Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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november the 13th 2017 buy and hold
strong hand long-term thinking alright
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now remember I can’t see the chat unless
you do a super chat okay let’s start
we’re not gonna even start off with the
topics in the title I want to mention
that you know dash has been pumping and
that part of that is there’s a bit thumb
effect over there in Korea
some people are piling into it but I
have also noticed they are paying for
advertisements on YouTube now yes I saw
it I see a lot of cryptocurrency
advertisements and all of a sudden
there’s one for – talking about has slow
transact making fun of slow transactions
obviously you know a shot at Bitcoin but
the point is is they have a tremendous
marketing budget of some sort I mean no
other cryptocurrency has a marketing
budget like that so the way they have it
set up at least so they’re spending it
on ads they probably this is probably
helping the price awareness
maybe people are buying into it because
they know about these ads so tell me if
you see an ad for – I think it’s uh you
know I’m a big fan of marketing and I
think it’ll probably help there
price even more again I don’t I’m not an
altcoin guy but I mentioned I mentioned
– because they are the kings of
marketing you can’t you can’t deny it
they have it set up in a way but they
you know they’re people on my comments
section like – will surpass Bitcoin very
soon no no I mean maybe you can get you
know so be cash is trying to be digital
cash so maybe – and be cash are getting
to a rumble all their supporters are
they really because supporters out there
now there are there are all right so
toward a mr. has a tweet out there won’t
be surprised if after cashing in on be
cash pump a percent of the miners decide
to mine the 2x hard fork anyway five
more days you know what so the rumor is
back about the 2x hard Forex someone
trying to make it you know I thought it
was a fake news type of thing but it
wouldn’t shock me if someone tries to do
this just for the heck of it for the
money and maybe to cause some fun maybe
there’s a some of the the people in the
be cash community think this will help
be cash maybe it will really shouldn’t
in theory but what be cash has been
doing their strategy has been working
quite well for them lately so I I the 2x
thing might be totally separate but keep
an eye on it say this I’m just bringing
this up so you keep an eye over the next
you know four or five days we might get
a 2x crypto dividend great as long as
they have replayed protecting great I I
love this free cryptocurrency being
handed to me like this just because I
hold Bitcoin and believe you’re me I I
hold enough Bitcoin to make it
I like this hey man I’ve been telling
you guys the whole pound that like
button it’s not like I haven’t been
practicing what I’m preaching for the
last four years or whatever holding okay
so Dan Williams says holding bch is
supporting bch where is this selling
pressure from the loyal BTC army know
that I mean there’s plot dude plenty of
people the BTC army sold their be cash
away and a lot of them are regretting it
now and they shouldn’t be regretting it
there’s a lot of BTC people have sold
their be cashed and sold there be cash
when it went up to 0.44 a few minutes
the other morning I know someone who did
that and um that’s a real strong hand in
terms of holding on to the beat cash I
mean that crypto dividend that paid from
the very beginning it was 10% and that
people were like why did people say the
sell at 10% is 15% that I went down the
5% is people shut up for a while now
it’s to 20% people why did I sucked it’s
all free money people are selling it
some people can’t sell it it’s stuck at
coinbase for a lot of America probably
most Americans who knows who knows all
right so thank you for that super chat
thank you very much that’s how you get
my attention here all right and it’s
funny because on the other side of
things there are people who are talking
about by be cash for diversification now
don’t do that people don’t buy be cash
at all especially for the that’s an
excuse and it’s a trick on the part of
the be cash pumpers and it’s a good
trick these people are falling for it to
get suckers to give up their beat their
BTC for be cash if you really want to
diversify then keep your freebie cash
okay if you really feel the need to
diversify they don’t get rid of your be
cash okay the worst that can happen
there is you lose all of your free
crypto dividend if like be cashed become
zero but your all-important Bitcoin
balance stays the same again you’ve got
to value your wealth in Bitcoin people
you got a value don’t value it in be
cash so selling be cash if you already
if you already did you got a lot of
beating a Bitcoin for it so you should
be happy
I mean don’t don’t feel the need to buy
