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BK decree stuff of crypto is your boy BK
and if you don’t like me you must not like money thank you for joining me
everybody I appreciate the opportunity to be back live on the air again I
remember you know not too long ago when I was just a young whippersnapper what
about you know five hundred to a thousand subscribers shout out the big
laugh holding it down for cape town cape town south South Africa you know one of
my first subscribers I remember I was talking about girl I was like I was like
somebody from South Africa watching my channel
you know big lives still still holding it down for us I appreciate it you know
90 crypto in New Zealand we got we got a global community and this is really
amazing so I’m honored to be able to come back you know and and especially at
this moment has so much energy and resonance and synchronicity in the
market right now and you know that’s what we’re gonna talk about a little bit
on this call it’s really just the beginning and you know they let me back
at just the right time because I’m about to hit them over the head with it you
know seven days a week you know I’m saying so that’s one of the things we
got coming this is about to be an amazing cycle thank you for joining me
you know I’m saying and if this is your first time tuning in congratulations
baby we are now rocking with the best my name
is BK known as the crypto trader and the boasts these charts as you’ll soon find
out every day I graced this microphone on my voice is another day you get the
profit as a result than today is no exception so you already know what time
it is if you guys are in the chat right now I see you give me one coin I will do
one chart on this video but until then let’s go back to our
resources we have trading view Facebook patreon number one Bitcoin group in the
world and for people just getting set up I didn’t you know leave you guys out
it’s to count on one two YouTube channels BK crypto traitor right now
right now boss a Bitcoin and we had the number one Bitcoin videos in the world
make sure you follow the both of those I will be releasing exclusive content on
two different platforms from here on out so you want to make sure you get all
that content and then when you’re ready to jump on the cash train jump on over
to patreon com type my name MBK crypto Trader shout out to a hundred members at
a family holding me down you know for a couple months now they really make this
whole thing possible you know and I try to pay it back in abundance one of the
ways I do that is the crypto forecast 7 day profit package every 7 days you get
the top seven coins deliver it straight to your phone it’s hard to mess it up
you know I just literally line up the money all you need to do is walk over
there and pick it up right put down to pick up six like a boss that’s what we
doing over there at patreon.com I’m rolling out some more products and
services I’m getting some software design it’s an amazing amazing
opportunity in the market I just call my little sister to date you know I’m
saying said if you if you ain’t got Bitcoin yet you you are joking you know
I’m saying talk to her for about ten minutes she getting on the money train
she already got some Bitcoin so she getting some more my dad getting some
more you know I’m saying that’s what I said
you better smack smack your mama if she ain’t got no Bitcoin yet it is seventy
six hundred dollars and that will be the lowest it will be for quite some time
right literally go back in my videos right type my name in chart like a boss
click on the third video when I say it – is cash – Bitcoin was like two thousand
dollars back then under 1,800 now remember today it was
1800 I was screaming and the microphone now is only 76 that’s the opportunity at
hand right that’s the opportunity at hand so shout out to everybody in the
building you know let’s go ahead and get with this content now what you came to
see you know the boss is back in action and I got you know like I said I got
some people holding me down that’s what I’m gonna do with this first livestream
I don’t want it to be about me I want it to be about the community members I
wanted to be about the crypto enthusiasts the loyalists and and the
innovators you know I’m saying make this whole thing possible behind the scenes
right and so some of the people that have actually reached out to me
personally and and you know let me know about their business and even sent me
some products you know to try for myself to verify to validate you know I ain’t
too proud to take nothing for free you know I’m saying I’m rocking it put it on
my chest say which chest crypto Cowboys baby you know I’m saying there’s one of
our community members right here mr. Howe Meade and is is really cool I got
it they got a little a Facebook group right here crypto Cowboys it’s a close
group so you have to request the joiner but what I noticed is they do post you
know daily content kind of like the big big big information you know so it’s
sometimes always good to have a head up on what’s happening in the market and
