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live from China well dude what’s going
on there it’s been in the news lately
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yeah okay so speaking about let’s talk
about democracy if we’re talking about
China know that Hong Kong people want
democracy I don’t think that exactly
want democracy they just don’t want
China up in their business basically
democracy would not be good because as
Max Hillenbrand reminds us democracy is
a tool for the majority to kill the
minority Bitcoin is a tool for the
Intolerable minority to defend
themselves think long and hard about
that if you’re an intolerable minority
you’re not gonna vote your way out of
being intolerable Bitcoin is a tool for
you to get out of there okay
preserve your wealth when if you’re
intolerable they shut you out the
majority shuts you off of the banking
system whatever they may try to do all
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we’re gonna talk about where did Jordan
say live from China yeah he’s from China
no no he’s not after he’s in China this
actually do we get people from all
around the world and only people in
China are
right now right I mean everybody’s it’s
it’s late at night in LA it’s 11:30 at
night in Baltimore it’s 2:30 in the
morning and I’ve got an interview with
blocks live in four hours
but I stopped to go to sleep oh okay I’m
in motion you’re in motion krypto verge
is in motion
who else is oh this is where the big
boys play compete don’t complain this is
I’m gonna tell you about aetherium okay
the block crypto has an article out
there it’s a and you’ve you’ve heard
this by now CFTC chair says aetherium is
a commodity anticipates aetherium
derivatives to trade in the u.s. soon
we’ve been very clear on bitcoin bitcoin
is a commodity we haven’t said anything
about ether until now
Tarbert said at Yahoo Finance’s all
markets summit it is my view as chairman
of the CFTC that ether is a commodity
okay great
it’s I didn’t want it to be a security I
have nothing against it I don’t know why
all these people wanted to go down the
tubes this is just like what I said at
the beginning of the segment this is
where the big boys play compete don’t
you don’t need the government to make a
theory I’m illegal for Bitcoin to be the
next Bitcoin think long and hard about
what I just said there it doesn’t matter
what aetherium does it’s apples to
oranges when it comes to Bitcoin let
them do their thing it shouldn’t bother
you it shouldn’t
Saten you that the government has given
a seal of approval or one one segment of
our bloated bureaucracy has given it a
thumbs up great great bloated
bureaucracy you’re not trying to stifle
aetherium I think everyone should be
able to experiment in any crypto project
they want to get into the 80 percenters
can do what they want to do you know
where it’s at it’s at Bitcoin bitcoins
the next Bitcoin so ignore all the other
stuff if it triggers you for some reason
it shouldn’t really trigger you if you
have calm
but it’s a Bitcoin who cares what’s
going on in aetherium the etherium hate
has jumped the shark
it really has jumped the shark in my
humble opinion all right but bruce
fenton well he’s good i’ll jump around
here i’m good at his a theorem isn’t a
scam he says the word scam is overused
too much today I agree this makes it
harder to differentiate actual
fraudulent scams you may not like it not
prefer it not think it will work or
think it’s useless there are some people
who unrealistically hype it still not a
scam there you go so yeah have some
civil discussions there are people that
aren’t that might be unrealistically
hyping it yeah the people that say it’s
the next Bitcoin that it’s a store of
value that is unrealistic hype that’s
nonsense but and you might not prefer it
and you might not think it will work and
there are lots of reasons people are
saying it’s not going to work okay does
that mean it’s a scam
no it’s not a scam is there some human
hubristic lunacy there
yes it’s hubristic lunacy to say that it
will become the number one
cryptocurrency that that’s my opinion
it’s a huge abyss t’k lunacy is that a
scam no that’s not a scam it’s hubristic
lunacy we talked about that term
yesterday say it’s hubristic lunacy if
you want to and give an argument okay
but don’t worry about it
really you’re wasting your time that’s
why I’m saying it’s jump the shark if
you are crypto scapegoating aetherium
which some people are doing it is a
waste of your not being productive you
should be learning and and figuring out
more ways to get Bitcoin instead of
trying to scapegoat aetherium and and
obsessing over it obvious I think
there’s some people that are that are
obsessed with it anyone who focuses on
the talking heads and their
announcements needs to get in motion
roaming to says yes yes III agree that