into this be cash train though and again
and if you have the beat
you know and you you like God now is the
time to sell me a short now is the time
to sell Ben you’re gonna get Bitcoin Val
you’re you’re gonna get 20% I mean
that’s amazing that’s amazing for every
be cash you get you get point to Bitcoin
and you did nothing
you didn’t that you just got it for free
and you held on to it for whatever
reason you were hanging on for longer
than a lot of people did that’s great
you value your wealth in Bitcoin and so
for any for the guy beforehand talking
about the Bitcoin army yeah don’t worry
about be cash they people gotta look out
for themselves here they held on to
their be cash for this long they have
their reasons and they are doing better
than 10% congratulations to them again
there was a dude who I just read about
who got fooled into wanting to diversify
who got scared that Bitcoin was going to
die I think he was an Indian in India or
something like that I don’t even know I
didn’t get I didn’t I think not even
retweet his tweet or link to it below
but he said he lost like 80% because he
bought to be cash at 2500 and then he
couldn’t get it on a stone exchange fast
enough to sell it these are nonsense
store I mean don’t buy it you know again
I don’t tell me what ine altcoin you get
these cryptic dividends for free people
free and you’re in the big old one is
you’ve got that one now too so play with
that one but do things with that don’t
buy don’t buy that one either just think
of it that way that you’re diversified
that was you just got a freebie gold
and he it’s funny I thought of this term
oh all coined shirk short-term memory
syndrome I think people are suffering
from that people who are big fans of all
coins they don’t remember the beginning
of the year when aetherium was like
basically saying it was going to
overtake Bitcoin people were saying that
and now you know we hear these same
things about BB cash is the latest and
greatest thing just like aetherium was
at the beginning of the year I mean we
short-term memory syndrome caused by all
poignant infatuation I guess pound that
like button
we got a lot of 131 live viewers good
maybe I should do these shows at this
hour all the time we’re it’s it’s
nighttime here in Israel it’s 11:50 for
at night all right okay and I wanted to
remind everyone that on this weekend
Bitcoin which is linked to below please
check out my archives really there’s
some classics but the last few videos
the be gold one from yesterday Simon
Dixon from Saturday and then Fridays
this weekend Bitcoin all classics
instant classics but at the 1438 mark in
that this week in Bitcoin I said and
this is a direct quote you can go to
1438 I think they are trying to pump up
the price of be cash to 20% of a Bitcoin
before Monday actually because they’re
supposed to have their own fork on
Monday and so now it’s Monday they’ve
had their fork they’re at 20% exactly so
mission accomplished on their part by
the way people how to handle your crypto
dividends make a goal in terms of
Bitcoin and what you want out of your
crypto dividends okay so you’re saying
okay I’m getting 10 be gold I want to
have one to make one Bitcoin off of that
well that would be 10% so you want to be
selling your be gold for quite some time
but you could do other combinations or
who knows maybe because these gonna
excuse me I correct myself here so yeah
be gold is still not listed on a coin
market cap as anything but a futures
market but soon it will be and that’s
gonna be a shock to the system to see it
listed is like number seven
cryptocurrency but anyway it could go to
10% it could be right now it’s like what
four percent or something like that
so again decide on your own you just set
a goal in terms of Bitcoin what you want
your crypto dividend to turn on in terms
of Bitcoin and then when it gets to that
price cell or when it’s above
price sell and keep a little bit if you
want to hold your crypto dividend
because some people now I mean the
lesson for be cash and that is going to
be applied the V gold is they’re gonna
people be people holding onto a lot
longer for a lot longer than before
because they think it’s going to go up
like V cash had this major pump I mean
he has run up to four per forty percent
forty four point four of a big coin for
a short time the other day so people are
gonna have huge dreams about B gold now
all right so the be cash pump yeah a lot
of people are just screaming about it
and worried about it and saying oh it’s
centrally controlled and you know king
of the trolls did it and it’s all it’s
gonna happen again
and that all might be true but we gotta
take a step back here and analyze what
happened and there was something did
change their pump was successful their
pump was successful you have to admit
their pump wasn’t successful go before
the pump so many people consider B cash
to be a joke to be falling all these