how to react how to respond to it and you know this is where I get some of my
informations when I’m looking for content in addition I do follow more
Instagram you know they have a lot of uh a lot of great a lot of great memes you
know when you bought Bitcoin at 20k come on man you know my man jr. Smith
goodness gracious goodness gracious you know hopefully
that wasn’t you don’t be that guy you know running on the court trying to
explain to King how you messed up you know
so they have a very active engage in Instagram page shout out to a crypto
Cowboys thank you for the shirt you know I’m saying I actually had this shirt on
if you look at the last be King vlog I had this on we went jet skiing
down in Myrtle Beach right so it’s a very cool very cool very nice shirt as
well so you could check that out hit them up in a Facebook group if you want
one and then in addition to that it’s something really really cool
and I’ll bring the video back out for this one hold on this one is pretty cool
right this is actually the original it’s a poster it’s like a linen poster – hi
this is nice but it’s actually almost like a Dead Sea scroll this is the
original white paper Satoshi nakamoto’s white paper peer-to-peer electronic cash
system right it’s a toasty nakamoto’s original white paper and you can see
it’s pretty good-sized right and it’s full version in its entirety you know
it’s literally like a work of art this is this is pretty place and this is one
of the coolest things I’ve seen there goes right there like I said it’s
like a like a scroll almost to where you can roll it out you can frame it you
just have it in your office that’s what I’ll do without when I have my you know
beautiful ten million dollar facility that’s actually without that will be you
know right there in the walkway so people can see what greatness looks like
right because that that one document changed the world and and so thank you
to my men that sent it to me I want to bring up the website right now so let’s
go back to this guy and this website is uh BTC poster calm right Bitcoin white
paper posters so again be TC poster dot-com right and it’s it’s definitely you know a very
very very cool I don’t keepsake pretty much for to
block tank it is it looks like $79 right down there at the bottom they got the
price $79 but what I noticed you know and I’ve reached out to the guy was like
I was like I was like you know I’m go tell my people and you know they might
like it they might think it’s cool but can you hook them up cuz you know I like
to give money away I like to look out for my people so can we get a hookup can
we get can we get something you know but people for the people one time you know
I’m saying $2 holla so what he did he put a promo code together to where if
you type in you go to purchase it and type in discount code the boss of BTC
you actually get 10% off right there so that knocks it down to $70 and honestly
if I knew somebody like that I could get this to I might get I’m like oh my god
I’m actually buy one and I’ll find somebody to give it to you know what
I’ll do I’ll buy one to give away right cuz he sent me one and that’ll be the
deal that’ll be the deal I just made this up right now I just made this up as
as I’m speaking right now but if you send me something for free right for
free sure and post it now I’ll buy one to give away to the people right that
way you know I’m saying you got paid for it
pay for value for value right so I’m gonna buy one of these things I’m gonna
use my promo code I’m gonna just go through it and buy it I’m using my promo
code and then we’ll come back in about a week or so because they take about a
week to ship out and we’ll give this thing away live on the air so check them
out if you’re interested again I think this is this is definitely a really
really cool keepsake and you know that’s why I’m going on my way to make sure one
of you guys can experience to BTC poster calm and then we were talking about
Instagram earlier and I came across this as soon as I love doing shout out to the
big homie crypto you know Omar Bam Bam you know Zam boss walking on the west
coast just got his a silver play button that’s pretty amazing a hundred thousand
subscribers I remember this dude was so influential to me just talking in the
front seat of his car you know running between work with his little dress shirt
on you know people forget like I tell y’all it is house I used to be a waiter
working for $2 an hour plus tips you know man now I’m looking at buying a
restaurant someday so you know shout-out to mr. mr. crypto over there you know
we’ve spoken a few times I’m sure our paths will cross in the future to
collaborate on some real-deal projects I think it’s amazing that the people you
know the quality of people that are already you know building out their
legacy on the blockchain and if you look around it’s a lot of young people it’s
you know not a lot of these old dinosaurs you know in the suits ties and
you know $10,000 cufflinks talking about the stock market this is a complete
