“What is the best alternative to Fiat? Introducing AgAu.
AgAu Gold and AgAu Silver are the first cryptocurrency tokens 100% backed by physical and allocated
precious metals. Is gold and silver money? As opposed to other alternatives to precious
metal investments such as ETFs and others, AgAu is backed by physical and allocated gold
and silver. Every gram is allocated through serial numbers to a specific gold and silver
bar stored in secure world class vaulting facilites in Switzerland.
… AgAu brings together: the commodity trading,
banking and Blockchain expertise of the CryptoNation Switzerland – in the CryptoValley Zug. Based in a safe regulatory environment, we offer: Full transparency,
military grade encryption and technology to keep Allocated, Inspected and Audited gold and silver in the safest private vaults in the planet We are currently securing partnerships in Switzerland, and other jurisdictions at anytime AgAu tokens can be redeemed for gold and silver bars from the storage of your choice At this stage, we are welcoming the community and partners to come onboard and make sure Agau becomes the Gold and silver Cyptocurrency Standard We are issuing 500 million Swiss francs worth
of tokens representing 1gram of gold per AgAu Gold and 1g of silver per Agau Silver token. But this is only the beginning, AgAu plans
to issue many more and aims to revolutionise the monetary system. Support our cause to bring on a new era of intrinsic store of value, meaning of exchange and unit of account Register your interest and do a web search for some of these terms if you are interested in learning more.… Visit AgAu.io