pundits for saying you know B trash I’m
gonna call it C cash or the Deauville
0.05 0.05 and I was here saying you know
it’s kind of it’s got a pump again
they’re people behind it but not even I
knew it was gonna be this organized okay
and this successfully and and and really
it was planned out quite well I mean you
can see and it took advantage of a lot
of things so now afterwards they got the
they’re not a joke clearly but people
aren’t thinking of them as a joke at
least a lot more people aren’t the big
on mainstream media coverage out of it
very rarely do altcoins get mainstream
media coverage it is the only coin i’ve
ever heard people suddenly start saying
all you know various pundits in writing
or in the media and and on youtube they
I never heard people say you know you’ve
got a
by this to balance out the risk of your
of your portfolio now I’m not saying to
do that but people are suddenly saying
to do this that you know to mitigate
risk you know get some be cash – I mean
that’s pretty huge to have changed the
tone of the of the be cash talk from
being a joke to being this within you
know two days it got people like Simon
freakin Dixon on my show to say not to
sell your me cash and he he settled the
show yeah you know you might not want to
sell your be cash you know the best
thing to do is do nothing at all no
again in terms of risk
I guess he’s correct on that I mean I
mean if you really risk-averse but dudes
I mean yeah it Val your wealthy big coin
value your wealth in Bitcoin alright it
created legitimacy through media
coverage and so now you cannot deny that
today as opposed to last week there are
less people that are gonna be selling
being – they’re going to be more buyers
of B – and there are more holders of B
cash now so they’re pump was very
successful and the panic was what they
wanted I mean it got people talking you
got people scare it got people buying
and the 80% played right into the be
cash plan into their hands and even some
of the people that 20% really played
into their hands by kind of by also not
buying you didn’t buy but they talked a
lot about it all of this talk about it I
mean we sometimes make them seem a lot
bigger than they really are and this
whole everything that happens may then
seem a lot bigger than they really are
so in this in this battle the battle
that just occurred if you want to call
it a battle they came out they came out
ahead in terms I mean their game had
they followed their game plan and they
did well they did well for themselves so
whatever if you’re a Bitcoin holder who
cares I mean your bitcoins is
your bitcoins gonna be Bitcoin they’re
not gonna be Bitcoin but they they
really got their attention now there’s
some cops out there well you see here
sirens all right don’t so yet the next
time this happens and there will be
another pump a minute there will be
something like we just saw like a crazy
pump I don’t know when that’s gonna
happen again I’m gonna get into that
but don’t panic next time and yes there
is gonna be a next time
and yeah I’m done hearing that sound all
right so here’s a report from South
Korea it seems a very yeah I think it
just don’t give him a lot of attention
next time don’t panic they won’t be able
to pump as much or whatever I mean if
they pump that’s their business they’re
in all coin all right it seems it’s
Korea report from my contact area that
I’m gonna be hanging out with in
December remember December 4th I’ll be
in Seoul I’ll be able to meet all of you
who are in Seoul who watch this I don’t
know if there are many people because
the English language is not that going
on there they’re not washing our videos
clearly it seems a very coordinated
effort by the likes of I say king of the
trolls and Rocketman to use their real
names and the Koreans played a big part
I know a lot of friends who got into B
cache before the big pump and they are
thrilled but I can tell you that they
are all in it just for speculation and
there is no genuine core belief amongst
investors that somehow be cash will be
bitcoin the cash or even eclipse Bitcoin
altogether if the price momentum phase
then people will leave looking for the
next coin to pump as I mentioned
previously and this is important Koreans
privately like people with power and
authority which is very ironic because
publicly Koreans have become
increasingly very critical of big
corporations and powerful politicians ok
so yes at
power and authority when it comes to
investment so when a supposed powerful
figure like king of the trolls and
Rocketman whoo come to Korea and promote
be cash people are going to listen and
buy into it expecting a major pump so
when those guys and I think they have
been in Korea visited recently come
there and start talking a big game
the Koreans expect a big pump and they
bow and they got a big pump and they
bought into the and they were adding to
the big pump so again
Rocketman blue king of the trawls they
