’re not selling a lot. I’m just thinking about you guys.
He’s selling less. He’s talking nonsense.
We’re selling less junk as expenses for our investment, you’re talking about this. so
Now, I’ve told you this and that as a question point.
I’ll sell less, and then I’ll sell again in two quarters.
Yes, of course, I’m supposed to sell a lot of G-market stuff to kids in the future.
The prosecution sold me a lot and sold me out.
4 That’s what it was like.
That’s why the message about Bread is so loud.
What should I say? It’s not enough to satisfy me, so I’m pretty sure it’s this.
I think the controversy will continue.
Personally, 4
It has to keep coming because, in simple terms, it’s just the investment of Korea.
at the thought of it
There’s a message Ripley was thinking about where he was going.
I’m just going to make it easy to compare it with Tron Db and White Blood.
Let’s do it.
But Justin tried his best.
Well, I’ve met Warren Buffett and I’ve shown him some action, and I’ve done everything I can.
You know, strategic marketing, anything that could induce a price bump.
I’ve shown you something, but there’s something x rp’s been doing lately.
Frankly, there’s only three things we’re looking forward to.
You’ll see it in the cell, and you’ll see it recently in Singapore.
And when you see it, this one’s gonna be…
As we get closer, we’ll be back in the morning.
I’ll tell you what, they’re holding the Choi figure from November 7 to 8.
Yeah, it’s on the thought pulley side.
A little kites. Oh, you’re a four.
You’re telling me that this kind of money is talking to me.
We’re hosting in Singapore. And then…
On the 8th, seven days better, we’ve got a big event schedule.
when you see it
So when you see an important time,
Now I’m gonna give you a six-point-two.
The most important thing is when you go to this city. in this particular time frame
I’m really looking forward to this 8th.
So I don’t know what else to talk about, and then the panel.
I don’t know who else to bring in the people involved in detail.
We’ll have to wait and see, but for the most part, we’ll be out here for now.
I’m going to introduce you to Artie.
If the card fork is run and used,
I don’t know if you can’t do this.
It’s half and half. I mean, it’s like fried dishes.
It has to be eight and a half.
The reason is
When you look at the project side, it breaks apart and it doesn’t help you.
I don’t have one
From the project perspective,
But the baby’s going to look forward to it.
In a way, I’m so tired of waiting.
But if the price doesn’t fall much, ghhhh.
It’s possible to jumbo, but it’s.
It’s not easy. So, two later, the propensity.
I’m just saying, “I’m making predictions just for fun,” and I’m falling apart.
It’s split, and it’s not very good on the project side 3.
as far as I can see
Oh Hee Ra
And then when they lose the taste buds, they pump out.
We’re gonna pump it out. on the splitting side
You’re gonna pump it out of the inside.
But in the long run, if you think this is going to doze off, you’re going to do it.
I don’t think the hay is going to be good. So now I’m half-internal, and I can’t see it like this.
I’m sure.
Bread 02 This story is about Cayso
It’s an issue, it’s an issue, it’s an enemy, it’s a leaf, it’s a leaf, it’s a leaf.
I’ll take out my card.
So the x ip is barely there, and now there’s more uncertainty.
Because it’s easy to talk, man.
I sell a few thousand of them every month, and I write them off.
This time, I’ll sell a few to a few thousand for 300 won.
But if I’m running out of flow, I have to sell more.
This is how I think we can’t spend our money on business.
You know, and then you’re gonna fall into the rankings, and then you’re gonna lose your hand.
This one’s big enough to burn. Three, why don’t you start with the top spot in these coin companies?
to Civic One
We’re about to drop, and in a few months, we’re about to go on a bunch of issues, scalpel.
One of the reasons why you went to your seat,
I was counting on it, but I can’t keep track of it, so I’m gonna be more disappointed.
We don’t have many new recipients.
I don’t buy much, so Nl’s not stupid either, so I keep ranking.
on one’s way
So they keep us invisible, they keep us invisible.
If you keep saying, “This is getting serious,” you’re ranked first.
It’s going to fall
I’m going to do a lot of data.
Well, the special plan is to show you anything.
But if the bank is turned off, the bank’s credibility could be compromised.
I’m sure you guys know how to manipulate it again, so.
But if you think of the user, it’s a good idea.
That’s gonna make the bank worse.
I can’t trust you. I’m gonna say this.
I’m sure you’re having a lot of trouble. That’s why I’ve recently come up with a personal idea.
One of the policies that came up with a little bit of thinking about the u people was 3q in the third quarter.
I’ll start selling a little less.
Legally, it’s a little less expensive.
I think I was thinking.
That effect doesn’t mean much.
You’ve been riding lately, so why don’t you just try not to get the riffle
in spite of the sale
I’m not sure he’s a bit too much to keep in the race.
I want you to know.
