Luiza, I think it was a pirate who hid the doll But not exist doll LOL at the time of the pirates It will be? Videos new every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 11:00 am or 19:00! Yay! Luiza, see what’s in the sand What is it? I’ll get a shovel Take the blade Luiza Is it a hidden treasure? Is it a chest? Look Look! I do not believe Have you ever seen it? This is a doll LOL! What a cool, Luiza! I’ll wash it to remove the sand I will use sea water to wash it come on You will wash it? I will [Sound of the sea] Sign up for our channel! Now we open the doll surprise [Sound of packaging] see this tip gaming geek This tip is unprecedented Luiza, I think it was a pirate who hid this doll But there was no doll at the time of the pirates it will be? It is very rare to find a buried doll on the beach sand I think it has pirates Just open the top of the pack, Mom calm, princess ready The ball is pink [Packing sound] Another surprise bag Take the opportunity to sign up for our channel. Watch the video until the end! Sign up for our channel, if you are not registered! Now I will open the packaging [Packing sound] ho ho ho ho ho ho What will you open first? I will help you Look She has a pacifier You do not have that doll This is the first series of the LOL. Has Dolls Series 1 and 2 Sisters have small series also 2 Yes pink bottle pink with orange Who knows what this doll is? It has bun in her hair as the Queen Bee. I already know who this doll! Who is she? I will point in the Guide book Look That Her name is Hops hops MVP You were right. She has the hairstyle Queen Bee. It looks like the Queen Bee, but do not have golden hair. Show us Now put the doll clothes Mother, help me put these clothes [Baby laugh] I do not think it has another hole in the ground! You have another treasure? Yes How do you see that? [Sound of the shovel in the sand] another doll LOL? there I’m going to swim this doll also [Sound of the sea] Now, we’ll unpack the surprise doll! [Sound of the wind] [Zipper sound] Dog Give us license [Dog barking] ghost Will we have Best Boo Personally, I almost lost my pacifier. The dog would eat it. that dog He wants to eat my pacifier Who have a dog at home? You can not see Write in the comments I know who have pets Julia Silva has The BER Calopsita It is true [Packing sound] [Packing sound] Guys! It’s green It is green The pacifier is green Again! no! Who is it? There in store It was surfing It’s her? That’s the surfer doll Surfer Babe It is true Watch it here I came again! We can save it Surfer Babe turns because you are already big girl Just because I’m repeated doll Do not be prejudice How beautiful we are gugu We love this game Subscribing to the channel The two spit at the mouth We spit? Both Jeez Click on the like button Goodbye Until the next video! ai al