hey, guys! I FAYSAL here and welcome to my
channel. Christmas is ahead and I assume that you are having fun. I’ve been traveling a lot and just came back from a short vacation and I’ll go again for a vacation. reviewing ALGO SIGNALS today
someone named Oscar sent me an email that he got an email to join ALGO SIGNALS. so I’m reviewing it for you Oscar. ALGO SIGNALS claim that you can test the platform before you invest real
money. there is a risk free demo account there. so ALGO SIGNALS
mean algorithmic signals. they will provide you signals. you need to copy
and trade trade on their platform. this is the platform scenario and
you can test with the demo account before you start with real money. they display some testimonials. someone named Michael praising this software. Samantha also praised ALGO SIGNALS. they are the alleged users of algo signals. I found Michael in another place.
it is just a stock photograph and it was used in many
website for promotional purpose. similarly, Samantha’s picture is also a stock photograph as you can see. it was used in many
website for promotional purposes. they are not the actual users of the ALGO SIGNALS scam. when I entered this website, I recalled something because I see that
demo version. their demo is this and it is similar to Fx Masterbot. I exposed FX Masterbot
two years ago and it’s still in the market. I exposed that their demo mode is a fantasy. the demo mode is not real. you can see the similar platform also on Crypto Masterbot robot. it uses the same platform and they have that
so-called demo mode. I also blacklisted crypto masterbot this year and you
can see the similar statement from crypto masterbot and ALGO SIGNALS. exactly the same statement on ALGO SIGNALS and crypto masterbot. so this means that the fraudsters who
created Fx Masterbot also created crypto master bot and ALGO SIGNALS. this so-called demo is a friction. I already exposed these. so do not just join
the ALGO SIGNALS because there are better options, there are better
software that really works and they are not like this. so never join this ALGO SIGNALS or Crypto Masterbot or Fx Masterbot. do not lose your
hard-earned money. don’t forget to Like and subscribe to this channel
and until then take care!