Aloha youtube this ya boy
crypto roots and I’m back at it again with more game for you and me and my
lady we just chilling you know I’m saying we doing a thing and today I want
to go over the top five reasons why I encourage you to become a computer
programmer now as you may not know our Ben may know that I’m a self-taught
developer and the reasons I became one is I wanted to work remotely so the
number one reason I wanted to become a programmer was more control I wanted to
have more control not just of my life but different aspects of my life and and
I felt programming can get me there if we use technology and our cell phones if
we use technology in our cars airplanes buses any form of transportation any
form of health care and inform our finance if you know how to program and
you know that that core layer is based in UNIX or is based on Linux you can you
know how to you’re put more prepared of interacting with that device and having
more control over that device now control could be a good thing or a bad
thing it’s up to the user that at the end of the day it’s about control and if
you can create apps such as Instagram Facebook and Twitter
then you ultimately have control over other people’s lives and that comes with
great responsibility but ultimately I wanted to get into programming because I
felt like it I could have more control over my life and various different ways
so that is number one reason why I encourage you to become a programmer
it’s more control of the aspects of your life
the second reason I encourage you to become a computer programmer it helps
you think differently if you become a better problem-solver the way you look
at the world is is a bit differently and you’re able to function almost more
efficiently when it comes to everyday problems you would think how would I
solve this in a computer program and help what I apply that into the real
life and if you if you try to separate those two you’re
living an illusion because these programs these functions these
algorithms these data types they control the way you interact on your digital
devices and how you interact with other people digitally so but if you’re out of
the loop you have no idea how to solve these problems and you’re gonna have to
rely on someone else so it gives you a new perspective to think in a new way of
solving problems the third reason I encourage you to become a computer
programmer it’s because it’s a universal language you don’t have to know Japanese
to learn programming you don’t have to learn Korean and learn Spanish to be a
programmer you can be a native speaker of any language and learn the
programming language it’s the language of talking to computers and you can
utilize that any gender any race any background you travel you can talk the
language of computers with computers and and/or with other people you can talk
Python with other people you can talk JavaScript with other people so it helps
you be more well-rounded and universal when it comes to speaking languages and
speaking the language of computers for free so I’m on my way to engineer and if
you put in the grind put in ever put in the work you become a software engineer
and who knows the limits the limits are limitless and I’m saying as far as what
you can make and the things you can do the influence you can have you can do
that all free and then charge people for what you learn I’m believable
so my self-taught developer from zero is a hero all for free that’s why I
encourage you to become a computer programmer because you can actually
bring your ideas to reality faster quicker without having any
interferences without having to explain what you think that should be you’re
just someone else know you can do it you can manifest it all by yourself
and that is one of the things that pushed me it’s like oh I got these dope
ideas I got these dope I just don’t have enough money to paste one and even if I
date someone who knows how longer I doubt they’ll ever be able to bring it
to light the way I want it so I’m the painter of the brush now you
know I’m saying I’m the painter with the brush now and I can bring my ideas to
reality I’m in the process of it and it’s some of the most motivating it’s a
reason for me to live personally is CM ideas manifest and whether they be good
or bad as long as my ideas help people and as long as like I see yeah that’s a
positive influence on the world and I’m gonna keep doing and I encourage you to
be a programmer so you flew Utley take your ideas and then bring them to
reality less than a year later everybody’s in your head
bodies on the website everything I’m saying and I’m so motivated and I’m so
inspired and I courage you and I appreciate you thank you for watching
this video you know right there right in the comments you know saying you’re
right isn’t becoming a computer program everything you want to be a programmer
you know say what what it what makes it hard for you but let me know I’m coming
out with crypto blues website pretty so and I’m working on the crypto Rhodes
University hat and whatever I can do to help you learn let me know in the
comments you know if you want me to start doing programming tutorials or not
whatever I can do it help you I’m saying and hopefully you like y’all can help me
in return but it’s all good I appreciate him I love you thinking about when much
love Aloha