Wait…Wait…Wait -Excuse me, is this Bykáň?
-Yes Ladies and gentlemen, this is village called Bykáň Population: 30. 6 kilometres from here,
you can find a totally insane thing. Guys, I am going to get locked up in complete darkness for 7 next days. Let’s do this. Far from darkness, those are just shades. Look over there. Apples! It’s sour. On Standashow Instagram account, in case you follow me – link in the description – You had a chance to ask me something “What is darkness“ ? Look, just imagine being locked up in a shed, absolutely no light, so you stay in a pitch black room for 7 days. I am, ladies and gentlemen, going to have a nice nap there. *Background music plays* – Hello, name’s Hruška Stanislav
– Can we be on first-name terms? -Call me Standa.
-Hi Standa. Look so Food’s served between 11 am till 3 pm. Depends… it can vary. Well you are in dark, so no biggie for you. But it varies. I’ll knock before coming in. And once you are ready, you knock back right on this here wall. In case it gets hard to cope with, no idea what you keep inside, this switch right here will be active for entire time And if you are panicking or experiencing horrors, or the room’s on fire, or whatever, you can
go out anytime you wish. Staying here is up to your own will Some people mind not being locked up from the outside, but usually… – That’s an entirely different sport, then. Alright. – Thank’s for coming here.
– My pleasure. – Have fun here and we’ll take care as if you were one of us.
– Great. Well… Maybe you noticed lack of windows and this light is going off any second now. *Background music plays* Looks like we’re prepared and ready. So, let’s do this, guys. Hooray! Time for night vision then. You can see something. I can’t at all. Let’s hit the sheets, guys… Looking forward to that. after I find the door. Right here, mhm. So sleep tight, guys. First night… I can do it… I hope. Ahh, day one I got used to the place a bit Here Here, I… ran into the wall once, right? Head first. I was going to bed and slammed by head against the wall. Never mind. So there I have some food Where is it? And two boxes… with baked goods. So that’s my lunch then.
I’ll take it with me. So that would be tea. So… Ouch, ouch ouch! If you ask how not to spill it – First, I put my finger in and keep pouring till the finger is submerged. Which is a bad move when the drink is hot, damn. I have no clue what kinda food it is. Can you see it?
Well, I don’t know… That’s a nice salad. Fear of missing something, it is… quite intense. I feel like I have no notifications, I’m not in control, and simply, I feel there’s something going on outside in this world, and I am missing out, and that’s really bad. So that’s what I feel quite intensively. My brain’s going: “Hey, Standa, turn your phone on and see what’s going on.” I wonder what’ll come next. *Background music plays* See, one interesting thing… is telling the time. What hour is it… And I can but guess. And since I have no clue how long I slept… so my estimate is it’s between 1 am and 10 am. No idea… yep. You measure time differently here. It’s interesting to experience it. The way You measure time in days here. *Knocking* – Hi!
– Hi! -Sooo, lemme shove it in. – Well, how’s it going? – Well, alright… – Really?
– Yeah quite. – Great to hear you are holding on. – Seeing stars?
– That’s common. – That’s to be expected, eh?
– Well, especially with people who work with their eyes. They sometimes say it’s like a stroboscope. – Yeah, exactly. – And it doesn’t matter if you have your eyes closed or not. – I sometimes don’t even know if I have them open or not. But there were talks about, well, I read about people talking about hallucinations. What can I expect or imagine? – You know, every person is different a bit. Someone is a visual type, someone motion one, Someone hears sounds Someone has those feelings… So it depends on your settings. See, a month ago, we had a guy who visited for the third time. And he said the darkness was different every time. Okay, so that’s all I needed. – So everything fine? Alright… It’s Thursday, right? – Yes, Thursday. Friday tomorrow and then it’s over. – Great, okay.
– Take care.
– See ya. – Bye! *Alarm clock sounds* So… Ladies and gentlemen… after six days I’m going outside. I might get woozy a bit. Let’s see *Background music plays* That’s all, folks. You can hit that like button now.