Hello everyone I don’t know if you heard of Mikhail Osipov. He’s a three year old chess prodigy from Russia. And I think he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite chess players in the world. As this game was played in 2016 So last year. And the three year old Misha is playing against the former world champion Anatoly Karpov They organized this match just to see how talented the kid really is. They do consider him to be the most talented chess prodigy to ever live This game was played [hesitates] The conditions weren’t really fit for a three year old. I mean, they played on the stage and the audience was huge You had the commentator, everything was flashing You know, lots of lights And this was a blitz game It’s a lot to take in, you know, for a three year old. But he managed to hold his own and play a decent game, although [hesitates] Well, you’ll just see Young Misha is white and Anatoly Karpov is black We have d4 Knight to f6 c4 by Misha e6 Knight to c3 Bishop to b4 And we have a3 The Nimzo-Indian defense Bishop captures on c3 B captures on c3 And now c5 This is all standard theory and here some player would prefer knight to f3 some would play e3 some would play queen to c2 but the three year old prodigy plays a move that simply stuns Karpov He plays d captures on c5 He voluntarily triples his pawns And here Karpov was a bit surprised Well, ok, he plays knight to a6 Going for that c5 pawn Because, well, they are tripled But young Misha simply continues to develop. Bishop to g5 We have knight captures on c5 And we have knight to f3 And, ok, black is somewhat better here He has a better pawn structure but, it’s nothing serious, you know? the three year old is holding his own We have b6 by Karpov g3 We have h6 attacking the bishop bishop captures on f6 We have queen captures on f6 And now knight to d4 As Karpov was threatening to capture this pawn on c3 with a fork on the king and the rook So, knight to d4 We have bishop to b7 by Karpov, attacking the rook And, in this position, young Misha plays the strongest move, recommended by the engine and, like I said [laughs] this is a blitz game and he is three years old He plays f3 We have castles by Karpov And bishop to g2 Also, the strongest move We have bishop to a6 and now Karpov leaves this strong diagonal and goes for the c4 pawn Young Misha immediately takes advantage of this He plays f4 Now, expanding on the kingside, and also creating a discovered attack on the rook on a8 Karpov plays rook a to c8 and we have castles by young Misha Bishop captures on c4 And, here, well, like I said the conditions weren’t really ideal for a three year old and there were always, you know, they were asking him questions and they were talking a lot So he was losing a lot of time, you know just, on things not related to chess here, he did spend a lot of time and he played f5 Karpov immediately responded with e5 We have knight to f3 And here, Karpov played d5 And, here, young Misha was still thinking And, in this position, well, his flag fell he ran out of time and Karpov informed his young adversary that he lost on time and it was at this moment that young Misha went into tears and started crying and calling for his mother but then his mother said “It’s ok Misha” everything’s ok and Karpov presented him with a huge medal and said that he earned it, he was a great player and, then, well, everything was ok again and then young Misha went on to solve some puzzles some chess puzzles, and he solved a couple of puzzles; he, like, really destroyed them and it’s like, mate in 2, mate in 3 he solved them instantly I will put a link in the description below where you can see a video of this event Do check the game, and do check how young Misha destroyed the puzzles at the end of that video It’s simply amazing And, this year, young Misha actually won a game against a grandmaster He beat Yuri Averbakh and Yuri Averbakh is 95 years old ok, but still, a four year old defeated a legendary grandmaster I mean, it was Mikhail Tal who actually won his grandmaster title when he defeated Yuri Averbakh on time using the Belgrade Gambit with the white pieces, so He’s definitely a strong grandmaster He did overlook a piece, but nevertheless a four year old managed to defeat [laughs] a grandmaster So yea, definitely an amazing kid and definitely one to look out for I think we can definitely expect great things from young Misha So yea, I will make a video about the game against Yuri Averbakh as well I do hope you enjoyed this video I would like to thank Corbin Johnson, Pierre Louis, Lunar Wolf, and The Theater Awaits for contributions to my channel I really appreciate it And yea, that’s it, thank you all for watching, as usual you can check two of my previous videos here I’ll see you soon!