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here to give you another timeless interview
with a crypto influencer and a
wonderful girl, crypto Sara! Lovely to
have you! Woooo! Ahhh you do it the proper way and it so old so come on guys you
have to move with time. Everything is
moving on and the fist bump has to move
on as well! Yeah right that’s our
signature thing but on to you Crypto Sara,
you have done such amazing stuff for
in this space, you’re active on YouTube
you’re active on Twitter, you’re
educating people and you’re becoming a
role model in this space, so thank you so
much for your contribution. Thank you so
much for having me around honestly it’s
amazing to be a part of Cryptonites and
have an opportunity to be interviewed by
you, so thank you for that as well. Thank
you so much. So my first question for you…
Yeah I would love to know what brought
you into this space, why did you all of a
sudden become fascinated or
passionate about Bitcoin and altcoins
and tell us a little bit about
yourself. The story basically yeah so
I’ve always been passionate about
traveling. I’ve always enjoyed traveling
when I was at university in the summer
time I would go away like go
interrailing in Europe and I actually
ended up failing my second year at uni
and I ended up working and traveling
even more and then one day, I just sat
down and I collected all the money that
I had, all the coins all the ten thousand
of something you know like I’m gonna
Hungarian whatever currency they’ve got
there that’s worth like a penny and you
can’t even exchange it and I was sitting
there I was like what am I gonna do with
it it’s just you know it’s like you know
my collection jar and then my boyfriend
actually started talking about this
thing Bitcoin died he was used to used
that you can pay for stuff cheaper like
a membership for example if you pay with
bitcoins like cheaper so I start digging
into it and then I was like oh my god
this solves all the problems that I had
with all the coins or this / money that
I can never use the wasted Fiat
basically and and I go passionate about
it I was over two years ago now we’re
going to October so it’s pretty much
over two years now
and ever since I just take on all kinds
and honestly it changed my life
and I am so glad I became a part of it
with obviously so much going into the
market there’s so much to learn about it
so this is just my start story of how I
got involved into the space but I’m sure
everyone’s got their own story and
whatever leads to you being a part of
the community I think that’s what the
butters I always say that I’m sure
you’re married you’ve got a lovely baby
but that’s giving us all the toys whilst
we’re sitting here and I think that one
thing that people should actually focus
on is if you’ve got a partner tell them
about crypto educate them you know
people are complaining that there isn’t
enough women within the space you know
and speak to your wife so your partner’s
about the space you know you’re
attending events
tell them why don’t you come with me a
there’s a lot of women I mean there
isn’t many women which is one of the
reason I like the event crypto events
because I can just go to a toilet and I
don’t have to queue but yeah I got a bit
off-topic that yeah kupo is a great
space and I want to see you were coming
anyone getting involved in an issue it’s
just reading the white paper I mean
that’s a really good piece of advice
just telling the people you love your
partner or your siblings or something
like that how do you frame it you know
it’s it’s very complicated do you have
any easy analogies on how you like to
explain different parts of the block
chain or how do you try to educate
people who know nothing about this um so
basically I think you have to have a
little bit of understanding about how
money works majority of people hasn’t
got it because at schools learn or the I
don’t know how it’s all in English
because I am NOT English I can’t say all
the mathematical terms but you learn
everything at school by Jax you’ve
learned a real life you leave school
without knowing how to pay a tax you
don’t know how actually how governments
work how money the voting systems know
exactly explain to us you know that the
important things are not really taught
at schools and half tweeted ones of how
would you explain Bitcoin to a
six-year-old you know
perfect yeah and people obviously gave
you know that’s it’s digital money it’s
like you can exchange CAD disk with your
friends and you don’t have to ask mommy
for a permission see their exact words
that you can explain it to people so we
see what I speak to my family members I
don’t give him a candy example but I
basically tell to them that you’re it’s
your money you don’t need to get
involved with a bank and obviously
because my family is broad when they try
