Hello Guys! Welcome back I have just came out of hotel. temperature would be around -12 degress.. aaaaaaa…. -13 degrees…. oh sorry…. -16 degrees….oh god! and meet AIDA Hello!! She has left all her work and came to meet me she has given her time to make me to make me see the city All important areas near by, part of old Astana (Kazakhstan) and modern city. for whatever time she will give me, I would be thankful to her. She came on time, met me you are letting me see the city. Thankyou very much. We will walk around the city and see the hidden gem of it Everywhere its full of snow where we are walking till now I am comfertable with -16degrees may be because I am just out of hotel and this is my first experience at -16 degrees. and this is my first experience at -16 degrees. so, lets explore the city lets move ahead! with Aida. Actually Aida was telling that today its warm winter day as per Kazakhstan prospective today its warm winter day as per Kazakhstan prospective because its -16 degrees today. usually at this time temprature remains -30 degress or so. then Kazakh people don’t go out of their home. then Kazakh people don’t go out of their home. Today, its quite pleasant whether to stroll around the city and she also told me that Astana is world’s second coldest capital after Ulan Batoor which is capital of Mangolia world’s second coldest capital after Ulan Batoor which is capital of Mangolia. This is football stadium? Yes, the old one The new one we have it on the other side of city. next side that side? So guys! this is the old Astana football stadium So, from this road square from where we crossed just now… now from here, Old Astana city starts.. Here you will find old buildings Here you will not find big apartments and you will see small houses of of 2-3 stories.. guys you will notice one thing In Astana, everything is so colourful and Aida was telling that often such decoration and lighting are done in city so that city could look beautiful and attractive Now we are heading toward Old Parliament of Kazakhstan. now the parliament has shifted to new place at other location. but we will see that area and… Aida is telling , this building is Astana’s oldest super market. But now it is grocery store lets move ahead. And you will notice one thing, the architecture or structure of buildings is unique, its bit Islamic and with modern taste Guys!! we are heading towards a super market and.. temperature is dipping now I am feeling it Mostly you will feel it in your palm as its freezes fast rest everything is fine Is Astana SAFE CITY FOR GIRLS? Safe? SAFE CITY????? That girls can go out at night… Is it Yes it is quite safe. So, Astana is safe… as the local girl of Astana is saying Me and Aida came to this shopping mall/supermarket and I am looking for this currency exchange I want to exchange a 20USD note which I kept for Astana and I wan’t to use it for Dinner today when I will return from Russia, I can use this money Because of AIDA, it is so easy to do all these thing freely and with ease Guys, just now I did currency exchange What was the name of the bank Aida? Halik Bank from where I did currency exchange. I is open at night also I exchanged a 20 USD note and now e are heading to eat something and then we will see some other locations So when ever you visit Kazakhstan, you can do currency exchange from HALIK BANK Halik in english means People’s bank In kazakh language, its called Halik Ok guys!! finally I have all the stuffs We have plenty to eat and I this this is more than sufficient This is our dinner This is Cheese Mushroom Ravioli….. The name is Italian? name…?? Ya its Italian So it is Italian by birth…. Coffee latte, Fruit Salad…and coffee latte for her too After this, we will go out to explore but I am not feeling like going out, its too cold out there Here its warn and I am feeling better and now my hands are not frozen So now we are ready to eat.. We came that way I suppose… Its complete round… So finally, we are out of this mall and its bitter cold I don’t wan’t to take out my face even.. Aida..How is the cold for you? For you..How is the cold? No, I am not feeling cold.. My hands are shivering.. This is Ravioli which I packed as I couldn’t eat This is Ravioli which I packed as I couldn’t eat its slippery Its all snow below and its slipping look at this girl… This is traditional dress kazakhstan traditional dress I think it is made up of grass artificial grass ok…And this is Dumra (Traditional instrument) If you come to Astana in summer time you could see lot of market at this place local markets, shops now they are closed I think!!!! Astana in winters looks more beautiful I think!!!! Astana in winters looks more beautiful and nice I like snow and cold whether not this much!! but still Is it Ok for you? At the moment I am fine..Only little bit my hands are frozen Rest all fine. No Problem Till now I can bear this temperature. And look at the decoration.. Lot of emphasis is given on decoration everywhere I can see that lighting, decoration..and wow this is beautiful And you know? What does it mean? what? This is our traditional houses… Iglu? No, Urta but this is half part of Urta If you take other half part then it will be complete.. People who lives in snow lives in such houses Yes!!! exactly This is military dress…traditional one and who is she..? wife of military men I don’t know….hehehhe may be girl friend.. look at the city, its so colourful and beautiful and I was telling you that, this is Irtysh river which is completely frozen now and some adventures activity is going on now.. even skying is done in daylight..not now in morning, afternoon..if you visit this place ..you will see that 5000 tinge? They that 500 tinge Kazakh currency is Tinge.. and you can enjoy that activity which they are doing for unlimited time This is Irtysh river which divided Astana city in 2 parts This bridge is in form of fish.. Fish??…Ok…Guys… notice one thing You can see one bridge…Where you see red, blue, green is passing…This bridge is gifted to Astana city by by Atroushi city of Kazakhstan in western Kazakhstan Peoplke of that province gifted it on occasion of Astana day As a present YA..ITS LOOKS LIKE FISH This bridge joins two parts of Astana This bridge joins two parts of Astana Last year on 6th July which is Astana DAY Because this day Astana city was formed and that’s why on that day this bridge was inaugurated This clock during summer is used for laser show.. This clock during summer is used for laser show.. and from this place tourist watch it fountains are also present kind of tourist attraction and local people in summer time roam around Now Aida’s hand has also started to freeze up..I suppose Finally, finally we are returning after taking a tour to the city in just 150 tinge (30 INR) So, local city bus in Astana looks like this city bus In just 2-3 hours I have seen many things and that because of Aida Finally we are at our stop we ahve reached ParkInn Say Bye Bye to Aida.. See you again.. and all the best for your life