An American woman was dragged from a Korean Air flight for refusing to sit in her economy seat… stay tuned….
Recently an American woman was forcively removed from a Korean airline flight as she yelled nuclear disarmament
After it was delayed for an hour and 40 minutes
The 30 year old woman paid for an economy seat but she was sitting down in the business class section on a flight bound for San Francisco
It took off Incheon International Airport on July
The woman didn’t want to get out of her seat
And she caused a commotion when flight attendants and airport police
Surrounded her told her that she needed a sit in her designated seat
Authorities had no choice but to drag her out of the plane as she screamed u.s
marshals DDOS, korean air nuclear disarmament and threw up peace signs.
The woman was then transferred to a local hospital as she seemed to be suffering from a mental illness
Question for the day given the endless string of
Cringe-worthy airline news these days. Describe your worst flight, Incident ever.
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