– I arrived in Sweden when I was 5 years old, in 1993.
– From where? The war in Bosnia. I have a Muslim-Bosnian background, and we fled from Serbs. – How was life in a Swedish asylum house?
– I got introduced to He-Man comics there. This was highly pleasant. Since that’s all I can remember it must’ve been good. My parents were glad and we got a good start here. I think the reason 2nd generation migrants are more likely to do crime or fail integration, is because they don’t have the experience of being a refugee. Their parents fled, which is traumatic. You take your life savings, get rid of all your possessions and go to a strange, different country. Where you don’t know their (Swedish) way of life. Parents acquire a certain respect through that experience, while their children don’t. Gangs grow up in a society where the media-establishment tells them they’re victims, entitled to anger and hate of Whites. Lack of meaning arises from that. I’ve talked to immigrants that aren’t very “ghetto”, but still feel this internalized hopelessness. They think just because they’re immigrants, there’s no point in studying or getting jobs. Because “who wants a migrant here anyway?” It’s strange to see rather integrated citizens reason like that. We shouldn’t underestimate the power of mainstream media. On how immigrants percieve themselves. – The victim complex?
– Yeah, exactly. And it’s not like these people walk around thinking they’re victims, they’re just angry. – So you have a Muslim background?
– Yes. Is it something you practice still? Does your background mean a lot to you? With Bosniaks generally it’s more cultural identity than devotion to dogma. That’s also why Bosnians have been most easily integrated here. What positives have you gotten from your Muslim background? Respect for family and the traditional. I’ve always exercised dark humor and hedonism as image, but privately I’m quite reserved. Respect for family reaches out into other areas, like politics. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want children, why care about the future? You see this with Swedes, but it’s also the problem with high living standard generally. Japan, for example. People become “individualist” and practice consumption instead of community. The democratic responsibility disappears when you don’t practice responsibility for the future. Which you see with a lot of globalist politicians, many of them don’t have kids. What’s so controversial about your videos? Nothing, if you ask me. I’m just a regular citizen who reads news and comments on them. News anyone can find online, so there’s nothing shocking if you ask me. As a migrant/refugee myself, I don’t have the need to constantly hyper-nuance. I know most migrants aren’t criminals, that’s why I take offense with Swedish politics. This notion that everything has to be coddled and overanalyzed all the time… Talking to a Swedish audience is like talking to a woman. I don’t mean that negatively, but cultural studies have established Sweden is a feminine culture. Not a masculine one. (like USA) 70% of women the dating age are feminists, in this country. I can’t imagine being a Swedish guy is easy. Can’t it be the opposite too? That women don’t have it easy when most men are “neutered”, as you said earlier. Yes, it’s probably confusing to be a woman in Sweden. It’s easy to think you want this hyperindividuality of being a businesswoman, not having kids and Tinder. What feminists do is idolize bad men. The feminist ideal is the alpha-male stereotype ideal, that most men actually dislike. Of course a person should stand up for themselves, but feminists often just idealize “bitchy” behavior. Really bad tone, bad characteristics, ego and powerhunger, etc. Relaxing and respecting your biology might be a better virtue. When you’ve lived in peace for hundreds of years, like the Swedes, you get too comfortable. You have high living standard here. The Middle-class is very big, which comes with a Middle-class complex. So you’ll see a lot of what they call NIMBY in America. That mentality permeates your society. That’s what drives political correctness, people who lack experience in what they preach. It’s the spirit of the SJW to preach what you lack experience in. This is what shapes and drives PC-culture. Being so well-off that you start looking for smaller problems. – Swedish migration policy breeds prejudice.
– How exactly? It’s so irresponsible it creates all these problems, but the problems only happen in one place. Sweden is segregated housing-wise, it wasn’t until 2015 most municipalities were forced to accept refugees. At which point all cities and towns got to experience the integration issues. That’s when the taboo surrounding immigration problems disappeared, 2016, and mainstream started writing about this stuff. Could there be financial motives for this migration policy? There’s several incentives for irresponsible migration policy. The upper classes profit immensely. Lawyers profit from all these easy asylum cases, and real estate-owners benefit tremendously from overpopulation. Immigration worsens our housing crisis, that we’ve had the past 20 years, and drives up costs for living. So people are literally making money off this. Yeah, I think I’ve had a big impact on the Sweden image internationally. I talked about these issues long before others, in 2015 nobody bothered translating Swedish news to English. You get a spread on social media that’s more effective. A video of me ranting is more entertaining than a text-article. So it spreads info better. If you look at “Welcome to Sweden” for example, it has 3.7 million views. That’s just one video. That’s significant. That’s just one video, I’ve made many others in English since 2015. And I’ve had contact with numerous popular foreign pundits. Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon, Gavin Mcinnes. – Infowars?
– Yeah, since 2015. So I’ve had success there, and I’ve also been in touch with other countries state media. Schweiz for example. But also Hungary and Russia. They don’t view you as controversial? They don’t share my opinions, but they’re still interested in asking questions. Swedish journos aren’t typically. Since I started making videos in English, I’ve had people from all kinda countries tell me they have the same problems. France, Belgium, even Brazil. So this is an agenda being pushed onto different populations at once. – It’s this perverse idea-trend of globalism.
– Do you think it’s coordinated? No, I just think that certain ideas appeal to certain kinds of people. Elites. Typically, what you find in mainstream-media and parliament is upper-class dandies. It’s not often you see working-class holding a microphone. FULL VIDEO LINKED IN BIO