you cannot get fixated on what the top
government says with the Talking Heads
say what the haters say just get in
motion and I’m giving examples of people
in motion Jim
a bit piggies we got crypto verge here
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in Baltimore but soon soon I will be
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okay Bruce Fenton also had this this is
mocking uh all the compliance people out
there all the people who pedestal the
government officials who think we should
worry about what Maxine Waters and with
the CFTC and all this other stuff and
appeal to them – you know CFTC please
hurt no theory oh come on dudes
here here is a funny tweet by Bruce 2010
if someone in Iran launches a blizzard
game token unregistered securities
offering called Dalai Lama wins the NBA
and sells it in North Korea for a ruble
back stable coin can a dispensary accept
it for Manero ask your regulator for
guidance today pound that like button
yes dude you just said every every
buzzword that freaks out regulators that
gets them that makes them think they’re
useful oh it’s it’s evolving North Korea
and the Dalai Lama and so unregistered
token security game Iran all these
things this is the beauty of Bitcoin it
Bitcoin has to care about any of those
things okay
Bitcoin doesn’t carry any of those
things unfortunately a centralized
crypto currencies he’s uh that want to
be compliant with certain government
certain governments take it to that
level where they’d actually worry about
nonsense like that’s just nonsense okay
but it is funny how you can go how far
you can go down the compliance rabbit
hole if you want to be compliant but a
Bitcoin we are defiant
that like fun all right now Doody again
booty is still hating on a theory I’m
okay he does spend a lot of time on it
I’d say he spends too much time on it
and he says ladies but this is an
interesting point ladies and gentlemen
meet aetherium the application platform
that has more developers than users now
they are they do have a lot of
developers and then what defines an
aetherium user that is a very good
question what is it what is it a theorem
user is it someone that is it all the
ico token people well then they might
have more users than developers but our
aiming aetherium is a the world
supercomputer whatever is supposed to be
so wouldn’t a developer
be a user of etherium interesting
question but yeah they’ve got any but
they’re talking about people that value
their wealth in a theorem that use it as
a way to store value or do to buy stuff
if you think that’s a user and and that
really shouldn’t be a use that someone
aetherium is for yeah they’re more
developers than those people okay
now uh all right I said and that’s
enough it’s jump the shark I’ve talked
about it too much but people want to
hear about it um all right someone
someone to me a chat is spamming there
it looks like pal madla if you got any
questions type it bitcoinmeister we
don’t have much time here I really would
like to go to sleep but hey new show
every day American huddled yeah I said
huddle but now estate hold American hold
has this a great strong handed tweet and
also if he still has these Bitcoin he’s
got a lot of Bitcoin he says I sold my
car and drove an effing moped during the
summer of 2015 so I wouldn’t have to
sell Bitcoin my net worth was close to a
million dollars at that time and I was
on an effing se I can’t use that word
moped in the hot Vegas summer because I
refused to sell SATs well dude that is
conviction that is dedication if you had
a million dollars worth a Bitcoin
then you’ve got a like yeah you’ve got
over ten million dollars with a Bitcoin
now so I don’t know if you really want I
mean who knows you got a lot of Bitcoin
dude if you never sold it and that there
you go there’s an example people yeah
you’re running low on your Fiat don’t
sell that Bitcoin sell your car like he
did he really did this he says if I am
to believe what he says and why not
let’s it’s a good example it’s a good
strong hand except moving on to the next
Matt O’Dell reminds us that a Bitcoin
fixes the situation that is in Argentina
this is a guy in Argentina tweeted this
out Marah OHS tweeted this out what this
means for us if we want to bring money
into Argentina we need to fill up a form
sign it walk to the bank wait about two
days and can only do this up to ten
thousand US dollars per month all right
they’ve got some capital controls there
don’t they and they think it’s helping
it’s not helping and yeah bitcoin gets
around that Argentine is a beautiful
country but they have the ugliest of
economic policies that keeps on
reappearing like some horrifying STD
that just keeps coming back coming back
and coming back that is their economic
STD over there and but to cure it you
just get Bitcoin Oh pound that like
button don’t pound anything that’ll get
