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our channel my name is Ramasu Ramasu! The name is soo nice you have to say it
twice, Oh! I mean, twice! We’re gonna make a
series of videos on world currencies that are currently in use, going through
the countries alphabetically, starting with Afghanistan and ending
with Zimbabwe. I hope you enjoy the videos. So the first currency we’ll
be doing is from Afghanistan and it’s called Afghani or Afghani
okay the symbol for the Afghani is AF for singular, which does not stand for as £[email protected]*!! for plural we have A F S. The code for the currency is A F N, kinda like how you
would have the USD for US Dollar 1 Afghani is divided into
100 pul but the pul coins are no longer in circulation because they hold very
little value Hello! Hello!! Hello!!! Okay, so let’s now talk
about the Afghani coins, we have one Afghani, 2 Afghanis and 5 Afghanis.
Now all these coins have the same front or the same ahead or the same obverse . They
all have the Afghani coat of arms which was adopted in 2002.
Now the coat of arms has a mosque and two Afghani flags. Around the mosque are sheaves of wheat which are linked by a rising sun and there’s a ribbon which has the
name Afghanistan in a language called Pashto. Now, beneath the mosque is
the year 1298 which is the year of Independence of the
country from British rule in the Persian calendar which is the same as
the year 1919 in the Gregorian calendar. Now, the banks of the coins are
all the same, they all have the same layout. At the top of the coin is
written ‘Bank of Afghanistan’ and the face value of the coin is written
the centre as a number and beneath the number
in words and the bottom of the coin is the year issue of the coin Let’s talk about the bank
notes that six notes. There are six notes which are the 10, 20 , 50, 100, 500 and 1000 Afghanis, right. The
front of the 10 of Jenny is a yellow green in color and the
most I’m a prominant feature there, is the tomb of the founder of the modern
day Afghanistan Ahmed Shah Durrani. Now on the back of the 10 Afghanis bank note
is the Paghman gardens, which were a popular tourist destination before they
will destroy it in the war. The 20 Afghanis note is brown in color and the
front shows the tomb of Mahmud of Ghazni who conquered Iran, Afghanistan and
Pakistan and he was the first to sold the title of ‘Sultan’ which shows the
extent of his power. Now, the back of the 20 Afghanis note shows the Arg,
which is the King’s palace or where the president lives. The 50 Afghanis banknote
is dark green in color and the front shows the the Shah Do Shamira Mosque, which
translates to ‘The Mosque Of The King Of Two Swords’. The back of the 50 Afghanis banknote shows the Salang pass which is a road high above the the
Hindu-Kush mountain, which has an altitude of about 4,000 meters above sea level
and the road or the paths links Afghanistan and Pakistan. The 100 Afghanis banknote is violet in color and the front of the note has the Pul e Khishti Mosque which is the largest mosque in Kabul Afghanistan and it can be easily
identified by its large blue dome the reverse side of the 100 Afghanis
banknote has the Arch of Bost which is a monumental remnant of a very large mosque
from a very long time ago. The 500 Afghanis banknote is blue in color and at the front of the note is the Great Mosque of Herat which is in the city
of Herat. It’s foundations were laid in the year 1200. The reverse of the 500
Afghanis banknote shows the Kandahar Airport tower, which serves as the
nation’s second main International Airport and also serves a
military base to countries like America. The 1000 Afghanis banknote is orange
in color and at the front of the note shows the Mazar Sharif Shrine of Ali
which is in the town of Mazar-i-Sharif in Afghanistan. Now, the mosque is blue
and beautiful and according to a local legend, the cousin of Prophet
Muhammad, Ali is buried in the shrine but of course most Muslims considered that
Ali is buried in Iraq. The reverse of the 1000 Afghanis banknote shows the tomb
of Ahmed Shah Durrani who is the founder of modern day Afghanistan. Now, if you
remember this tomb was also on the front of the 10 Afghanis banknote.
Lastly, let’s look at the exchange rate between Afghani and British Pound and
u.s. dollar so 1 US dollar will give you 75 Afghanis
and one British Pound would give you 99 Afghanis. So that’s the end of
the video, thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe, like and share.
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