hello folks you have reached the cryptocurrency portal and today we’re going to go over a little bit coin information especially information from Andreas and topless here because he is an incredible wealth of knowledge in the Bitcoin space cryptocurrency space and I really encourage you to follow him on YouTube and check out his videos but you can also follow him on Twitter you can see here here’s his app symbol on Twitter and it’s at a a nto n o P give him a follow up you can see he has fight over 500,000 followers already he’s joined back in 2013 he’s an authority on this space his a long tail in terms of spate and a time in the space and you can just check out his Twitter he always tweets out very useful information and I appreciate it and I learned a lot from him so let’s check out what he says here he says bitcoin is the story of something that refuses to die so as 2020 kicks off and bitcoin enters its second decade imagine that second decade all starting from Satoshi Nakamoto original Bitcoin white paper Andreas who’s a long term supporter of cryptocurrencies says he’s surprised by the sheer amount of innovation in the industry the best-selling author and educator highlights several developments including smart contracts and payment channels as important innovations that would not have been able to predict they indicate the tremendous amount of ingenuity in this space and how far developers are willing to go to create a new reality in terms of money how it is how it moves who controls it and a key goal of Bitcoin and decentralized patent platforms he argues is to drive universal access to basic financial services that can outperform traditional banks and support personal rights in freedoms in the latest brave new coin podcast hosted by Andy Pickering Andreas this describes the great clash between the invigorating open Bitcoin ecosystem and people who are fighting for centralized power or a competitive advantage and he says at the time I’m equally surprised by the very rapid emergence of human nature as a way to mess everything good up and bring drama and bitterness and division to things that really do not need it we’ve seen a lot of it in this space but at the same time I’m full of hope and optimism because I keep meeting amazing people who are committed to these very important principles that we all share about human freedom about empowerment about incorporating more individuals in the world economy bringing people more choices to people around the world creating a more open equitable society including financial affairs for everybody now bitcoin is now of the largest decentralized networks in the world on chain metrics showed BTC blasting past several all-time highs and setting fresh records in terms of transaction count transaction volume and hash rate despite another volatile year of price action with Bitcoin bouncing from 3831 to above 13,000 before settling back down to around 70 300 here at the close of the year of 2019 the number of watching wallets continues to steady climb surpassing 44 million people so imagine wallets imagine that when the next bull run actually happens in the future whenever it is we’re not gonna price predict here when it does there’s so many more people involved there’s so many more on and off ramps there’s so much more liquidity there’s so many more exchanges out there it’s so much easier now to actually invest in the spaces before when you had to do all the to stepping by Bitcoin first at this exchange exchange it for another token if you want to hold that token so now it’s actually a lot easier now Andreas says that Bitcoin is thriving despite its detractors and he says it is the story of something that refuses a die that refuses to conform to expectations and narratives that simply is every 10 minutes like a heartbeat of the internet continuing to operate reliably and that’s a magical thing the narrative also encompasses the story of the global financial system which andreas characterizes as increasingly fragile triggering radical efforts to stabilize it on the flip side Bitcoin highlights an enduring alternative and his quote is the future that traditional systems are building has grown more and more dystopian so in all of that the fundamental principles of Bitcoin shine brighter and brighter with each passing year because we keep going deeper and deeper into this very very dark future that centralization is bringing us it’s this idea that a healthy economy is one that is carefully controlled from the center that stability comes from control over interest rates and central banks that economies can only be healthy if they’re stimulated constantly with injections of free money and that societies can only be safe if they’re subjected to totalitarian surveillance of all financial transactions and control over all financial endpoints all of these ideas are not only false but they’ve come back they’ve become accepted wisdom without questioning and this is a toxic situation in formerly free societies that is creating systems that are brittle fragile in every way where decisions are made as far removed from consequences of these decisions and from the knowledge that should inform those decisions in a centralized place where increasingly radical reactionary authoritarian measures are taken to control to try to control everything and where people are constant being told that they must fear letting go of control and having open systems as those are dangerous instead safety comes from giving control to a few centralized institutions and people who surely will act in the best interests of everyone great inside by andreas there I love that part of the quote I love it all but it says all these ideas are not only false but they’ve become accepted wisdom without questioning without question folks question everything you always should question everything so thank you very much Andreas for that insight there let’s we already looked at his Twitter page again he’s hugely authoritative in this space follow him on Twitter at annt o n o P so let’s go to the next segment says crypto is rare combination of four key features a single investment and this is a bitwise report so the December 2019 investor newsletter from bitwise asset management sitting out to their clients details how for features