hello pebble are you going and here in
my hands I have a bundle of Australian 1 dollar notes issue in 1982 as you can
tell from the signatures now as you can see from serial number these are
statements do not have the date of issue we base this date just on the signatures
and that range is ography years this one was issued between 9 and 1884 and I was
drawn in 1984 and replace with the $1 coin which sir because of inflation in
the 70s these banknotes had reduced invade in quite a lot so here I have a
64 banknotes face value of 64 dollars generally can buy at least $5 each so it
could be 4 x 5v yeah a lot of money now as you can see from these banknotes we
have a queen elizabeth ii and she is wearing the order of the gutter which is
the scene here okay we have the coat of arms which is done in a so like a
aboriginal type artwork and it has all the states there so has New South Wales
Victoria Queensland scene itself Australia Western Australia
and Tasmania and we have half star here which represents once one one point for
each state and it’s one extra point set of seven it’s one extra point for the
territories okay in the security features and the security threat here
I mean banknotes before 1974 or in close to the centre swing you folder that the
actual thread actually taught abatement codicil watermark is am Captain Cook as
you can see from there so if we look at the reverse we have a Aboriginal young
move the younger or people living animal is nice because a musical Yamaha hmm its
kind of Australian I encourage you to try and learn indigenous language it’s
about 200 of them still existing at the moment and the one I would like to learn
is probably wall piri there’s not much information to actually learn them okay
anyway these are represent some watery feast of the create ancestor boom good
meeting GU the great ancestral hunter and funny thing is that when they
actually printed this 19 1966 they didn’t actually acknowledge David Malan
V as the off or painter of this artwork 1367 when they actually become
Australian citizens yes you heard that right
aboriginals running mate strain citizen to 1967 before that though
pretty much nothing they weren’t even paid wages anyway so
they had to compensate him and Aboriginal so the truth is a lot better
but generally not but I believe all the courts anyway so there is a this is my
favorite one of my favorite Australian Bank night my favorite paper one EST
five Philippine okay so you can still get these in bundles of 100 okay and
that will cost you probably about five six hundred bucks maybe it’s a bit more
now and I do not have any Raiders here because you’ve got bubble six and these
seven so maybe double six seven seven zero let’s even find that one well there
you go maybe that one cookie for one the Cape
six six and seven zero hmm maybe and Matt that’s very so I feel like this a
notes I do and you can collect them it readily available but earlier dates 966
or more expensive then these are the cheapest thank you and have a nice day