So it’s kind of, in a way, an aggressive attitude.
In terms of the price-defensive craftsman,
That’s what this is all about.
It’s going to work, so it’s going to be a bit of a smart bread zero at this station.
a little bit
I know it’s okay to move, but I have to go again. We’re big.
I don’t care. I’m sure you don’t care.
You’ll be able to see it because you and Hye have friends. You’re ants.
I’m going to get along with Woori I’m sure so. I can’t help it.
In order to understand the terrorist attacks, the probability of an ant’s selfie is very high.
It’s true what we’re holding on to, but if that happens, it’ll be a little bit.
It could escalate the controversy.
Anyway, it’s going to be interesting.
If we lose this piece, there’s gonna be a bit of an impact on the market as much as we do on a house.
I can see it.
Anyway, it’s going to be fun.
But for some reason, I feel that the user’s constant deception continues.
I wonder if it will come true
That’s what I see. example
I’m gonna ask you, uh,
I’ll answer you.
I have a long nose.
n Zinko india as things stand now stands
I’ve been, uh, running around in my wallet lately.
Well, there’s a lot of news coming up next. So what.
I think that’s what’s causing it to rise.
in a way
Oh, we need to see what’s affected by the pattern.
First of all, the ptc has no attitude of 7% and since there is a won, the effect of the btc is laid down on the ground
You can say, “One more time, one more time.”
at the present line of the engine.
It’s about line two. Uh, the pattern of the bee berry breakaway.
I’m going to take a break from this price range because there’s a part.
I think it’s right to say, “I’m going to start.” It’s gonna be strong again.
a marine chart
I don’t think it means much. Do you do it personally?
personally c.
I don’t think it’s going to be easy to get a gum.
Why is it so hard? The overall supply and demand of the same drug has increased a little bit.
If you’d had the engine popping out of shape, you’d have to wait a little longer to get together.
I’m afraid there’s room. I can tell you this, but now I’m out of money.
There’s no mugwort coming in from the inside. Yeah, it’s not that much less than that.
So, there’s a lot more lines, and, uh,
I’m showing that there will be no adjustment again.
Kong will watch my rap.
If you see the same thing,
on this line of events
It’s a little vague.
I don’t see it.
I don’t think it’s going to increase further on this line. in the short term
I don’t think we’re going to lose much more than line two.
I think we’ll play in the high-pitched eardrum after doing this in Yoreen Tae.
Leaf Reese’s daughter-in-law, Leo, can we buy it again?
Uh, if there’s an event like that, I’ll pump it two or three weeks ago.
And even if it’s not a satisfactory pumping, I’ll clean it up and try again.
I think it’s better to ride.
As far as I can see.
I’ll take a look at the poling.
Does 1y affect the number of people and bits per condition?
I don’t think it’s going to affect you that much.
I’m just saying that this is more of a deal
It’s a little hard to say it’s that much of an influence because it’s not very much.
If you see what’s going on with your time,
I think the btc will give you a little more control.
Yeah, and when you see the ship when you get here.
1 2
Chugong 5
Adjustment is probably over this week.
Maybe next week, maybe next week or so.
Yeah, I mean, next week or so, so maybe this Saturday, we’ll have a pair of directions.
It looks like it’s coming out.
Political parties on Friday, Friday, Saturday.
Because there’s very little trading.
– 40% will work for Chuseok versus temporary rebound.
I’d like you to wait a little bit longer.
I’m gonna put a technical deposit down, and then I’m gonna show you the recovery again.
So, after Chuseok, you’ll recover a little. satisfactory as a whole
Not at all, but as a whole.
I think that’s what you should see.
How much do you see for a long time? Next year
Is it the standard?
It depends on that.
How did the yaw icon end the voting last time?
Do you know anyone?
Maybe it’s because of the best voting nutrition, but it’s a long shot.
It’s not bad. example
It’s not bad direction.
Yes, diversity. It’s not bad compared to the won. There’s no btc tem.
It’s not bad against the won.
There’s a lot more patterns that can go up.
My early morning direction is coming. How do you see it?
Bite directionality.
I’m gonna get Pete’s direction at dawn tomorrow.
the usual dawn
Well, I don’t think he’ll be back at dawn tomorrow after he’s removed.
I don’t know if I can’t, but I think I’ll be back for one or seven more days. on one’s own terms
I think I’ll be out of college for about seven days.
at the end of the year
Zero horse ripples say they’re going for the end of the year.
Okay, two.
Still, it’s up until the mid-term price of 300 won.
I’d like to see it go up until the middle of 300 won.
In the short term, no matter how much I’m behind in talking, most of the time it’s in the middle of 300 won.
I kept it for you, so this time around the middle of the year, about 300 won.
as close as possible
I don’t think it’s going to be over.
It’s four-dimensional 800 won. What do you think?
