so hello fellow banknote and coin collectors how you going today my name is Glenn and today I have some of these Chinese well a lot of people think they’re actually banknotes Adisa actually food certificates now prior to 1995 so between 9 and 55 to 95 that’s 40 years China issued to everyone the East type of food certificates they’re actually used as part of the communist ideology of everyone is equal so it doesn’t matter how much money you earn or whatever you’d actually sort of get the same amount of banknotes but in reality it was some there was a some incentive for people to actually do better so it probably would have got larger rations from what I’ve read they said that he meant per not too sure it’s per week or per month it’s back through 15 kilograms of whatever for a male and foot in for a female I’d see how that would work out children probably get less because even though there’s some different susan males and females there’s a lot of overlap so my going today watch Jordan Peterson if you want to know stuff about that anyway these are denominated in two types so we have the gym so one gene goes 10 Liang so here we have Liang so this is one liao and this character in here is she and just this and XI Liang and Shi Jin just means like market catty and in English is with my market that we market till and market caddy so this point one just means their Dedes point one of a gene because so you have okay you have a bit not get a mixed up so you have one yeah and one gene so the numbers on this are denominated in gene so one Liang equals point one of a gene so if you wanted to did nominate this in the end I’ll be ten year and they’ll issued in different provinces as you can see I have a three provinces here yeah this is a these ones here hey long tiem which is actually up on the Russian border up north north Beijing this one’s chillin which is actually neighboring province actually neighbors North Korea along with the Al Ning which I actually know some when it comes from and shining from the yelling and this one is from Henan now Henan is actually self of Beijing and it’s actually it’s actually part of the center of the cradle of civilization in China and you know provinces by the names at the top so actually has a province name as you can see if you can read Chinese you can probably read that first two characters is probably the name of the province I personally cannot actually read these bank notes about my wife game so that’s cool so they’ve different themes so this one has let’s get outta here so we have agriculture so these are sheep we have harvesters and a truck so there’s mechanization oh we have a truck that could be mining maybe not not too sure and here’s the factory work now these are primarily used in the cities because in the countryside you know where they actually produce the food they might have had rationing but any surplus after people give the required amount of foodstuff to the government they could actually use themselves so the qilin province we have a hydroelectric dam these are typical communist my tips and pictures so we have a track so that’s wood harvesting this one is a yeah cheap as well we have a mountain scenery so that’s picturesque scene and we ever never have stir harvesting wheat wheats been in China for thousands of years in case you don’t know they all eat rice generally people up north use wheat and people dance self use rice but there is overlap between the two so here is the ones from Henan so we have a electrical power oh this is half gin and the one team we have a locomotive modern diesel steam not same training diesel train we have a soldiers with arms have jet fighter on the top so if you can see the character for to this is low this is in fun so fun I’m not gonna explain cuz I can’t actually well University we have a Adam we are best rocket satellite aircraft so this is a modern space technology and nuclear technology so mmm don’t know what these characters see oh this one’s dated 1990 so this would have been when they’d be last actually to be issued so from 1975 no generally the early ones from the 60s you have three phases on them so this one just says free so the first one it means the coupon years I valid in all of China so it doesn’t matter what province you get it from you can use it in all of China now the second one which has actually been eliminated on these ones you say tells you to buy local produce it’s in abundance so that was the first one to go so Dave for oil it’s not really useful second one here and it’s actually not on this banknote well note should I say the second one says one genuinely n means you can buy that amount of whatever foodstuff is are available and that will see so that was eliminated summit between the seventies and nineties so because with the opening up of the markets actually yeah they actually got more produce coming in any last one which is on these ones just means that you they cannot be bought and sold and they will not be replaced if you lose them so I find them quite interesting they these ones don’t really have any security features as far as I know the other ones have watermarks to prevent counterfeiting looks like that might have a watermark I read this one it does have a water might as you can see but the later ones didn’t 1978 beautiful so I hope you find this video informative and well if you get any of these bank notes or if you click this bank notes please let me know cuz I find them interesting they’re under communist systems you actually had to have a rationale because well there was no incentive for people to improve anything so anyway I do have an eBay store down below like that but look and just have a awesome bacon I clicked in time people give this video thumbs up good bank notes awesome bye bye