and send me money when I was saying
emergency but I was horrible you know
PayPal charges 4% fees per transaction
Western Union it’s not much better so
critical areas to give you this
opportunity of just being your own bank
and sending it over so very often I use
that as an example but if that does work
and it doesn’t convince them that I just
force it upon them and I’d basically do
it by giving them a Christmas gift of
crypto you know it’s it’s it’s a concept
I always try to inspire around
Christmastime being like hey guys why
don’t you give crypto to your family you
know just give them $100 worth of
Bitcoin it’s sort of whatever you
believe in and just tell them you know
just holla let’s see how it goes and
then your thing we later because they
always end up thinking yeah so I’ve got
some gifts for crypto last year and now
everyone loves me and my family you know
that is so 3k and it was 12 K like I’m
like in your hero just listen to me
did you just end up taking your mom’s
phone and downloading a wallet and I’m
gonna send you something or how did that
work out exactly so I basically uh yeah
pretty much that’s how it was so open my
uh my wallet all my phone and I told him
um download this app and sure it was
Christmas Eve and she was like what are
you doing I’ve got so much cooking to do
what do you want me to do okay mom just
downloaded i explained to you later and
she was sitting there and I was like
just open this app and then something
came up and Confirmation good confirmed
so what’s happening what’s this funny
what is this and I was like I just send
you some Bitcoin and she’s like what no
way so yeah it was fairly understandable
to how easy and quick it is she doesn’t
understand it bless her but you know you
don’t have to understand it to actually
use it
I mean majority of people has no idea
how internet works and they use it every
day absolutely until I bought the
adoption so I just ended up sending it
to her and then she said I’m a hero so
that’s one testing you know I love that
kid’s explanation that you have it’s you
know like being able to have candies to
your friends without your mom
confiscating it that is hilarious
I remember back in the day actually my
brother got me it’s a crypto by doing
the same thing he sent me some aetherium
actually yeah and that just got me
curious and what is this worth and I
started looking into it and got
interested so that’s a great approach
yeah exactly so just one of the ways
they can bring it abroad the other day
cuz I like to think of how an average
Joe can get into criticals at the end of
the day that’s what really matters and I
tweeted the other day @altcoinsara
if people are not following me I’ll
promote myself and basically when you go
to a store even though you know they’re
not accepting Bitcoin just ask like oh
gee I accept Bitcoin they’ll probably
say no but you’ll bring the idea to
their mind you might possibly educate
someone and you might improve their
business and today I actually spoke to
people about this idea as I’m around
here in London there’s lots of crypto
people around so it was great a 14-2
mention my idea and they actually said
is that they’ve done it once to a
business and they said I actually
changed their business no one paid in
Bitcoin but because they started
accepting bigger and they start
appearing in the news newspapers and
basically they stole grew as the place
that it’s the crypto store and people
just go there to shop just because this
Bitcoin accepted there even though no
one pays within it it helped in business
there are so many ways that culture can
contribute without actually he’s acting
as a crypto so I think people need to
actually realize that it doesn’t have to
be cross-border payments it can be
something just as simple as hi she
exited oh yeah that is genius yeah
because maybe by asking in money many
times there’s one person is gonna be
like maybe I should get a Bitcoin
terminal or maybe I should find a way to
to create a wallet or something like
okay the sort of curiosity and just you
know if you go back to that story can
ask the same question or they can ask
you questions it’s it’s fantastic it’s
such a simple way
it doesn’t have to be anything
complicated for people to actually get
going with crypto that is fascinating I
have to ask you obviously you’re very
active on Twitter you’re sharing lots of
really good information what in if you
can recall what are the best tweets or
the responses that you had that really
you know made that light bulb go ding
you know and really think oh that is a
really interesting angle or have you
learned any cool things through Twitter
yes I did you have put me on the spot
yes however I like to basically the way
I am on Twitter is the way I am in real
life so I often post daft ideas so just
come to my head I’m like I probably
