In every decade of your life
hopefully you will learn a lot of things
And I know that was for me was certainly true of my twenties

So for this video I made a gigantic list
But I managed to boil it down to the top seven things
that if someone had been able to communicate to me
would have save me a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of heartache
So I hope to be able to do the same for you
in this video
Also just an announcement at the end of this video
I’m gonna be talking about some new language channels that we’re starting
specifically Hindi, Chinese language channels, so if you speak any of these languages or others
that I’ll be talking about stick around to the end and you could potentially work with us on those
The first thing though, I wished that I realized that
if you continue to hear something about yourself
from friends, family even strangers
it’s probably true
and if I had been able to one get the feedback that people were telling me
First of that I can be extremely stubborn, that I am a lot like my father in ways
I didn’t want to acknowledge, that certain relationships I were in were not
healthy, It would have saved me years and years and a lot
of pain. Bonus points here if you can cultivate
a space, a safe one for your friends to tell you
the things about you that you might not want to see
and even go out of your way to ask for that feedback
Will save you a ton of trouble the second thing that
I wish I realized is that when it comes to negotiations, ninety
percent of success is in starting it
because no one tells you it’s time to negotiate
So when you walk into a car dealership for the first time the person
doesn’t say the list price is twenty four thousand but now we’re gonna
negotiate you can expect to drive me down at least twenty percent right
That doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen in jobs interviews
It doesn’t happen with regards to compensation or with regards to other
intangibles, like can you work from home or do you have to come in the
office, so recognize, you’re going to have to start negotiations where you think things
are fixed for me this meant one of the only times
I actually did this was with grad school, there were two schools I had
One that I wanted to go to and one that gave me more money
I thought I was going here so I sent an email to these guys saying
I’d love to I appreciate it, but financially I just have to
take this one not expecting anything back they gave me
fifteen thousand addition dollars which is huge
cause I might still be paying that off today if I
didn’t get it so start the negotiations in work
with big purchases like rent
and of course when it comes to financial aid and schools the third
thing that I absolutely wish I knew that nobody actually
told me at the time is that scarcity is
often just a tactic to get you to buy