dissemination of cultural assimilation you know exam this is an evolution of a
psychological differentiation that allows us to identify with each other I
think one of the problems that has been instilled upon society is that where
we’re sub-divided of about 25 or 26 different times so many so many you know
a lot of a lot of people don’t know if they all right pro-left red blue green
yellow orange purple LGBTQ sometimes v you know it’s it’s a different label
every day at a weekend it’s always changing and it literally makes you
crazy united we stand divided we so fall
divide and conquer especially if you’re one person but you have eight different
classifications any different labels this is what I tell you don’t volunteer
to put a label on yourself because that is what you become right people ask me
are you conservative are you a liberal are you are you a millennia or you are
you a yeah yeah you know my Bible here is a make up about 18 different names
for you cuz they can’t call you what you are a human you know I’m saying you’re a
human we’re all human oh cool good let’s start
there that don’t sale commercials you know so but with that you know MS
naughty kryptos good to see you good to see you let’s jump back I’m back I’m
jumping back and forth like double touch you know I’m saying just got to get in
where you fit in I got a major announcement coming up – you know I’m
saying they said there’s a new cycle I told you I told you I put the bottom in
with are you watching closely back around 5600 I came on today and said
that Jim will be a breakout month if you win in the patreon group you see that
June will be a monumental month for the entire market and guess what your boy is
about to get on stage and give that information to the world so as soon as
they get me get back to me you know and put my face on that website it airs is
when I will be releasing this information to the world right
I can go tell y’all where I’m gonna be speaking it my name on my name on my
picture and even on the website that don’t make no sense to me I’m saying so
I say I say I know y’all y’all y’all y’all took care of everything I know I’m
coming y’all booked the flight I’m coming I said I just want my people to
see you know I’m saying I wanted to be validated right so we will have a major
announcement this is a monumental opportunity not only for me but for
everyone right I’m just kind of a gate keeper I’m just the one talking into a
microphone ultimately the choice is yours whether you embrace this
life-changing technology right and if you want to we got it set up for you
patreon.com BK crypto traitor we got three levels three packages you can hear
from me every day you can hear from me once a week or you can hear from me once
or twice a month you know exam take it how you want it you know straight black
almond whipped cream mocha latte chocolate covered split sprinkles
whatever you won’t we go give it to you no but whatever you get just know that
it’s more value coming to you than you’re giving back
right I’m not doing this to get rich off of YouTube that’s not that’s not why I’m
in this game I’m in this game to help people I’m in this game to change lives
I’m in this game you know for everybody that’s sick and tired of being sick and
tired I’m in this game for me about eight years ago when I was running
around Northeast Ohio making $80 a day as a substitute teacher after their
taxes about forty five forty six dollars a day trying to teach tenth graders 11th
graders 12th grader basic mathematics I’m in it I’m in it for the kid that I
went to the dollar store spent three dollars on the deck of flashcards and
worked with him you know I own a recess indoor recess so he could try to pass an
AC team and and make his life better I’m in it but anybody that’s sick and tired
of being sick and tired I don’t care what piece of paper any fiduciary prints
out and assigns to my value I know what I’m worth and this piece of paper don’t
cut it for me I’m gonna put a long call I’m in it for the legacy I’m in it for
you and I’m in it for anybody willing to embrace the opportunity at hand and we don’t do it it’s pretty cool it’s
pretty cool what a time to be alive and what a time yeah I could be
depending on this with that being said it’s that time of the date I ain’t gonna
do no check-in and we’ll do that on the next one sounding out this is the most
the oh boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil the bay in California
feels good to be back just in time all the way back out dude
jerk money good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank
you for your time shout out to people holding me down boss
walking saddle up and ride crypto cowboys let’s go
BTC poster calm let’s go Kryptos news let’s go 90 crypto let’s go and
everybody hold me down on patreon appreciate it thank you for the support
copy and paste this URL text somebody you care about each one reach one reach
one teach one as we increase our affluence let us not decrease our
influence in our commitment that we have to empowering each other do that for me
if you appreciate my until we meet again stay cryptic out