If you have any adjustments before Chuseok this week, you should try water.
Oh, I think it’ll be better. Personally
Because compared to the Ios.
If you see it, uh, it’s gonna be that big.
Well, it’s not that big a push yet.
Then how to use it. I have an inner body. But I used it for Chuseok.
the rest of the way
I think it’s from November to December 4.
I’m going to write it right away. I’m going to write it right away. So I’m going to use 50% this time, and then I’m going to write it.
I think I’ll be using it at the end of the year.
And if I give you a mn cd tip, why do I do that?
There’s a reason to see it.
The reason why I think so is that man CD goes down after breaking through the spirituality.
The oscillator turns red and green again.
It’s green and red. It’s crossed like this.
The point of view of the green doesn’t push Bhutan that much.
It’s not gonna be that big.
If you look at the time, for example, 1
Of course, now we have to have two or more mutual trust issues g
Well, it’s not like the Eoan regime, but it’s just one thing away.
I play the interior almost every time.
It’s almost probability. Pressing it.
Uh, almost certainly. Most of the time, the coins are short.
If it’s this short for Young-sun, I don’t know if it’s coming out short, but if it’s big,
He’s on the green line, or that’s what he’s saying.
That’s the way it is.
So just keep in mind that when you’re running in the short term,
Now you have to judge. I’ll get the cash for a while, and then I’ll get the second part.
Uh, do you want to give it again or do it all the way out of the way?
You have to think.
He’s the best of you. Every time you ring a bell, you’re under pressure.
I’ve lost a lot of this stuff, but by the time I did, uh,
Take water from the opening two times each time.
Wouldn’t it be best if you spent the rest of the money on November 4th?
I think that
Oh, 6 1 4. I’m a white-tongued lily. I think it’s the second rising sprain.
Once I see the pattern of the ascending bowel, I’ll change it to a stem.
Once I see a six-hour pattern, why would it take me that long?
One of the reasons I said,
00:39:27,190 —
There’s a high probability of playing casserole in this box.
Even if it’s coming up from this box, it’s going to let go of the chance of
There’s a good chance he’ll come from the department.
We’re gonna get directional when we’re gonna come down for six hours.
Well, I’m not gonna come down so fast, but I’m not gonna come down like this.
But if you look at it almost in time, it’s six days, six days, seven days.
I’m thinking maybe we’ll make a difference in high school.
It’s just a six-day cup, and it’s like this.
I don’t know if you’re getting a study.
It’s not enough to satisfy the distance at home.
And where are you? If you see the btx part,
Where are you, Pico?
I don’t think there’s that much.
It’s a little bit more intensive, but it’s a little bit more expensive than I thought.
because it’s not enough
When you’re building a foundation for all of that, you’re probably familiar with it.
How much do you think I’m going to Ripple 3?
I don’t know. a pinnacle
Because there was a very bad time.
I don’t know what’s right or wrong. That’s what we need to develop at the end.
Yeah. Every time I heard anything, I showed them the tax cuts.
And when it gets closer to that point, it’s a couple of years, 17 years, 16 years.
I’ve been doing this for 18 years. I’ve been doing this. I’ve been on the charts. I’ve been in the army.
The phenomenon occurred and it was raised to a great extent by race. I can see this.
I’ll give it to you.
Do you have any more questions?
Q2. Do you have any questions?
I want to buy very much because
I didn’t have any Alpina users, so this time, I’m going to go to the Xr pack.
There’s a personal need to get a piece of your mind together.
You think there is.
Because I did this too. Because from the bank’s point of view, it’s easy to be a business partner,
I can’t manipulate the market because I can’t see the point.
I think there are some things that I can’t do for you.
and yet nothing but the east
I’ve been a little bit more inconsiderate to say that there’s a problem.
It’s a lift.
Just your business. We’re rich.
I personally feel that way. Of course, look at it. It’s gonna work out.
Well, it’s true that the price of a 100-year-old p is going up.
It’s true.
Ah, finally, the amount of escrow.
Recorded. D.O. Oh, my nuclear shoulder’s broken.
500 shoulders, 100 lines, 1 billion hearts, 500 shoulders.
Everyone, that’s right. What should I say?
There’s a significant number. Four out of 55 billion.
D500 broken shoulder.
Which means he’s ranking them as fast as he can.
I’d like it to be a torch for you.
Do you still think the Pow Coin goes first?
Yeah, one of the reasons why the pops are so good is that they’ve been working so hard lately.
in connection with the mining
Well, I’m producing three of China’s most popular books, the company and my girl’s one.
I’m on top of it. I’ve got a new book on Beat Maine.
We’re spending as much money as we can.
In spite of the deficit, that bitcoin is being cuffed up.
Uh, there’s a bitcoin reserve in the compound, so to a certain extent.