you an STD moving on to uh Andreas yeah
you want to hear about Andreas of course
you wanted to hear about Andreas
Antonopoulos link to below is his video
about quantum supremacy and first off
it’s not as big as you thought it was I
think a lot of people understand that
now it what Google says they have cannot
crack is not sophisticated enough to
deal a blow to Bitcoin now he talks
about some future and he says not to
worry it’s a very reassuring video that
some people think governments might be
10 years ahead of of Google he says
governments if they
if they were sophisticated enough to
have true quantum computing they would
not be using it to mess with Bitcoin
okay that it is it is the ultimate
spying mechanism and they wouldn’t let
it loose on Bitcoin before they let it
loose on an enemy to you know shut down
their nuclear program I mean let’s say
Israel had a quantum computing and I
have talked to some people in Israel who
related the people who deal with quantum
computing let’s just and someone has
been on the show action and uh what they
know let’s let’s break
let’s break Bitcoin no they would break
in to Iran’s nuclear program and shut it
down and they would be figured out
that is real high quantum computing and
had done that and then there’d be raised
to counter it and then it Bitcoin would
improve and no one okay you get it all
right it’s it’s good watch watch the
Bitcoin video watch the andreas video
right there quantum isn’t something you
should be concerned about if governments
get it secretly and I don’t think they
have it secretly they’re not going to
use it on Bitcoin it’s not a priority
when you’ve got something that powerful
you’re gonna use it against your enemies
in very targeted ways and once the cats
out of the bag you really can’t use it
that much anymore because it everyone
else will have it and up you’ll be
quantum hacking one another there they
won’t anyway watch the video okay and
barefoot Barry says this month is two
years since I subscribed to your channel
strong hand well thank you Barry I hope
everything is going well for you in
beautiful beautiful New Zealand all
right now let’s move on to Thai Zen oh I
haven’t I link to this below we’ll talk
about this more I guess next week he is
a man that does not hold backwards he is
still disappointed in so Bitcoin
maximalist that bought into some
aetherium I see I remember
anyway he prays tone and I for for being
true Bitcoin maximalist even though I’m
not a Bitcoin maximalist I mean I I give
these other coins a chat I don’t buy the
other coins but I I think it’s
ridiculous to obsess over the other
coins and think and think the government
should shut down the other coins I mean
Tony’s kind of into government
regulation when it comes to he’s into
like worrying about what’s a security
and what’s not a security I don’t give a
darn about what’s a security okay this
effect they’re gonna find a way these
coins are gonna find a way we we do not
we do not appeal to the government to
tell us what we can do and what we can’t
do in terms of finances okay and to
stifle innovation which the government
is trying to do that that’s what’s
naming something as security is it’s
this was a big boys plate
I could take marry myself I don’t need
the government to take care of me and
say oh no no you can’t mess with that
either it’s gonna back you up to you
people will learn the hard way bitcoin
is the real thing now but ties n his
tweets I mean he if you like drama a
little bit of drama go down the I
haven’t watched the video yet he praised
his tone and I thank you ty for praising
us and you know ty does he’s got a point
I mean if dudes are gonna rip into
aetherium and and I SEOs and then like
invest in one it is hypocritical but
they don’t worry about it too much you
gotta do the right thing for you ty does
the right thing for him he is a traitor
I do not advise trading he actually
doesn’t advise trading either for
everyone he says you got to learn from
him okay I mean ty you can call him all
sorts of names but he lays it all out
there he does not try to a trick anyone
and some of it might offend you some of
the stuff he does might offend you I
mean he talks about these ludicrous
I mean from bsv he’s bought BS v I mean
that’s that’s a but he wants to be able
to sell it he’s a flipper he’s at this
he’s a vet and he complains about
Bitcoin all right but he lays it all out
there he’s not he’s not being
hypocritical in what he does I will give
him that so alright I I’m gonna talk
more about him last next week because I
got why I got actually watched that
video but it is a tweet
storm was kind of funny that that’s that
I did look at and that is linked to
below and yeah ties appeared on the show
playing at times did anyone notice
yesterday and today I mean this is a
classic Adam Meister the Fiat price
pumped yesterday did I mention it once
