So you’ve downloaded the wallet and filled
it with Skycoin.
Now it’s time to take the next step and
join the rest of the Skycoin community.
The Skycoin community, sometimes called “Skyfleet”,
are all over the Internet.
On Twitter, YouTube, and writing articles
on Medium.
Chances are you’ve encountered some of them
on your journey thus far.
But there’s one place where the community
really comes together, and that’s on Telegram.
If you haven’t heard of Telegram, it’s
a free and open cloud-based messaging platform.
It works like Apple’s Messages, or What’s
App, but is faster than those platforms and
operates with much greater privacy and military-grade
security protocols.
Given its open and completely encrypted and
distributed structure, Telegram naturally
appeals to the crypto community, and Skycoin
in particular.
Your first step in joining the Skycoin community
is visit to download the app
on the device of your choice.
There’s a version for all platforms and
operating systems, and they all sync with
one another so you can install and log into
your account anywhere.
Once you’ve registered, be sure to pick
a username, and then you’re ready to join
some rooms!
Remember for any room you join, to first carefully
read any pinned message, especially before
you start asking questions.
Often the answers are there, and it’s impolite
to waste the room’s time with questions
that have been answered dozens of times, or
for which you can find answers yourself.
That’s why the pinned messages are there.
You’ll find them at the top of the chat
Skycoin is a welcoming community, but it’s
the members’ responsibility to follow some
simple rules of etiquette.
The pinned message will include any rules
specific to the room, but in general community
members should be polite and refrain from
arguing with or insulting other members, avoid
initiating off-topic discussions, especially
when a different room already exists for that
topic, and always listen to and obey the admins.
Abusive or disruptive individuals may be warned,
muted, or banned altogether.
Trolls and spammers will not be tolerated.
The admins are there to make sure each room
is a friendly and welcoming place for everyone.
Skycoin has dozens of Telegram rooms, and
as a truly global community, includes many
rooms hosted in other countries and languages;
but I will talk about some of the primary
ones you might wish to join first.
This is the general Skycoin chat room.
A great place to share your passion for the
project, and discuss Skycoin news.
Discussion of Skycoin’s price, however,
is not permitted in the main room.
Trading discussions, speculation on Skycoin
price, and debates regarding your ability
to one day afford a Lamborghini are all things
that belong in the Skytrader room.
The Skyfleet News channel differs from many
of the other Skycoin channels in that only
admins are permitted to post, but it serves
as a repository of all the latest Skycoin
news and announcements.
Discussion of Skywire, Skycoin’s revolutionary
decentralized Internet, as well as the Skyminers
and antennas that make the Skywire network
possible, takes place in the Skywire channel.
In fact, there are channels dedicated to virtually
every aspect of the Skycoin ecosystem.
There is also an exciting way to earn free
Skycoin, and it’s only possible on Telegram.
Join the Skycoin Rewards Program channel to
learn about opportunities to creatively promote
the Skycoin ecosystem in exchange for monthly
chances to win thousands of dollars worth
of Skycoin.
There is also a room dedicated to support,
and there’s even a room for the rousing
games of Skycoin Bingo the community plays
together from time to time.
That’s how to get started.
We’re waiting for you, so come join the
rest of Skyfleet on Telegram and see for yourself
why Skycoin is the best community in crypto.