so how like pebbled is clean from goo
muddy coins and banknotes bring him back another coin from east rank and really
50 cent coin series and what do you actually think it is coin I mean
personally I think there is quite a good coin cause he has merino sheep that was
on the Australian shilling of the pre-decimal currency and talking about
that this coin actually commemorates the 25th anniversary of the China era from
decimal car from pre decimal currency to decimal currency in 1966 so this is the
actual coin that the Sheikh comes from the one shilling and on a pretty small
currency this is probably the best image that was used this coin is actually 50%
silver and this one is copper nickel out of the way so this coin is 75% copper
and 25 percent nickel so if you’re in the United States it’s like the 5 cent
coin if you’re in Europe it’s like the outer rim or the the copper nickel had a
ring of remember now I of the two-year-old coin or the inner ring of
the 1 euro coin off in UK no it’s just the same as the 50 pence and the 20
pence coin well I might I said before this coin at
a mini job for me I mean it’s actually 4.7 million and two bodies uncirculated
I’m probably be bet in those itself now can you find this in circulation well
obviously you came because that’s how I’ve got this coin
but it’s actually not a common coin to actually find if you get like a thousand
coins you’ve probably lucky to get one and most of these coins are actually in
good condition like this so now I’ll show you the obverse because your birth
sister Elizabeth the second portrait and necessary this so this is the obverse
and you can see the condition quite clearly as you can see has lots of
scratches and the Arisa somewhere that is on the high points of the hair style
probably some high points here no I’ve never come across any errors or anything
in this coin so the minting quality is actually quite good here I just saw the light reflection on
it as you can see these Queens actually quite a good coin it’s one of the better
50 cent coins that was issued the other one was a 1977 and then 1988 50 cent
coin so if you come to Australia and you go through your change and you get one
of these coins I recommend you keep it or if you’re in Australia you get a few
of these coins keep them as well because this coin you probably sell a lot for
five dollars on eBay and you can make us tiny profit so that is the Australian 50
cent coin of 1991 if you want this coin I’ll leave a link down below to eBay the
city you can find well a good deal on this coin and if you liked this video
please give it a thumbs up and have an awesome coin collecting day bye-bye