shouldn’t have to be at that but I just
like to be sometimes Savage I took at
the point across and before sometimes
say oh that’s way too much and I’m like
well it’s the facts you know like I like
to roast some sort of communities that
are like maxi’s people say I’m a bit
climax because I’m tweet about all
conference but that’s absolutely not the
but communities such as like XRP
community a verge community they’re very
focused on their token and if you create
a tweet about anything oh my god it can
literally be like I had potatoes for
someone will come it XRP is the standard
and that is literally the rule that’s
exactly what happens they just so
focused on spreading the word out I
think they need to calm down a little
bit and because they such an easy target
I like to laugh at them hello and people
would have likely like they just don’t
like whether you laughs are they token
basically so yeah it’s it’s really
tribalistic right if you’re almost like
football hooligans here and in the UK
ride my blockchain they said watching
that how do you feel about so I was
watching a video on Roger Ver the other
day and he was really emotional about
how Bitcoin maximalist are almost like
the extremist religious people who are
not open and really fixed minded and not
open to anything else besides Bitcoin
how do you view them in generally
speaking these Bitcoin maximalist and so
before I say anything I’ll go
huge respect to Roger Ver for he’s one of the
first people pioneers within the space
so he deserves huge props from anyone
and you have to respect them are
regardless of what he tries to bake
bacon cash us and I do agree what he
actually said because you have to be
open to the space at the end of the day
everyone knows what Bitcoin is, barely anyone
knows what litecoin is, maybe
some people know what ripple is so
bigger it’s really all that matters but
at the end of the day it’s about the
success of the blockchain and
cryptocurrencies fear for the mass
adoption so you have to broaden up a
little bit you don’t have to invest in
however you have to accept that there
are different ideas smart contracts the
platform’s it’s not just all about
bitcoins so they have to calm down a
little bit and I don’t often agree with
Roger however I do agree with him a bit
and people say that crypto Twitter and
the whole crypto space feels a bit like
a religion like yeah and I it does a
little bit you know because you end up
having conversations with people that I
understand this space and you dis aren’t
a little bit insane to them because
they’re like what are you even talking
about like how is because because they
don’t understand the principles of money
and I’m not saying I do it’s only been
two years something into space
however you bring such a little but
you’ve realized that their money
actually doesn’t work and the sooner
people realize that the better will be
for them and if it’s gonna be big who’s
gonna be the solution then fantastic you
know we’re sorted if it’s gonna be a
different solution whatever solution
krypter brings out it’s what matters is
that it works it helps people improve
people’s in property life and I think
that’s what people should really focus
or not what’s gonna be the best it’s a
maxi sort of a behavior and I am against
it yeah that makes a lot of sense I saw
comment the other day they’re saying
like bitcoin is the mother of all
blockchain so no matter what you’ve made
you need to respect Bitcoin because
without Bitcoin we wouldn’t have this as
a new asset class do you agree that you
know a lot of people tend to bash
Bitcoin saying it’s slow its costly etc
but do you think we should all respect
Bitcoin for creating this type of oh yes
of course of course well like he said
without bacon we wouldn’t have been here
there wouldn’t be I don’t know how many
thousands of different cryptocurrencies
there is Carole I think it’s like 2600
right now
market cap up the ridiculous amount
however Baker hours like to compare they
come and I think of it like to a big
company such as Apple
you know you get Bitcoin you get quality
you know it’s got a reputation everyone
else will because everyone knows whether
iPhone is and it’s sort of same
principle I used with the tech company
and I do with with cryptocurrency you
have to respect Bitcoin if it wasn’t for
it we wouldn’t have been here it
wouldn’t be an idea of a smart contracts
blockchain probably it did exist back in
the day but it wasn’t the same as that
it’s not the development wasn’t there
and even though that bitcoin is slow it
takes forever to transact you know
people joke about that if you were to
pay for Bitcoin in a coffee shop your
coffee would have been cold by the time
the transaction got confirmed you know
but I said sure because they’re like the
network is improving and there is
development happening and Rickon has