know what they’re doing they visited
pump the the country of the rising pump
and they promoted themselves in that’s
what happens so again going back to my
previous stuff I wrote this down earlier
a very important point to all that being
said that there might just be okay yeah
this might have just bent this pump
which just might have been a way of
getting people to hold be cash and buy
it I think it actually and I think it
actually has done that obviously they
got into news articles it’s the next
time big okay so if the next time that
Bitcoin pumps if be cash also pumps then
like mission is totally accomplished for
a long time because right now one goes
up the other one goes down still to this
right now
I mean you can check it right now you
can put the charts right next to each
other and you’ll see okay it’s you get
the point so basically you know Lee
leeching off of Bitcoin will be good
news and no I mean when Bitcoin has big
good news and be cash also goes up when
that starts they’ll be leeching off of
Bitcoin and that’s that’s good for them
and if that does not happen they will
pump again they will
what I said about the point two ratio
the twenty percent ratio maintenance of
that correlation roughly I mean you know
it’s going down the point one eight is
going off the point two two two whatever
and it shows that they’re getting at
least they have a steady price and being
steady makes them more legitimate but
again they’re not there they’re happy
with this twenty percent – because I bet
the people who were pumping this they
probably were buying PB cash for very
cheap back in the day knowing they were
going to do this so at point two or
whatever it is they might some be cash
people might be selling their be cash
for Bitcoin for later on just in case B
cash goes down again so they can buy it
back with their gains from Bitcoin I
mean this is a whole big thing this is a
whole this is a whole big gain a big
game on there this so yes steadiness the
steady price right now around point two
also keeps the door open to the ability
well to them saying that you know this
is the real Bitcoin for them to use the
real Bitcoin card because it is steady
and maybe they’ll be able to pump it
from there so this is all about boosting
the ego right now on their part and
they’re doing it they feel good I guess
that you know they’re they’re keeping it
around point two and that they for now
they’re not able to leech off of
bitcoins good news they’re not following
Bitcoin up they’re doing the opposite
but still that’s something hey they’re
they’re trying to bash on Bitcoin so
they go up but eventually I think they
want to be correlated that both go up at
the same time so they don’t have to do
any of the hard work Bitcoin does all
the innovation Bitcoin will go up
they’ll just follow on the way and well
they’ll be just an altcoin that follows
Bitcoin I guess so
those are some thoughts there be cash
is materialism bitcoin is the
unglamorous savings and thrift alright
so the beat as I said also the beat ash
fork pump the beat has just forked okay
they just they and of course living up
to the fork they got up to 0.23 but will
that the question now is will the old
chain live and there is talk and I link
to this below in a reddit and I don’t
know how serious this dude is but
there’s always talk about be – classic
forming someone keeping this old chain
alive and one of the guys specifically
says he’s forming a coin called cash and
that the the sigh the ticker sign is
going to be CSH so we’ll have to see the
fork has already happened they had to
fix their issue be cash let’s see if
this old fork stays the old chain stays
alive hey that would be great whatever
they get their own crypto dividend
they’ll probably use it to their
they’ll probably help the price actually
if they know how to spin it and they do
know how to spin it over there the
people over there again that’s what part
of this video has been about you cannot
deny that they have followed their game
plan masterfully oh well so by the way
notice when I talk about the price of be
cash or the price of be gold I don’t say
I don’t say what it is in dollars I
don’t care what it is in dollars I only
focus on the Bitcoin value because
you’ve got a value a wealth input
Bitcoin because I want the people out
there to be able to make the most
Bitcoin from their crypto dividends
because in the long run you want to have
as much Bitcoin as possible who cares
how many dollars you have okay you want
to have the most bitcoins possible who
cares how much should be cash alright so
today’s in one of these of recent videos
was again talking about the very
excellent point of how you know he might
teach all of you
how to be a traitor a Bitcoin but he
doesn’t trade Bitcoin he is just the
holder and he talks about how would you
guys that are just selling your Bitcoin
back and forth it is creating taxable
events if you’re an American citizen
