A sequel to the Old Testament? Fuck off! Well you fucken come up with something then… Watch me… YOU’RE A GIRL! You’re 37 years old, I’m
surprised you’re not dead I literally just recovered from a stroke! WE’RE NOT DOING FUCKEN SHORT STORIES! (Hallelujah…) And then this angel, this angel comes down to earth right? And it turns out the angel… …is actually…Jesus Nah, nuh Wait, what? The kids won’t go for it…
Jesus, he’s too good! Let’s scrap Jesus Fuck the kids! Let’s write what we want to write! Ah yeah ok, enjoy your mum being the only one who reads it! You enjoy mum! Oh I am (laughs) Your mum! Uh-uh
The Secret Boys’ Club handshake, yeah super cool guys Don’t get hysterical, alright? Hang on what if…the angel is a ghost? Oohhhh I like it
I like that, yes I like it But then the ghost transforms… into JESUS! WOW! Maybe not default to Jesus every time Jesus is fucken rad! You know what, you know what? I like the ghost, I like the ghost, my only problem is ghosts, they’re scary Ok so what are we doing, is the Bible 2, is it a horror story now? No no no no this is a friendly ghost
– Oh What if…the ghost had sex with Mary? (Agreeing) Ohhh hey genre, mind ya back when you bend! Hey hey hey, now now now… Ghost rape, well, well it’s rare… But fuck it, fiction right?! Fiction yeah!
– Up top! Oh oh oh! And then Mary falls pregnant and everyone’s like “Oh nice job, so is that Joseph’s bub?”… …but everyone knows that Joseph’s boys don’t swim
– Joseph’s boys don’t swim! Oh yeah!
Oh yeah! Whoa, hey, wait, I just want to make sure we know that that was my idea… She’s got to abort it right? I mean
having a haunted womb can’t be good Unless she commits to it and she’s like… No, it’s an angel ghost baby… Ohhhhhhh JESUS IS THE BABY! (Cheering)
– WHAT? Wait, WHAT? Wait, so now Jesus is cool when the fucking President of the Boys’ club suggests it? I just think that the hardship of being a ghost baby…
– Makes sense
– …explains and justifies him becoming perfect Babe…it’s the right way in… (Sigh) Ghost stories without horror. Science fiction without science. We are changing the world here guys! Are you leaving Luka? Yeah I am leaving……I’m off to change sex so I can join the fucking BOYS’ CLUB (Door slams) How do you slam a tent flap? Okay, so who’s writing the first
chapter? Parchment. Scythe. Stone.
Winner starts? And ah Soggy Sao to the loser? Ooh sticky bicky… Same as usual.
– Yep Hey Guys, Dave from The Cameralla here,
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