proven itself without having any sort of
fun phrasing without having a CEO
without having an office and that’s why
you have to respect it because it didn’t
had what every other project has I mean
we don’t even know who the hell created
Bitcoin I love it
I love the fact that we’ve done I think
it’s like the cherry on top that we
don’t even know whose Nakamoto is it’s
amazing like so actually my biggest fear
Sara is the fact that if we see satoshis
original wallet move like for me that
would be the biggest fear because not
just knowing who said she is but just
seeing like a wallet transaction would
worry me because then all of a sudden
people start thinking that person’s
looking for money and it breaks down the
principles and values and stuff like
that do we need to know who was that so
she is in your opinion absolutely fine
without knowing god bless him whoever it
is whether it’s a group of people over
there whether if it’s a one person I
really don’t care god bless you thank
you for Bitcoin is the best thing ever
we we wouldn’t be sitting here and
having this chat so Satoshi some people
who refer to them as a god yeah I think
it’s a little bit too much but yeah of
course you can have it like that but I
think most interesting about so she is
if the all the crazy price prediction
for bacon will become reality
and bacon will actually go to 1 million
per coin with his wallet value he’ll be
the first trillionaire in the world and
I think this is a sort of title he
deserves to have the first and only
trillionaire really wish it happens
because it’ll be just a slap into all
the billionaires face that would be so
cool that’d be so cool
in terms of Bitcoin itself like
obviously you post a lot and I remember
seeing up one of your posts talking
about how money itself loses value
through inflation but what is for you
one of the best arguments supporting
Bitcoin like if you have a girlfriend
likes talking about Bitcoin like if you
had to choose one thing that you love
about Bitcoin what would you tell her
him the exclusivity it’s only you know
it’s only 21 million coins you’re in the
club get on the board
get some Bitcoin I mean to have just the
I think it’s point not not to eight
right now I’ll have to calculate because
I always forget a zero but it’s point
not to eight of Bitcoin you can have for
every person in a world to have Sun that
is worth around thirty dollars it’s
probably less with the current dip that
we had the other day it’s even less than
$30 I mean that’s how much it costs and
I know I take away pizza as how much it
costs you know instead of spending that
money just put into Bitcoin and be part
of the club you know they say that
there’s a 1 million club, there is a one
Bitcoin club, there’s six point to just
be a part of it and I think that’s
what’s fantastic I said before that I’m
not gonna disclose how much I have but I
will always have one Bitcoin within my
world I’ll never sell it ever I just
want to be able to say that I’ve got one
Bitcoin and I am happy with it maybe a
bit selfish of me but it’s sort of I
don’t know it’s like it’s not a
collection it’s so collectible but it’s
something that not anyone can have if I
don’t decide to move it it’s not gonna
move so that’s why I think it’s so
special that’s why it’s special to me I
think that that makes a lot a lot of
sense you know since you’re such a great
educator Sarah so you’re talking about
contracts earlier and I love your
analogy of the candy thing with kids
it’s so cute if you had to educate
people watching out there about a smart
contract you have any other analogies
that you use to explain different types
of of what’s happening here in the
crypto space I don’t have an analogy for
smart contracts so sorry about that I
don’t have no I have never thought of it
however he can expect a tweet and I’ll
let you know I heard one interesting
angle the other days one of my buddies
actually this was more than two years
ago but he was saying that what do you
think about this tell me your opinion he
was saying that a smart contract is like
a handshake with cameras all around
where the entire world could see where
that handshake is happening and a public
court because it’s open public source
well what do you think about that
analogy I mean sounds proper creepy I
thought you’re gonna go into some like
you know people cannot cut their hands
and connect or like internally some sort
of blood being the block and be verified
but I do like the idea you know as
creepy as it sounds I’m showing publicly
making a business you know cuz you
always you should always have a witness
of the business that you happen which is
basically what smart contract is yeah
you’ve got all the knows I confirmed a
year the contract happening yeah it’s
not about analogy I’ll give you that
yeah came up with that it was one of my
