We will continue to color the drill.
We’ll use silver.
We’ll paint it all in silver
Then we do some effect there.
The spiral on the drill is drawn in gold.
I’ll put it on the M8 rod.
Let’s try diluted black.
I think it is OK
We can draw the spiral.
Let’s try gold.
Looks OK
It is OK
We will continue.
It is Field_1. Here we only paint the front, because it will be covered by the house.
I’ll use brick paint.
We’ll see what it looks like.
Paint it with one color.
Paint the front of the engine a bit.
We don’t have to color it all.
It can’t be seen.
I think it is OK
We’ll dye the bottom.
The bottom is the same for all parts.
The first color is silver and then diluted black.
Only part of it can be seen.
And continue with black
Mix the black with thinner.
We will continue
We will continue
I will apply black paint to those rivets and gaps, which I will then rub.
Just a light black paint and really rub it.
Looks OK
I will continue with the next section.
We’ll cut off the overflows if there are any.
Those overflows don’t matter, the machine will work, including them.
I think it is OK
We start with this part.
We’ll make the inside silver.
We will continue
We’ll see what it looks like this silver one.
So the other side.
It is done
Now I dye another part.
The wings are painted gold.
Other parts red and gray.
There are protrusions on the wings and they are black.
I paint the projections with a small brush.
We only paint the protrusions.
The bottom was painted on silver again.
Again, rivets and gaps are painted in black with thinner.
Looks good.
We continue in the next section.
It is a sponge.
We will remove overflows if they are there.
First we make the hat.
It will be all red It will be all red with white dots.
Completaly red
Looks good
The mouth of the mushroom will be red too.
The body of the sponge will be light gray (beige).
The trunk will be dark brown and the top light brown.
I’ll make the top of the trunk right away
Let it dry and then continue.
Just continue.
With white paint just paint the eyes and teeth.
I let it dry and then I make black eyes.
Now we’ll do the bottom.
We start with light gray
And we’ll put it on the stones.
Thinner S6006
Lets try it.
A little overcoat scaling gray
Looks good
I forgot white dots on the sponge.
Apply darker gray on the stones.
I think it is OK
Apply brown on the stones.
Apply green to the entire bottom.
Apply green to the entire bottom. Apply a little green to the stones.
We’ll see what it looks like.
Glue the hat.
It is final version.
Final version.
We continue to dye the house.
Let’s start with brick paint.
Other side
Brown the beams.
Looks good
The rest of the beams should be painted lighter brown.
The sponge and the chest will be side by side
The bottom of the chest will be the same as the mushroom.
Remove any overflows.
I used silver for the straps.
For edging such a metallic paint.
Brown for those interiors.
On the stones I use light gray
The bottom stones are also painted light gray.
Dark grey with thinner.
Next is brown and then green.
Looks good.
And the last green.
The entire bottom is painted green.