– I’m picturing just like cookies
in the shape of kangaroos. (laughing) – You think their money is cookies? – I don’t know what the
Australian dollar is called. – I think it’s called
the Australian dollar. – I hope they have animals because they have a very diverse
mammal population. – Koalas, wombats. – The Prime Minister’s on there. – That’s a really cool coin. – It’s about the size of our quarter. – Queen Elizabeth. – And the queen. – There’s a snake. – Like an octopus with feathers. – I don’t know what bird is
so prevalent in Australia that they use the feathers on the back. – Some crazy Australian plant. – So far no mammals. And I have been very disappointed. – The border is different.
– Yeah. – It’s jagged. – One, two, three, four, five. – 10, 11, lost count. – Do decagon? – Yeah. – Well there’s a kangaroo
– Oh! – and an ostrich holding up a shield. – No, no, no this is not a peacock. The is like an emu? – Oh so this is kangaroo vs. ostrich. – Kangaroo’s winning
– Team ostrich. – every time. – There’s really a lot of
detail inside of the coin. – Oh this one’s gold. – They went down in size
but they changed color. – Kangaroo number two. – We need a coin with just like all the cool American animals. – Black bears, brown bears, (laughter) – This is a family of kangaroos or is this like a one
kangaroo shown multiple times? – Australian coins are
so big, they’re so heavy. You need really big pouches. – Yeah like a kangaroo. It’s pink and purple. – Feel their money. – Ooo! – You can see completely through it. Woop, woop, woop. – These at the strip
club would be awesome. – That’s what I was thinking. – Looks like you’re standing
in the middle of a cathedral and you’re looking up. – It’s like a treasure
map I’m pretty sure. – Everything we’ve looked
at from Australia so far there’s a woman on the currency. We don’t have that on
any American currency. – Finally a different face. – A green to yellow to blue fade. – I’m not a fan actually. – This guy’s kinda hot. – It’s like a man and his scarecrow. – Dude riding a horse holding a whip. – This is the country man’s bill. – I think I would save these things because this looks so fracking cool. – This is probably like
really significant stuff for Australia but like
to us it’s just like I don’t know, some dude and
his scarecrow and some oxen. – Yeah. – It’s kind of like
reading a history book. – It doesn’t have to
say 20 or 5 or 10 or 1 it’s just like oh, this is orange, I can see that it’s orange. – We like the coinage. – Yeah we really like the coinage. – Super colorful, would
be super fun to like throw up and make it rain. – I think it’s really cool. – You do you Australia.