Hey, everyone! Today I’m gonna show you how the Wise Dragon
King’s Weapon event works. There are three new NPCs in Dumaha. The first merchant allows you to exchange
legendary pvp enchantment stones for various goods. First of all, pay attention to these purple
quests. With their help you can obtain up to 305 Fragments
of Fighting Spirit per week. All you need to do is to collect Genesis Crystals
and legendary pvp enchantment stones. It’s a good opportunity to catch up other
players in terms of endgame PvP gear. Let’s open the 1st tab. Here you can buy Wise Dragon’s +5 Weapon
Chest. As you see, I have plenty of stones in my
inventory, however the vendor doesn’t recognize them. This is because he accepts only tradable stones. If you’re playing AION on one of the official
European servers, there are 3 sources of tradeable enchantment stones. The first one is the shop, the 2nd one is
veteran rewards, and the 3rd one is Atreia Pass. So, the box you buy contains a selectable
legendary wise dragon’s weapon with 1 of 3 possible names: rage, protection or blessing. The name determines the type of skill. For example, Rage deals AoE damage and stuns
enemies. Protection increases your atk speed, casting
speed, phys. and magical defence. Blessing recovers your HP. Your need to enchant your +5 legendary weapon
to +15 and unlock all manastone slots. After that you can upgrade it into ultimate
version which has a skill. Keep in mind the evolution has 2 options. The first one requires only kinah. In this case the output goes without a skill. The second option includes the skill, but
you gonna need additional material, called Mysterious Dragon Sand. The fastest way of getting this particular
item is by extracting legendary wise dragon’s weapon. The amount of sand is random. For example, I had to break three cannons,
because I received 60 pieces, then 30 and later again 60. And this is the final step. Your ultimate wise dragon king’s weapon
with appearance skill is ready. You just take it and use as a skin on your
PvP or PvE weapon. The skill will be transferred as well. It looks really amazing, especially the animation. I personally got blessing skill and after
some research I found out the following information. First of all, this buff cannot be dispelled. On top of that, it doesn’t stack with other
skills, such as cleric’s Life-saving Splendour or Dark Dragon King’s Blessing. However, I was really surprised to discover
it works just fine with painter’s Colour of Transcendence, Colour of Resistance and
Colour of Agility. Anyway, if you tested protection or rage skills
and maybe found some interesting facts, leave a comment and share your info. Wise Dragon’s Weapon is not the only thing you can buy during this event. There are also wings. You can morph them using the leftover dragon sand. This particular item doesn’t have any skill, it’s just a skin. Btw, you can
spend your tradable enchantment stones on other items as well. Such as boxes with enchantment stones, AP,
ethium, noble water shield, kaisinel pots and ascension jam. In my opinion, both types of jam, especially
the PvP one, are game breaking items that should’ve been removed. I believe GF has the power to modify events. For example, you might didn’t know, but
our publisher already excluded Transformation seal from this event, which allows any player
to xform and roam all over the map. It was a good decision. So, if they remove ascension jam it would
be also fine. And the last thing I’d like to mention is
that you can actually buy a trial version of the wise dragon king’s weapon. In this way you can check how it looks on
your character and try out the skills. That’s it for today! If you still have any questions – feel free
to ask the min the comment section. And if you wanna see more of interesting content
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