buddies in Tokyo he was like what about
this it’s a handshake people don’t know
each other and cameras in a public court
and everyone can see I like that right
so they can’t go back and liar or change
anything so I got a question for you
Sarah in terms of finding Bitcoin or
cryptocurrencies Cryptonite as in what
is the biggest barrier we have as of
today that you feel is hurting us and
something that we need to go through
there’s actually quite a few things I
can think of the user interface is not
the easiest
it’s not hard to purchase Bitcoin
however the steps that follow afterwards
you know you shouldn’t keep your
cryptocurrency any sort of crypto asset
in exchange not really on your wallet
either because there are cabinets are
coming up with ways of taking it out of
you on it the whole security you know
it’s not very attractive for someone who
doesn’t know much about space to hear
about all the hacks and all the scams
that are happening within it so I think
unless something happens with that and
it gets stopped or people are always
situated about it then it’s not going to
move much further
I mean understanding how it all works is
one thing but being safe with your
investment because that’s what crypto is
right now it’s still an investment and
you you you can’t have a possibility of
being scammed you can have a possibility
of pump and damp those sort of things
unless they’re gone I think the adoption
will take far longer because of that
because the products work
they weren’t sometimes slow something’s
expensive you know but the opportunity
is there and if the security is out
there I think I’ll work and we’ll be
fine ah so user experience security
scams hacks those are those are the kind
of the topics that if someone tells you
like all but bitcoin is a scam or
cryptocurrencies a scam how do you
usually respond to that type of like
concern or objection if so earlier I
always used to care and respond but now
I just turn around and walk away if
someone tells you bitcoins just calm
just stop talking to them because you
don’t need that sort of negativity in
your life so that’s what I do right now
but no because I try and ask them like
YG’s saying it’s a scam why do you think
this wines got a value of five dollars
five less probably I found sorry five
pounds Wireless and costs something got
a value and they usually can’t answer
that and if they can’t answer that and I
sort of say like this is a conversation
for a different day we’re gonna talk
about it here now let’s go out and I’ll
explain to you a little bit more why
bitcoin is nice gown that is a really
good I think that’s a really good
question like what value do you think
this bill has I remember reading
somewhere that a hundred dollar bill
actually only costs about twelve
cents to print yeah so you know there’s
$99 point 80 you know eights that is
actually just a belief you know just
believe that this has value between us
yeah exactly so I I’ve wondered that
long before crypto I just looked up
money and I was holding two different
bills like five pounds and ten pounds
for example and I and I was thinking
like the only difference between this
and this is that this one’s got printed
five on it and this one’s got ten on it
nice the only difference that it has
within it see like for example I’m I’m
they got made official on polish and
actually the equivalent of one Grosh
which is like one cent but far less than
one set is worth it’s actually more
expensive to make it than the value of
its they actually going to stop making
it because it’s just not worth making it
so I think that I – shows they sort of
an indicator of the Fiat actually
starting to slowly fall I mean obviously
the situation with even Venezuela that’s
absolutely horrible what’s happening and
I wish somehow we could help and also
like indicators such as Google Trends
searches for example you know like the
countries are usually searching are the
ones who are needing and sort of begging
for help the most like Nigeria is one of
the leaders securely with the Google
searches and it’s really interesting to
see that people are looking for the
solutions the problem is there and
what’s fascinating is not the first
world countries that are looking for the
solution because I think oh it’s all
good we don’t have any problem no it’s
actually the countries that are
perceived as not the most involved ones
other ones were actually understanding
that this current system is a failure
you touch upon so many awesome topics
there there’s there’s one that just made
me think of one of the recent sauce of
Andreas Antonopoulos about you know
Bitcoin being your own private Swiss bank
account and he says that you know some
people say that okay bitcoin is a store of
value for developing countries you
mentioned Venezuela, Nigeria where they
can’t really trust the local authorities.