on yesterday’s show no because one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin sit just
before I went on air today it did some
wacky things to who cares we’re
long-term thinking we’re living in the
future where it’s already going back to
its all-time high because every single
time it goes back to its all-time high
some people have weak hands are showing
Pig why did he go back today dude you’re
gonna lose all your money if that’s if
that’s so if you’re worried about well
why did grainy 580 486 are today every
little every little movement you’re
gonna end up picking on a scapegoat
I see people ripping on Televisa you
cost me $3,000 why why why us in the
tone days like that he’s a long term
holder too he doesn’t just flip he’s
trying to teach people how to be proper
traders supposedly he shouldn’t be a
trader he says he shouldn’t be a trader
he says long term strategy is to hold
everybody with a brain knows long-term
thinking the furrow of gratification
every time it gets back to its all-time
high don’t state goat it’s your own
fault you didn’t buy back in a 3000 or
that you sold and you why you didn’t
even sell I’m offended by sorry I’m
gonna vomit when I think of selling okay
uh I for this this negative rates thing
I totally forgot this one true I gotta
have to mention this next video
something’s link to below that I didn’t
put my notes in all right and tour de
Meester said core developer Corey field
said the most likely sudden-death
scenario for crypto currency like
Bitcoin is an accidental bug that gets
introduced internal to the system this
is why ossification of the core layer is
desirable at some point just dogecoin it
dogecoin is ossifies at the core layer
the point is don’t we go back to the
summer of 2017 when king of the charles
and everybody won the mess with the core
layer no you only mess with that
when you have to and you you long for
the day when you don’t have to mess with
it any longer when you have total
ossification and then you cannot have an
accidental bug introduced into the
system that way but and we’ve talked
about that before the ossification term
when we talked about dogecoin all right
finally this dude is it give Bitcoin dot
IO so I’m gonna read out let me see if
we’ve got anybody the having shows his
strong hand what’s up dude all right I’m
gonna I’m gonna leave you with give
Bitcoin dot IO and it has it isn’t it
hasn’t launched yet you can go there you
can sign up for updates I know a guy
involved with it he’s in motion so I’m
just gonna read off what they say they
are give him a gift of Bitcoin not just
Bitcoin not just bitcoins give Bitcoin
is the best way to give bitcoins to
friends and family and help them learn
and experience the world of Bitcoin
creating holders create new holders by
locking your BIC your give Bitcoin gifts
for a set time period give and get then
that’s cool because otherwise I got a
comment like if I the easiest way is
just so you know create a Bitcoin
address and send it to someone tell them
to create a Bitcoin address you don’t
need a middleman do you for that no but
this middleman service is gonna lock it
for them it’s gonna create may force
them to be holders okay I’d like that
aspect I like that I like that you’re
gonna give a gift and force them to hold
it that is great it’s gonna it’s gonna
create some strong hands now how they
gonna do this I don’t know I’m just
reading off what they say want to give
one Bitcoin for your birthday or
graduation we also make it easy to ask
friends and family for Bitcoin instead
of cash
educating newcomers every gift made
through give Bitcoin comes with
carefully crafted education and training
so recipients become real bitcoiners by
the time their gift unlocks we handle
the legal we handle all the paperwork
make sure you’re the paper
we made sure your gift is 100% owned and
controlled by the recipient all right
this sounds like an interesting service
for newbies definitely for newbies who
have weak hands and a way to introduce
newbies a simpler way I I guess that
that’s what they’re trying to get here
so my friend is involved with this but
Pressley he will reveal himself soon
maybe he wanted me to heal himself
I don’t know but that that is it check
it out
tell me what you think about that you
again if you’re already in the Bitcoin
yeah the simplest way and you’ve got a
friend that’s in the Bitcoin you don’t
know you said that you don’t need a
middleman like this but this is
something different
and hey he’s in motion there’s a lot of
opportunity in this face why not try it
why not try it of course I am I’m
offended by giving Bitcoin away of
course I want people to hold it
themselves but if you’re gonna get a new
person in that’s good all right i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
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