that are rarely combined in a single investment come together in cryptocurrency and here the four bullet points high potential returns that’s why a lot of people actually get into it originally Bitcoin has doubled since the start of the year and is up nearly 1,000 percent over the past three years next bullet extremely low correlations to other assets next bullet liquidity and the fourth bullet equal access for any type of investor now while the researchers confirm the world’s most popular cryptocurrency is a highly volatile and risky asset bitcoin is still in its infancy and its value will increasingly be assessed against a wider economic landscape with various financial investments facing new pressures and the quote is and while the past performance is no guarantee of future results bitcoins tenure track record suggests it’s here to stay and many believe it’s not it’s just getting started so true we’re not price predictors we don’t give financial advice but hey right here it says while past performance is no guarantee of future results bitcoins tenure track records suggest it’s here to stay and many believe it’s getting started remember Bitcoin we use that term generically because obviously there’s a lot other crypto cryptocurrencies in this space now according to the report entitled cryptos role in a diversified portfolio even a small crypto investment can’t have a relic revelatory impact on the portfolio and here’s their quote despite the volatility that crypto experienced adding a 2.5 percent allocation to the bitwise 10 over that period boosted the portfolio’s returns by 50% without increasing risk I often do the math on that a 1% allocation boosted returns by 18% while reducing the portfolio’s overall volatility so analyzing the absolute worst one-year period from December 25th 2017 through December 25th 2018 the report reveals that despite the market plunge a portfolio with a 1% allocation to the bit buys 10 outperformed a standard 60/40 portfolio if only by a hair falling negative eight point nine seven percent compared to negative eight point nine eight percent for the traditional portfolio the report concludes that investors were better off with crypto in their portfolio than without it and based on the daily liquidity that crypto offers and the unique combination of non-correlated returns and the final quote here as we enter the new decade in more investors come to grips with the challenges facing traditional stocks and bonds going forward we think they will increasingly turn toward alternatives and specifically towards crypto because the poor fellow impact can be significant there’s a lot of volatility out there it’s it’s like driving your car with over a bunch of potholes you feel it you feel all the volatility but nothing happens yet but something will happen so the last thing we want to go over is why Bitcoin then again bitcoin is just a generic term man walks off with cash dropped at local bank in Memphis so local officials in Memphis Tennessee are tracking down a man who picked up an envelope full of cash that fell to the ground after a bank transaction the incident highlights a key convenience of digital assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so it can be any cryptocurrencies which are conducted on blockchain and do not require the movement of any physical bills or coins according to the report by this station the theft happened at Southern Federal Credit Union or customer made a withdrawal of $4,000 and placed the envelope full of cash partially in her purse it promptly fell out at the exit door before she left the bank another customer who’s entering the bank at that time picked up the envelope a surveillance photo shows the man with the woman’s cash he then exited with the envelope without making a transaction or notifying any what the bank now while cashless transactions are on the rise in countries like Sweden where cash is quickly vanishing 70 percent of Americans report using cash on a weekly basis research conducted by giant payments giant Square and the Harvard Business review shows an eventual shift towards cashless payments United States will be driven by business incentives that incorporate incentives that incorporate and support multiple types of digital transactions and rights shel Santana and assistant professor of Business Administration in the marketing unit at Harvard Business School she says I predict that the tipping point will come as younger tech savvy generations integrate their own digital payment habits into their own businesses in the future this coupled with the concerted efforts to build bridges across the banking and digital divides will enable a big shift towards caches meanwhile lost cash part of the cost of doing business without traditional currencies the US Secretary of State Steve minuchin that’s not correct he’s not Secretary of State he is the Secretary of Treasury of Treasury for United States recently speculated that most of the 1.5 trillion dollars in missing hundred-dollar bills are located at banks the experts have countered his argument suggesting the missing bills are hidden in other locations so that’s the latest folks here from the cryptocurrency portal you know we have the update from Andreas we always love his insight in the crypto space again feel free to follow him on Twitter and find him on YouTube and follow them there as well we thought it was very important to go over a bit wise and how they’re telling people to allocate in their report how to allocate in their portfolios and then lastly again another use case for Bitcoin man walks off with cash dropped at Bank in Memphis poor lady hopefully they took care of her so thank you very much for tuning to the cryptocurrency portal we hope you enjoyed this video if you did please smash that thumbs up button really helps out the channel and if you’re subscribed to our channel ready thank you very much I really appreciate if you’re not subscribed to the channel yet hopefully I’ve earned your trust and I’d be honored with your subscription to the channel and if you have a comment about this video or anything in the crypto space please leave a comment in the comment section we love to have discussions about this space so thank you again for tuning in to the cryptocurrency portal [Music]