hey guys it’s Rob from Rob Finds Treasure and I pulled a bit of money out of the bank today tried to ask for no
new bills but you can see we do have some new bills in here not a big worry
we got about seven thousand and 20s 501 502 503 gonna hunt it and if I find
anything cool I’ll bring you in for it otherwise I’ll wrap it up at the end so
I’m hunting the tens and I do want to point out sometimes it’s nice to get
brand new crisp bills because in this case we got a couple of trinaries
because I got the run from 26 through 50 and as you can see this one down here as
a trainer rake is at zero for us and nines and I knew the next one but have
zero fours and nines as well this one’s almost a radar of course it wouldn’t be
unless it was an 04 9999 40 but still a cool find a couple of trine Ares in
there and I also found a birthday note 1998 June 21st kind of backwards but
still cool someone has that birthday and they don’t have the traditional setup of
the birthday oh 6 21 1998 that might work and so we’re gonna go
through these last two stacks here of 25 tens and see what else we get so guys
check this out I just covered how I had a couple of trying areas and those bills
and I knew with oh four oh nine nine this was going to be 76 through 100 so I
knew I’d have an 04009990 and ninety nine well I got the nine
nine nine oh and when it got to build number 98 I knew the next one will be
nine nine nine nine but it wasn’t check this out the last two bills of this
stack were post our notes which means build number 9999 and 1000 were actually
misprinted and/or had damage or heirs and so they replaced them with star
notes so I got a couple of star notes instead of trying Aries that is really
cool so not a bad fine for crisp new bills I ended up with three try an Aries
an older birthday note and a couple of star notes like I always do
I’ll check their rarity and prep runs and I’ll give you a recap of all the
star nuts I find at the end now we’re gonna move on to the fives look how
close this was to being a radar it starts 193 and on the reverse it goes
193 and the two middle ones are two three instead of two two or three three
it would have been a three three man it would have been a trinary and radar or
even a two two in the middle then it wouldn’t been a tri neighborhood on a
radar anyway close but no cigar let’s keep looking
alright guys we struck out in the fives that’s fine let’s move on to the 20s all
right guys we’re still hunting those 20s and we got a 2006 star note it’s in
terrible condition but it’s a star note you can see it’s ripped down there it’s
got some discoloring up here oh well it’s okay I still like getting star
notes so we’ll set it aside with the star notes and we’ll check its rarity
later and we’ll get back to the hunt all right guys we finished running the 20s
we’ve got a couple of trine Ares which I pulled out and this one’s kind of missed
printed off print it’s not on center and then we got that beat-up star note so
now we’re gonna move over to the ones and see what we got in – $500 worth of
ones and I’ll look at it if I find anything cool okay we’re about a third
of the way through this second-to-last Bank shop of ones and we’ve got
ourselves a star note again not a very good condition it’s got some dirt on it
so creasing but it is a star note and it is an O six series so we’ll pull it
aside and put it with the star notes I also pulled out a couple of older bills
I got a 99 right there you guys know I keep ex note so I have a couple of ex
notes and one is actually in 1995 so that’s pretty cool let’s get back to the
hunt okay we finished the 500 ours and ones
not a lot of fines in this one we got three older notes to our X notes got to
try Daenerys here you can see them this one’s a four 9s and zeros and this one’s
three ones and 9s did get that one star nope so now that we’ve pulled all the
bills out that we’re gonna keep I’m gonna go ahead and check the rarity of
these four star notes that I got you’ll recall that I have two ten dollar ones a
twenty dollar one and a one dollar one let me look them up and let you know
they’re print runs and their rarities I’ll be right back
alright everyone I’ve checked the rarity of the star notes this one dollar star
note is not rare it’s part of the 3.2 million print run same thing on this 20
dollar star note it’s part of a 3.2 million turn round as well I will tell
you that this specific star note issue with the I Ellen front
had it been so number one through 128 thousand there would only been one
hundred twenty eight thousand printing it would have been the most rare star
notes you can find for the twenty dollar bill that would have been cool it’s not
it no worries these are kind of nice though these ten Darwin’s they’re part
of only a six hundred forty thousand print run so they’re right in the middle
of the scale of between less rare and more rare so these are pretty good finds
and they’re crisp and clean and new which is cool
anyway we finished this hunt hope you enjoyed it with me if you did please
give the video a thumbs up and as always thanks for watching