okay so today he’s doesn’t have to worry
about taxable events he’s just holding
and you guys are paying him to teach you
about trading and then you guys are
doing taxed by the US government we’re
going to be because they’re gonna know
about it because you’re doing it through
a coin base affiliate or whoever that
has to in the long run report to the
government that you sold your Bitcoin
okay for cash and and and don’t say you
weren’t warned and you should know going
in and being a trader in the United
States you have to know this and you
have to be comfortable with this fact
that you’re doing a lot and so all these
all trading is so great pay your taxes
to the government have fun and then you
lose to ninety five percent of the time
and just again you know do his tone does
not as he says I mean he even say he and
it says the Debbie he’s telling you what
he’s doing
he’s just the holder that he’s teaching
you tones great and he even says he
wants every crypto scam about tone veins
he’s funny I mean it’s great all right
so beware there’s taxable events people
hold you don’t worry about that stuff
twenty twenty worried about it in 2020
or 2024 you’ll be so you won’t even care
about being taxed by then all right
so another thing Cohn brought up is that
he thinks Friday the 17th Bitcoin might
hit a low we that’s that’s hilarious
because fun Friday that could be another
be cash pump day again I don’t think
they’re gonna do a major pump again like
like what we saw
until they they aren’t as ass they
aren’t a steady around point to as they
are now if they really start falling
like two point one five point one one
point one again then we’ll see some
major thing but who knows Friday there
could be some minor pump of some sort or
a big coin it couldn’t you know indeed
hit five thousand dollars who knows you
gotta have a strong hand people all
right going back to Korea remember I
originally when I gotta know this
insight about Korea so many people hold
they don’t control their own private
keys in South Korea and so they allowed
of their funds are sitting on these
exchanges and these exchanges are
getting a lot of attention lately
because they’re pumping every single
auto coin the big thumb effect so I
think the Korean exchange is gonna get
hacked I really do I think it’s just a
matter of time they’re calling attention
to themselves and all these Koreans
don’t control their private keys so it’s
a honeypot and that’s unfortunate
all right so five dollars from pens and
he’s thank you pens
be cash is manipulation but it shows us
a scalability is indeed a huge problem
with Bitcoin said with 2x was a good
proposition no I don’t think scalability
is a huge problem it is an issue that
segment that segment addresses so
segment 2x was not a good proposition so
I’m not agreeing with you but I do thank
you for the five dollars and I read what
you said I mean again people aren’t
spending they’re people don’t spend now
their cryptocurrency there’s not a
desire to do it use PayPal use your
credit card we live in such an advanced
first royal society use your cash and
it’s so easy use your phone I mean
there’s all these easy options already
out there to buy coffee and so if it be
cash wants to compete with the e ruble
and the e Tuan and when the dollar goes
on the block that has their own private
blockchain then great then then that’s
great but
no man this is there are no there’s not
a huge problem right now and it isn’t it
isn’t crowd the blockchain gets filled
up now with nonsense with their spamming
the network they’re spamming it they
don’t need to expand they don’t need to
expand it right now if one day they do
there could be a non-contentious
unconscious whatever method not a
contentious hard fork all right but
where where are we
but thank you though for $5 and you know
I’m opposing I mean I’m talking about be
cash here you gotta talk about the other
side you got it
wait when they do something when they
when they do when they’re successful and
something yeah you talk about it all
right all right so yeah I I wrote this
too so on less than an hour until the
hard fork and they are pumping it to
gain attention to make it seem like the
hard fork is great this is a form of
marketing also it actually works on a
certain level small impulsive people
will buy in thinking the hard fork is
great news and something to buy in on
and I said I hope the old shame
survivors in be cash classic is formed
and I do but again they you know doing a
minor pump when they’re about to have
this big news story it gets more people
to cover the heart for it as a positive
thing and maybe this hard work is very
positive for them I don’t know but it
gets small-time people like that guy who
just lost 80% of his value to buying in
like Oh hard for good
I must buy people don’t think I gotta
buy this thing no you don’t have to buy
don’t buy something you get for free
that’s one of the themes of this show