That’s the fulfillment, and that’s the aspect of trying to keep it in the hash rate
Well, the combination of that leaves a lot more gold. Uh, we’s.
I don’
If you see a base on all the recent quotations, you’re gonna close.
Python family or recent etymology.
If we can give them nutrition, most of us will.
It’s up. That’s true.
There’s my pier. Yeah, that’s probably not true.
You’re going to be able to empathize, and you’re going to be convinced. That’s why we’re
I’m thinking a little bit.
With the end of 4:00, don’t ask me any questions.
I will do that
Baked in October 3rd, all expecting a jackpot and three wins.
They’re saying, “Would you like to come?”
In September, October, everyone. In September, October, most of you have something.
I tell you what.
It’s not this. It’s this.
Here’s the thing.
I wanted you to show me this old song, but this mount song is so loud.
There’s something here. I don’t know who’s talking about it.
That’s weird. Yeah.
And I’m going to tell you a few things that I know recently.
Yes, 10,000 tox litigants submitted evidence, and I have a request for a delay due to
September 13th because of a visit from the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo or Osaka
I’m doing this with a rabbit.
My intended testimony was that one of the chapters was destroyed in the crash and the next available testament.
It’s scheduled for November 5th, so we’re going to do it separately.
I’ve heard that one more testimony, considering the possibility,
I asked you to postpone it until December 12th, when you were asked to submit it.
Meanwhile, the manuscripts left Mark Capella alone, intentionally speaking about tube and stability.
A defense man who intentionally walks in the design and operation of the manuscript.
It says that the circumstances claim to be responsible for the loss of the plaintiff’s property.
And Thailand’s Ministry of Finance has launched a pilot block cloth project.
and Nevada in the United
I’m gonna need you to give me an update on Pay Tang’s energy in a neighborhood close to the casino.
It’s one of the latest news reports that he made it mandatory.
That’s one of the things I
Yeah, there’s gonna be a win.
2 weeks before last year’s numbers, September 22nd, r500 u 9 volume optimization 480
Oh, my God. 885.
That’s it. You can guess it from the reference. Yeah, good.
You gave me some information again.
Jesus Christ is the Lee Istanbul future upgrade information or shader Leeum.
Yeah, after the Con study Noble,
Uh, now, thanks to this, the compensation ratio is also next year.
The grace period is one year, so the third place is next year.
Then it’s gonna have a little bit of an impact.
Yeah, well, every time I’ve had a chance to make amends, I’ve got a lot of hompy.
So that’s what I see.
Bite direction is a little bit of a good way to watch
Let me put up another last word and use my head.
You’ve been thinking a lot about it.
Mr. Loh Zoe,
I’m sure he’ll be the sweetest one to talk about.
Okay, we’ll set it up, and we’ll wrap it up.
Roger Boshi has invested for a very long time.
But the mount must have been caused by the incident.
This market could really go away. When you thought this was going to happen,
in those days
And yet, look at all of them, and they’re doing a lot of work.
We’ve had a discussion
Right. And we’ll know. I don’t want you to keep talking about half-life.
I just can’t find the bladder.
Now, when you see a half-life of bitcoin,
Half-life, half-life. This one’s on a monthly
When you see the bladder trail, it’s gone up before half-life, and it’s gone up.
It’s kind of bloody because it’s been pretty much the same in the
The bat came up a bit before, so I’ve broken all the shares with water.
It’s a long time, but it’ll come up after that.
So what we’ve been waiting for is a meaningless drug.
I mean, there’s a lot of people waiting for half a cold.
I still have 2 years to spare.
I’ll tell him to wait another two years for Yang’s 1st performance.
I want to.
And by the time the room expired, we had a lot of light corning down.
In other words, when you were in monthly pay, you stay for a few months. Half-life with Bitcoin
after a while
I’ll go up more after the day is over. If you hadn’t thought about this,
That sounds wonderful.
I’m going to take some time off during the New Year.
Wright, what happened to you after wandering around in August recently?
Oh, I’m going to go more. What if I had to go more?
I’m taking a quick rest right now.
I mean, when my room expires, I’ll go more after that.
Let’s get some rest.
There’s a lot of stress coming up, so no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I’d love to.
Now that he’s out of the bladder, he’ll be back.
There’s just one thing. You can think of it like this.
I hope you’re satisfied with your information today.
Yeah, I like it once. And the ad.
I hope you’ll see me through a lot.
Next time, there’s a lot of information, and there’s.
And I’ll bring it back and have fun with you.
I’ll finish at four. Everyone.
Cheer up a little bit and cheer Yeah, I’m sure that’s how much I
We’re waiting for a good time.
But digital assets, you don’t have to worry so much about the beat.
I thought I’d give it to you, and it shouldn’t have gone up that much this year.
But we’re up here, so let’s just wait and see
Thank you all so much for having fun. I’ll wrap this up.