Do you think that in terms of people who
live like us in developped countries,
there is a true need for Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency. What is your angle for
for that? Of course there is of course
there is because the system is still
exactly the same wherever in the world
you are you put your trust into the
government you just believe this values
go the bills got the value because it’s
printed it says so whereas we come to
currency it’s like for example bitcoin is
proven itself as an amazing store of
value and people say how can you say
that they drop down from 20 K to 3 K
within a year well a bit over here but
it dropped down in value and it’s
actually incorrect people are focusing
people are being people with this they
focus on the wrong thing you have to
focus on for example on the yearly lows
and see that every year even though the
price dropped the value of it keeps
going up and that’s not seen in any
other market you know you could have
bought like I’ve bought a gold bar quite
a while ago
well hey you just say go like five years
ago and only doubled a bit more than
doubled in its value I mean yeah it’s
fine it’s a steady game and gold has proven
itself it’s a value years of use however
you can’t go to a store and actually pay
with a gold bar I mean I actually
tweeted a while ago is like when was the
last time you bought something with a
gold and no one actually could answer
the back are you being ridiculous you
can’t look at it like I’m like yes but
that’s what gold was used to be like it
was used to be a payment method until
the Federal Reserve came over and all
the revolution happened but now bacon is
sort of proving itself in the point and
even though that’s not primal
goal a name of bitcoin
want to be a peer-to-peer payment method
it can also do that and I think that’s
what people really need to understand
that Bitcoin even though slow expensive
after mine it work all that related to
it it’s just one little bit that refers
to Bitcoin and I am NOT become a
consumer eyes I know we’re talking a lot
about bitcoins but that’s basically
because I haven’t bought much all coins
recently and I don’t feel it’s fair for
me to talk about all coins when I
haven’t invested in myself so that’s why
we’re talking a lot about Bitcoin all
concern you know that makes a lot of
sense that makes a lot of sense um
and especially like you said you know in
terms of gold not only you can’t pay
with it but you know I’m pretty sure if
you give someone three types of gold one
that’s pure one that’s mixed with copper
or one that’s fake it’s very difficult
for us to actually identify which one is
real or not right and not let alone
transferability right like Bitcoin is
even though it’s expensive you know one
dollar which is not that expensive
compared to banks and not that slow
either to send something across the
planet so yeah I agree with you 100% so
one question that I’m dying to ask you
Sarah is recently there’s a lot of buzz
I mean for the past three months it’s
been Facebook Libra everywhere on every
headline and you know that of course
Facebook Libra was banned in France
France took a very strong position
against it what is your overall take is
this good for Bitcoin is it bad how do
you see this and yes so first of all
before we say anything about Libre I
think people need to realize and the
whole concept of Facebook Libra it is
just a concept all that is actually
there is just to buy paper I mean anyone
can write a white paper you know you can
copy-paste and just change couple of
words and claim it’s yours you know it’s
just an idea and people need to realize
that there’s nothing happening they’ve
just got a concept
here’s they’ve got some partnerships
going on potential partnerships but it’s
nothing actually stabilizer it’s nothing
for sure why not go through so as much
as we focus on it I think we need to
always keep that in mind but when I
first heard the news about Libra I
thought was sort of
I’m biased you know it’s the first word
that comes up to your head you know is
what a shit it is this why would they
just go away you know we don’t need that
service in a space but then I actually
put a bit of thought of it and I saw it
before actually saying on Twitter and I
actually realized that even though it
just might be stable coin the purpose of
it might not be what the end goal is of
it will bring people into the space it
will somehow make the adoption happen
you know they’ll they’ll have this
shitty Libra thing but then they’ll be
like what’s it on blockchain well
there’s no it’s Bitcoin no and then you
start following the steps and I think
they’ll sort of step of investment will
be a little bit different because we’re
usually do you just get pick on first
and then you go into old coins you know
you branch out with them well be still
sell with a stable coin and they
realized that stable coin is nothing
basically and especially not Libra it’ll
bring people in and I think that’s a
positive thing and regulation is
happening around it I mean it is
interesting to look at it and what’s
interesting see how they’re much
marketing about it and they just said
that’s good there’s an idea about what
is stable coin and everyone seems to be
listening over it so I’m a bit chilled I
don’t really care about it you know it’s
just an idea just an idea that’s really
well put crypto sorry you’re a champ
you’re posting super active on YouTube
scratch on Twitter what is your Twitter
for those who don’t know you yet where
can they find you
and so my twitter handle is our old
cream sour you can find me as crypto
sour at there’s no H in my name he’s
just S-A-R-A and on YouTube you can
find me on Altcoin Buzz Ladies and I am part
of Oakland bus so yeah Instagram
telegram Oakland sara
throughout all the social media platform
are you getting like many ladies
contacting you or asking questions about
blockchain cryptocurrency has it
inspired us not yet not yet not as much
yet however I think that not everyone
seems to get the idea
that it’s not about gender within this
space it’s just about making it
accessible and understandable to
everyone you know thank you so much for
your contribution in the space guys
definitely don’t forget to follow Crypto Sara
, she’s awesome she’s super active on
Twitter always posting valuable
information and definitely if you have a
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