all right here’s a tweet from trace or
me gold
gabs released the source code very
recently we’re working on the
integration thank you for your patience
all right treasurer
all right create a splitter we want a
splitter for our B gold
okay so beagle may also tweet they also
have it link and I’m link to that below
found that like button people the be
gold again check out beat Bitcoin gold
org they have an update every day and
their latest update that I link to below
top talks about their latest one their
one from yesterday right when they went
live they get attacked they get attacked
why would someone do this well obviously
it’s a good sign when you get attacked
right away that there are some haters to
have haters like that it’s pretty
impressive I mean they must be scaring
they must be threatening to someone in
some way who is threatened by this I
don’t exactly know I’m not going to
speculate I’m not gonna name other fans
of other coins or whatever but somebody
took some time to attack them and again
people with crypto dividends you have to
be patient all over Twitter today and
again you could follow me on Twitter at
Tech ball tch blt I have been tweeting
out lots of things all day that you
won’t get here that you won’t get
anywhere else actually and you get it
right away I know a lot of you are
really loving it I’ve got some really
big Twitter fans out there that are cool
but anyway don’t rush these things all
these people are like oh there’s been
this one mistake you’d be gold why can’t
I mind why can’t I give this mic in oh
it’s a scam up above a blah
dude cryptocurrency is about long-term
thinking be patient be calm calm
thinking approach if you rush it you’re
gonna make a big mistake
or you’re gonna get scammed into
something take it easy
slow down with this stuff don’t complain
and it just let things play out with the
beagle let it play out every person
wants easy answers I mean I mean that’s
a natural thing people want easy answers
but some people they don’t need easy
answers they know you know II I’m gonna
wait I don’t I don’t want an easy answer
I’m gonna wait happy
glamorous bold answers
that’s what people like to hear a
cryptocurrency they want Glenn they want
specific numbers like the Bitcoin drop
is going to stop it five thousand three
hundred forty four and then it’s going
to go up or they want me to say like by
nine Monaro right now who’s this about
to go to five hundred dollars it’s going
up they want easy answers like that
glamorous answers are mindless most of
the time okay and will hurt you and I’m
not going to give you what you want to
hear I’m gonna give you what you have to
hear what you need to hear if you want
silly predictions and talk of every
altcoin flavor of the month how it’s
gonna be the next biggest thing and how
it’s gonna go to five hundred to s gonna
overtake Bitcoin go to the other
channels just go to the other challenge
not you’re not gonna get that kind of
thing here you’re gonna get exclusive
stories about crypto dividends you’re
gonna get insight you’re gonna get you
know what’s going on in Korea you’re
gonna see me in Korea soon you’re gonna
get worldwide guests to tell you like it
is to expand your mind and you’re gonna
learn how to have a strong frickin hand
here and not panic cell and not panic by
these wack things that you can get for
free so that’s the confusion out there
be cash loves the confusion it helps be
cash don’t add to the confusion people
don’t buy into the confusion and again
someone said send me this email or I
sent one Bitcoin for Mitra’s or two-bit
tracts but used a be cash address can I
recover it I’m sweating and feeling sick
this is a real thing here okay and then
I said to him I hope you were not trying
to sell your Bitcoin for B – and I bet
that’s what he was trying to do I bet
shouldn’t we use when you rush but when
you see this be cash pump prices going
up you’re like oh I got a but I got a
buy it and then you do something really
risky sending your Bitcoin to a an
exchange and you send it to a beat cache
address and then instead of turning your
Bitcoin into B cache which isn’t a good
idea you turn your Bitcoin into nothing
you just lose and I don’t know hopefully
that exchange will be able to work with
him I don’t know but no that’s not a
good feeling okay remember also link to
is my original steamin post about what’s
really going on in Korea and that’s
still very insightful to this day when
you think about what’s going on with
altcoins and B cash it’s something you
should read again if you forgot it all
right and that’s not the thing that I
just read before it’s an older version a
longer version all right so yeah battle
of savers versus spenders I mean that
comes in so many different aspects of
life in so many different forms so long
term savers though they always win
all right everybody pound out like
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